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See Ayscough (S.). A general index to the monthly review, &c. go 1786.

A continuation, &c. 8° 1796. MUSÉUM D'HISTOIRE NATURELLE. Annales du Muséum d'histoire

naturelle, par les professeurs de cet établissement; 20 vols. 4° Paris, 1802-1813.

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and papers; works on nautical and geographical science and art, March 1832—December 1836; vol. 1-V. go London.

Enlarged series ; vol. 1. Jan.-Dec. 1837. 8° London. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, Geognosie, Geologie und Petrefacten

kunde herausgegeben von K. C. von Leonhard und H. G. Bronn,

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See Journals, &c. Nouveau journal de médecine, &c. 8° 1818, &c. (Anatomy.) NOUVELLE bibliothèque choisie (by Barat] ; 2 vols. 12° Amsterdam,

1714. NOUVELLES annales des voyages, &c. See Journals, &c. Nouvelles

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[by P. Bayle]; 8 vols. 12° Amsterdam, 1684–1687. Nova literaria maris Balthici et Septentrionis. 4° Lubece, 1701.

- ORIENTAL repertory; by A. Dalrymple ; vol. 1. 4° Londom, 1793. PANORAMIC (the) miscellany, or monthly magazine and review, edited

by J. Thelwall; No. 1 & 11. London, 1826. PHILADELPHIA (the) medical and physical journal; collected and ar

ranged by B. S. Barton, vols. 1 and pt. 1 of vol. II; 8° Philadelphia,

1805. PHILOSOPHICAL (the) magazine, comprehending the various branches

of science, the liberal and the fine arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce ; (vol. 1-59, by A. Tilloch alone; 60-65 by Tilloch and R. Taylor ; vols. 66 and 68 by R. Taylor only); 68 vols. 8° Lon

don, 1801-1826. PHILOSOPHICAL (the) magazine or annals of chemistry, mathematics,

astronomy, natural history, and general science; by R. Taylor and R. Phillips ; new and united series of the Philosophical magazine and Annals of philosophy; Jan. 1827-December 1837. 8° London.

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PRACTICAL (the) husbandman. See Journals, &e. Practical (the) hus-

bandman, &c. 89 [1731?] (Botany.) QUARTERLY (the) review (from Feb. 1809 to March 1898, but want

ing the 30th vol., for the second half-year of 1823 ] ; 36 vols. So

London, 1810-1828. REPERTORY (the) of arts and manufactures, consisting of original com

munications, specifications of patent inventions, and selections of useful practical papers from the transactions of the philosophical societies

of all nations ; 16 vok. go London, 1794-1802. - (vols. 1-XXXV. of the 2nd series, with a vol. of index to the 1st series

and to the first eight vols. of the 2nd series]; 36 vols. 8° London, 1802

1819. RepertORY (the) of patent inventions and other discoveries and im

provements in arts, manufactures, and agriculture, being a continuation of the repertory of arts and manufactures ; vols. I–Vi. 8° London, 1825-1828.

New series; Nos 1-48, Jan. 1834–December 1837. go London. REVUE encyclopédique ; (edited by M. A. Jullien from 1819 to March

1831; from April to August 1831 by Jullien and A. Petetin; from Sept. to Dec. 1831 by H. Carnot; from Jan. 1832 to March 1833 by

H. Carnot and P. Léroux] ; 57 vols. 8° Paris, 1819–1833. SCIENTIFIC memoirs, selected from the transactions of foreign academies

of science and learned societies and from foreign journals, edited by

Richard Taylor; vol. I. ; pt. I. 8° London, 1836. TASCHENBUCH für die gesammte Mineralogie, &c. See Journals, &c.

Taschenbuch, &c. 120 1807, &c. (Geology.) TECHNICAL (the) repository, containing practical information on sub

jects connected with discoveries and improvements in the useful arts, by T. Gill; 11 vols. 8° London, 1822-1827.

