Bulletin, Nummers 194-196

University of the State of New York, 1917

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Pagina 52 - The work of the office has been materially aided, as in past years, by the identification of a number of species through the courtesy of Dr LO Howard, chief of the Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture, and his associates.
Pagina 3 - All scientific specimens and collections, works of art, objects of historic interest and similar property appropriate to a general museum, if owned by the State and not placed in other custody by a specific law, shall constitute the State Museum...
Pagina 82 - Regents of the University With years when terms expire 1926 PLINY T. SEXTON LL,B. LL.D. Chancellor Palmyra 1927 ALBERT VANDER VEER MDMA Ph.D. LL.D Vice Chancellor Albany 1922 CHESTER S. LORD MA LL.D Brooklyn 1930 WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM MA Ph.D.
Pagina 173 - Parrsborough, and that the icy blocks, heaped on each other, and frozen together or ' packed,' at the foot of Cape Blomidon, were often fifteen feet thick, and were pushed along when the tide rose, over the sandstone ledges. He also stated that fragments of the
Pagina 270 - Geologic maps. Merrill, FJH Economic and Geologic Map of the State of New York: issued as part of Museum bulletin 15 and 48th Museum Report, vi 59x67 cm.
Pagina 259 - New York State Museum JOHN M. CLARKE, Director PUBLICATIONS Packages will be sent prepaid except when distance or weight renders the same impracticable. On 10 or more copies of any one publication 20% discount will be given.
Pagina 21 - THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK Regents of the University (with years when terms expire) 1984 JOSEPH W. McGovERN, AB, LL.B., LHD, LL.D., DCL, Chancellor New York 1985 EVERETT J. PENNY, BCS, DCS, Vice Chancellor White Plains 1978 ALEXANDER J. ALLAN, JR., LL.D., Litt.D.
Pagina 82 - Education AUGUSTUS S. DOWNING MALHD LL.D. Assistant Commissioner for Secondary Education CHARLES F. WHEELOCK BS LL.D. Director of State Library JAMES I. WYER, JR, MLS Director of Science and State Museum JOHN M. CLARKE D.Sc.
Pagina 268 - Lewis C. Mineralogy of New York; comprising detailed descriptions of the minerals hitherto found in the State of New York, and notices of their uses in the arts and agriculture, il.
Pagina 22 - New York 1924 ADELBERT MOOT LL.D. ------- Buffalo 1925 CHARLES B. ALEXANDER MA LL.B. LL.D. Litt.D. ----------- Tuxedo 1919 JOHN MOORE LL.D.

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