No. I.



PRINTS. Published by James Bulcock, 163, Strand, Eleven Doors East

of Somerset House.

I..? A PORTRAIT of JOHN P. KEMBLE, Esq., as HAMLET, 11 from the celebrated Picture (in His Majesty's Collection) by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P. R. A, and engraved by Henry Dawe, size of Print, 13} by 94. Prints, 10s. 6d. Proofs, 155. India ditto, 18s. Ditto, ditto, before letters (of which there were only Fifty laken,) 11. Ils. 6d.

II. A PORTRAIT of Mrs. SIDDONS as the TRAGIC MUSE, from the celebrated Picture (in Lord Grosvenor's collection) painted by Sir Joshua Rey nolds, engraved by H. Dawe, size of Print the same as the above, and forming a most admirable companion to it. Prints, 10s. 6d. Proofs, 15s. India ditto, 18s. Ditto, ditto, before the letters, (of which there were only Fisty taken) 11. Ils. 6d.

III. OUTLINES to FAUST, from the ORIGINALS of RETSCH, adapted to illustrate any edition of Faust, (they being engraved of a size that will bind up with the smallest edition that has been published) containing Twenty-six Plates, and a fine line Engraving of Goëthe. Price of the Twenty-seven Plates, 12mo. plain paper, 65. tinted paper, 8s. octavo plain paper, 8s. tinted ditto, 16s. 6d. quarto, on India paper, (of which there were only Twenty-five taken,) 11. ls.


MARY QUEEN of SCOTS' ESCAPE from LOCHLEVEN CASTLE. From a Painting by Henry Fradelle, Painter of the celebrated Picture of Mary and Chatelar, and engraved by H. Dawe. Size of Print, 101 by 9. Prints, 78. 6d. Prooss, 10s. 6d. Proofs on India Paper, 15s. Ditto, ditto, before the letters, 21s,

v. THE MISERS, from the Extraordinary Picture by Quintin Matsys, the Blacksmith of Antwerp; drawn by Thomas Fairland. Size of Print, 114 by 97. Prints, on India Paper, 5s. Proofs, on ditto, 88. a few very choice impressions, selected and touched upon by Mr. Fairland, each 10s, 6d.


(J. Bulcock's Printscontinued.)


CHANTREY's MONUMENT of TWO CHILDREN, drawn from the celebrated Monument erected in Lichfield Cathedral, and engraved by J. Kennerley. Prints, 4s. Proofs, 5s. India ditto, 6s.

VII. NAPOLEON CROSSING the ALPS, from the celebrated Picture by David; drawn on Stone by Thomas Fairland. Size of Print, 14 by ll. Prints on India Paper, 7s. Proofs on ditto, 10s. 6d.

VIII. PORTRAITS of MICHAEL ANGELO, LEONARDI DA VINCI, TITIAN, REMBRANDT, and RUBENS, from Paintings by themselves, drawn on Stone hy Thomas and William Fairland. Size of each, 9 by 5%. Prints, India Paper, 38. each ; Proofs on ditto, 4s.

IX. IMOGENE before the CAVE of BELARIUS, from the beautiful Picture painted by R. Westall, R. A., drawn on Stone by William Fairland. Size of Print, 6 by 4. Prints on India Paper, 28. 6d. Proofs on ditto, 38. 6d.

x. ROSE IN JUNE, from a Drawing by Thomas Woolnoth, coloured in imitation of the Original Drawing. Size 12 by 91. Price 108. 6d.

XI. The SNAKE in the GRASS, from the celebrated Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Size of Print 9 by 7. Prints 58. beautifully coloured, 10s.6d.

XII. The ADVENTURES of MAMBRINO'S HELMET,_vide Don Quixote. Painted by A. Cooper, R. A. and engraved by H. Giller. Size of Print 15 by 114. Prints, 12s. Proofs, 188. India ditto, 21s.

XIII. The ITALIAN BOY and MONKEYS, drawn by Edwin Landseer, A.R.A. and engraved by Zeitter. Size 74 by 6. Prints 5s. India Proofs, 7s. 6d.

XIV. TAM O'SHANTER, engraved in the line manner, by T. C. Allen, from the celebrated Picture painted by A. Cooper, R. A. in the possession of the Earl of Upper Ossory. Prints, 38. Proofs, 4s. India Proofs, 5s.

XV. A PORTRAIT of the late Right Hon. GEORGE CANNING, engraved by J. Kennerley, from a Drawing by C. Penny. Prints, 78. India Prooss, 108. 6d.

*** The Portrait having been taken in the House of Commons, shortly before his Death, it is presumed that it will be doubly valuable to his admirers.


Shortly will be published, a beautiful Engraving from the celebrated

Engraved by J. Kennerley. Prints, 6s. Proofs on India Paper, 8s.

(J. Bulcock's Printscontinued.)


original Picture, painted by W. Delamotte. Engraved on Steel by T. Lupton. Prints,
108. 6d. Proofs, lös. India ditto, 18s.

** Should the above meet with the encouragement expected, there will be a series

of the most picturesque valleys, of which Mr. Delamotte has made most beautiful

sketches, taken on the spot.



" Then the lover,

Sighing like furnace, with woful ballad,

Made to his mistress' eyebrow.”

Drawn on Stone, by W. Fairland, from the original Picture by R. Smirke, R. A. Size of

the Drawing, 10 by 8. Prints on India Paper, 5s. Proofs on ditto, 78. 6d.


· HEAD of a LION and TIGER. Drawn from Nature, on Stone,
by Thomas Fairland. Size of the Engraving, 104 by 9. Prints on India Paper, 3s.
each; Proofs, 48. each.

J. B. respectfully informs the admirers of the Fine Arts, that he has added to his Shop
a spacious Print Room, where may always be seen on the walls, in frames, &c. a great
variety of the finest Specimens of Engravings, after the Old and Modern Masters.

Just published, in 1 vol. post 8vo., with six appropriate Etchings, price 8s.
THE POSTHUMOUS PAPERS, Facetious and Fanciful, of a

Person lately about Town.
CONTENTS :-Haroun Schemzeddin, the Lonely Man of Shiraz—The Humorous
Man-Retribution, the Dream of a Dervish_The Awkward Man-A Winter Day-A
Story of the Old Time in Italy—on what the Ladies call Nice Men'_Two Eyes be-
tween Two, a Tale of Bagdad_'The Pleasures of Winter-Story of the Poor Man of
Genius-Turnstile Hall, a Sketch-Talkers-Italian Brothers, a Tale_The Other Fig,
an Apologue–The True Use of Riches-A Rainy Day-The Eccentric Poet-A Dog
Day-A Chapter on Pigs-Good in Things Evil-The Mad Maid's Death.

Printed for William Sams, Royal Library, St. James's Street

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