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Page 95—33rd line, for “Cythua" read Cythna.

ditto 49th line, for “excited ” read excites.

Page 214--After party spirit,” line 14, for the comma put a full stop. For “inasmuch " read Inasmuch. Line 15, after “infallible" erase the full stop. For “Occasional" read occasional.

Page 333---one line from bottom, for “Stormly" read sternly.
Page 349—line 19, for “istos” read istis.
Page 448—-line 11, for “Sentin " read Lenten.
Page 547-line 4 from bottom, after “ which " insert there were.
Page 550---line 3, after “ but” insert ve may.

ditto line 17 from bottom, for “ profitable" read justifiable. Page 566---line 3, for “him” read been.

ditto line 16, for “still" read I tell.
Page 570-line 23, for “Phinving” read Shinning.
Page 600—-line 29, for “do most” read most do.
Page 616—line 9 from bottom, for “ Manchester" read Harchester.
Page 626-lines 15 and 16 froni the bottom, for “were yet” read ever get.

ditto line 11 from bottom, for “consider” read confess. Page 630-line 8 from bottom, for “1852” read 1862.

At page 512, an unfortunate mistake of the printer has caused the introduction into the body of the volume of an Army List which was intended as a mere appendix to the particular number in which it occurred.

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