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A particular narrative of what has happened relative to a paper published in the 51st vol. of the Phil. Trans., entitled, An account of a remarkable operation on a broken arm, &c.; in which the principal facts are proved by evidence. 8° London, 1762.

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Cases in surgery, with remarks, pt. 1; to which is added, an essay on the ligature of arteries, by J. Aikin. 8° London, 1770.

I believe no more has been published.

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. Cerebri anatome; cui accessit nervorum descriptio et usus. 4o Londini, 1664.

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Pharmaceutice rationalis, sive diatriba de medicamentorum operationibus in humano corpore. 4° Oxonii, 1674.

; 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° Oxonii, 1679.

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12° 1675. (Geology)

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An account of the foxglove, and some of its medical uses: with practical remarks on dropsy, and other diseases. 80 Birmingham,


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Wants plates.

Sylloge commentationum anatomicarum; 1 de membranarum ac involucrorum continuationibus; II de nervis arterias venasque comitantibus; et III de nervis pharyngis. 4° Goettinge, 1786.



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A statement of early symptoms of water in the brain. 8° London,


An appendix to the pamphlet on the early symptoms of water in the brain. 80 London, 1819.

A statement of early symptoms which lead to the disease termed water in the brain. 8° London, 1823.

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2nd Edition. 8° London, 1837.

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CATALOGUE of works on medicine and natural history contained in the Radcliffe Library. 8° Oxford, 1835.

CURIOSITIES and rarities to be seen in the gallery of the garden of the Academie of Leyden. 4.o

HISTOIRE (1) naturelle et généralle des Indes, isles, et terre ferme de la grande mer oceane [by Gonçalo Hernandez Oviedo y Valdez]; traduicte de Castillan en François [by Jean Poleur]. fol. Paris,


Only the first two books.

INDEX (an) to the Indian Closset to be seen at Leyden. 4° [London] 1688.

NATURAL (the) history of East Tartary traced through the three kingdoms of nature, published at Petersburgh by the Academy of Sciences, and rendered into English from the French translation by W. Radcliffe. 8° London, 1789.

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ARTON (BENJAMIN SMITH). Fragments of the natural history of Pennsylvania; pt. 1. fol. Philadelphia, 1799.

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A discourse on some of the principal desiderata in natural history, and on the means of promoting the study of this science in the United States. 8° Philadelphia, 1807.

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