Bulletin, Volume 13,Nummer 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891

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Pagina 442 - A History of the Indian Wars with the First Settlers of the United States to the Commencement of the Late War; together with an Appendix, not before added to this history.
Pagina 492 - AMERICAN AND ORIENTAL LITERARY RECORD. A Monthly Register of the most Important Works published in North and South America, in India, China, and the British Colonies. With Occasional Notes on German, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian Books.
Pagina 386 - Remains of Japhet : being Historical Enquiries into the Affinity and Origin of the European Languages.
Pagina 472 - Historic of Virginia, New England and the Summer Isles, with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their first beginning An.
Pagina 407 - The present State of New-England, with Respect to the Indian War. Wherein is an Account of the true Reason thereof, (as far as can be judged by Men), together with most of the Remarkable Passages that have happened from the 20th of June, till the 1oth of November, 1675. Faithfully composed by a Merchant of Boston, and Communicated to his Friend in London.
Pagina 527 - I drew the materialls in a rude lumpe at Sea, as a private helpe to my owne memory, that I might not by my present absence lightly lose what I had so dearely bought in some few yeares hardship and charges among the Barbarians...
Pagina 471 - An? 1584. to this present 1626. With the Procedings of those Severall Colonies and the Accidents that befell them in all their Journyes and Discoveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those Countryes, their Commodities, people, Government, Customes, and Religion yet knowne.
Pagina 527 - A Key into the Language of America, or an Help to the Language of the Natives in that part of America called New-England ; together with briefe observations of the customes, manners, and worships, &,c., of the aforesaid Natives, in peace and warre, in life and death.
Pagina 388 - Governour of Pennsylvania in America, to the Committee of the Free Society of Traders of that Province, residing in London. Containing a General Description of the said Province, its Soil, Air, Water, Seasons and Produce, both Natural and Artificial, and the good Encrease thereof.
Pagina 527 - On all which are added spirituall observations, general and particular by the authour, of chiefe and speciall use (upon all occasions) to all the English inhabiting those parts; yet pleasant and profitable to the view of all men: By Roger Williams of Providence in New-England. London, Printed by Gregory Dexter, 1643.

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