Continued under the name of Gulo s technolngical.... repository. TIJDSCHRIFT voor natuurlijke geschiedenis en physiologie uitgegeven

door I. van der Hoeven en W. H. de Vriese ; vol. 1-IV. 8° Amster.

dam, 1834-1836. UNITED (the) service journal, and naval and military magazine; 1829–

1837 ; Nos 1-109. 8° London, WEEKLY memorials for the ingenious; or an account of books lately

set forth in several languages, with other accounts relating to arts and

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go London, 1824-1828. ZEITSCHRIFT für Mineralogie. See Journals, &c. Zeitschrift, &c. 12

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1824, &c. (Zoology.)


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Revue encyclopédique; 1819-Aug. 1831. go

K. KASTNER (K. W.C.) Archiv für Chemie, &e. See Journals, &c. Archiv&c81830, &.

) KERALIO (Louis-Félix GUINEMENT). See Journals, &c. Journal des

Sçavans; 1785–1792. 4° KLAPROTH (HENRI-Jules). See Journals, &c. Nouvelles annales des

voyages, &c. 1831. (Voyages.)

LACROSE, Cerrand des See Croze (C. de la).

LALANDE (Jos. JERÔME le François de). See Journals, &c.
Journal des Sçavans, 1765–1792. 4°
LAMÉTHERIE (JEAN CLAUDE de). Observations sur la physique,

&c. Journal de physique. See Rozier (J.). Tableau du travail annuel

de toutes les académies, &c.; vols. XXVII-LXXXV. 4° LARENAUDIÈRE (PH. de). See Journals, &c. Nouvelles annales des

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, &c. 8° 1813. (Geology.) LINDENAU (B. von) und Bohnenberger (J. G. F.). Zeitschrift für

Astronomie. See Lindenau (B. von) und Bohnenberger (J. G. F.). Zeitschrift, &c. 8° 1816, &c. (Astronomy.) LITTRÉ (). See Journals, &c. Journal hebdomadaire de médecine,

&c. 8o 1828. (Anatomy.) LOUDON (J. C.). See Journals, &c. Magazine (the) of natural history,

&c. 8° 1829.


See Journals, &c. Journal des &c. . MACQUER (Pierre Joseph). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sça

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See Journals, &c. Annales de l'industrie manufacturière, &c. 8° 1827, &c. MONDYON (-). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans; 1744 &

1745. 4° MONGEZ (JEAN-ANDRÉ). Observations sur la physique, &c. See Ro

zier (J.). Tableau du travail annuel de toutes les académies de l'Europe,

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&c. 12° 1756, &c. MOREAU (César). Journal des travaux de la société de statistique, &c.

See Journals, &c. Journal des travaux, &c. 4° 1831, &c. MULDER (G. J.). See Journals. Natuur en Scheikundig Archief, &c. 8° Leyden, 1836 & 1837.

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. & NICHOLSON(William). See Journals,&c. Journal(a) of natural philosophy, &c. 4° 1797, &c.

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1820, &c.

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See Journals, &c. Annales des arts, &c. 8° ORFILA (M.P.). See Journals, &c. Nouveau journal de médecine &c. 8o. 1818, &c. (Anatomy.)

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4° PAXTON (JOSEPH). See Journals, &c. Horticultural register, &c. (the)

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&c. 8° 1825. (Geology.) PETETIN (Anselme). See Journals, &c. Revue encyclopédique ;

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See Journals. Philosophical (the) magazine or annals, &c. go PICTET (CHARLES). See Journals, &c. Bibliothèque Britannique. 8°

1796, &c. PICTET (MARC-Auguste). See Journals, &c. Bibliothèque Britan

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See Journals, &c. Journal des Sçavans. 1816, &c. 4° QUETELET (A.). See Garnier (J. G.) et Quetelet (A.). Correspoir: dance mathématique, &c. 8° 1826, &c.


c. c. 1705-1721. 4 RAOUL-ROCHETTE (Désiré). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sça

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1708. 4° RAYNOUARD (François-Juste-MARIE). See Journals, &c. Journal

des Sçavans, 1816, &c. 4° REPERTORY. See Journals, &c.

"Y ).

RAGUET (GILLES BERNARD). See Journals, &c. Journal des Sça


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