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Rev. Mr. Turner, Newcastle
-Tinwell, fchoolmafter, ditto
Nicholas Thornton, Shield's Road
Thomas Taylor, Dunfton
R. Thompson, printer, Newcastle
D. Tickle, watchmaker, do. 3 cop.
John Tinmouth, fhoemaker, ditto
R. Thompson, ditto
-Tyzick, glafsmaker, ditto
William Taylor, ditto
James Telford, mafon, Gatefhead
-Taylor, innkeeper, ditto
Mark Tweedy, Berwick
-Taylor, Lemington
Edward Todd, North Shields
John Towns, grocer, ditto
Captain Thomas Taylor, ditto
- Todd, baker, ditto
Capt. T. Thompfon, South Shields
John Tenant, Stockton
George Tindle, ditto
W. Tarn, Sunderland
George Taylor, ditto
R. Thompfon, South Shields
Ifaac Taylor, Newcastle
-Turnbull, South Shore
Thomas Taylor, Dunstal
-Thompfon, jun. Newcastle
Robert Taylor, ditto
-Thompfon, attorney, ditto

- G. Taylor, coachmaker, ditto Thomas Tiren, Gateshead Taylor, Lemington

Ifaac Taylor, Newbourn
J. Tweddle, hatter, Darlington
James Taylor, cabinet-maker

John Verty, Newcastle

Rev. Mr. Wilfon, Newcastle
Richard Wilson, ditto

Wilkinson, ftay-maker, ditto
-Wilkinfon, innkeeper, ditto
George Wallace, ditto

Jofeph Walker, Shiel Row, ditte
Robert White, ditto
George Millis, ditto
Robert Wood, ditto
George Wilfon, ditto
-Wheatley, ditto

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John Watfon, Willington Matthew Waddell, Morpeth Thomas Wilkin, Alnwick Rev. Henry Wilkin, ditto


White, glafs-cutter, Newcastle
Wilfon, ditto

Walton, clerk, ditto
Wallace, merchant, do. 2 copies
Mrs. M. Whitfield, ditto, 3 copics
John Wood, ditto

Henry Waggot, ditto
James Wigham, ditto
Mrs. Wright, innkeeper, ditto

Wray, Tyne Brewery, ditto
Robert Woollet, North Shields
Thomas Whitfield, joiner, ditto
John Wood, joiner, ditto
Rev. George Wilfon, Corbridge
Alexander Whaley, Sandhoe
John Wood, Hexham

Thomas Wilkinson, Stockton
Thomas Woodnefs, Durham
Robert Waugh, ditto
Jofeph Wood, Oufeburn
Wilson, ditto

George Watfon, North Shields

Caleb Willon, baker, Sunderland
Taylor Winship, Newcastle
Waugh, Steam-mill, ditto
William Wright, ditto
William Willon, ditto
-Wilfon, Lemington
Waters, Swalwell

Mrs. M Wood, Stockton, 2 cops.

Mifs Weatherburn, Bishop Wearmouth, 3 copies


Dr. Young, Newçaftle
-Yellowley, St. Ann's Row
Mark Young, Leazes
Robert Young, Alemouth
Young, Greenhead
Young, flater, Newcastle
Young Shakspeare, ditto

Names omitted in the foregoing lift.

R. H. Atkinson, North Shields Peter Shields, Tynemouth
Mrs. Röbfon, Newcastle

Mrs. Taylor, South Shields


We have endeavoured to make the abave lift as perfect as poffible, by printing all the names that have been handed to us. Our friends will therefore pardon any accidental omissions.

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THE inquisitive mind, assisted by

history, explores the transactions of ages past, and, by analogy, forms conjectures of what probably is, in future, to be achieved on the busy scenes of human affairs. It is obvious that faithful history is highly useful and of the utmost importance. Indeed, without it, ages would revolve, and events great and consequential take place; but, if not recorded in the historic page, they would all be carried down the stream of time, into the dark abyss of oblivion, forgotten and unknown. The honest historian, therefore, unwarped by prejudice, and superior to circumstances of locality, who considers the world as his country, and all men his brethren, is a friend to human kind. Hence, when HERODOTUS, THUCYDIDES, DIODORUS SICULUS, LIVIUS, and other renowned names, recited their immortal compositions, in the Forum and public places, before their enlightened and exulting countrymen, the honours paid them

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