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AUTEROCHE (J. Chappe d'). See Chappe d'Auteroche (J.).
ANZI (AURELIO degli). Il genio vagante; biblioteca curiosa di cento e

più relazioni di viaggi; 3 vols. 12° Parma, 1691.
ARTUS (GOTARDUS). Americæ pars vir; pars vil. See Benzonus (H.).

Americæ pars quarta, &c. fol. 1594, &c.
ATANASOW (GRIGORI & DANIEL). Wanderung durch Asien. 80
ATKINS (John). A voyage to Guinea, Brazil and the West-Indies, de-

scribing Madeira, the Canaries, Cape de Verd, Sierra Leon, Sesthos,
Capollonia, Cabo Corso, Barbadoes, Jamaica, &c.; with remarks on the

gold, ivory and slave-trade. 8° London, 1735. AÜLDJO (John). Narrative of an ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc

on the 8th and 9th August 1827. 4° London, 1828. AZARA (Félix de). Voyages dans l'Amérique méridionale, contenant

la déscription géographique, politique et civile du Paraguay et de la Rivière de la Plata ; l'histoire de la découverte de ces contrées ; des détails sur leur histoire naturelle, et sur les peuples qui les habitent; le récit des moyens employés par les Jesuits pour assujétir et civiliser les indigènes; avec une notice de sa vie par C. A. Walckenaer ; enrichis des notes par Cuvier; suivis de l'histoire naturelle des oiseaux du Paraguay et de la Plata par le même auteur, traduite et augmentée par Sonnini. 4 vols. 8° Paris, 1809.

Collection de planches. 49 Paris, 1809.


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ALBI (GASPARO). Viaggio delle Indie Orientali. 12° Venetia, 1590.

BALL (HENRÝ LIDGBIRD). Route of the Supply tender to Botany
Bay. See Phillip (A.). The voyage to Botany Bay. 4° 1789.
BALTIMORE (Frederick CALVERT), Lord. A tour to the East in

1763 and 1764, with remarks on the city of Constantinople and the Turks; also select pieces of Oriental wit, poetry, and wisdom. 8° Lon

don, 1767.
BANDINI (ANGELO MARIA). Vita e lettere di Amerigo Vespucci. 4°

Firenze, 1745.
BARROS (GIOVANNI). See Ramusio (G. B.). Delle navigationi, &c.;

vol. 1. fol. 1563.
BARROW (John). A chronological history of the voyages into the

Arctic Regions, undertaken chiefly for the purpose of discovering a northwest or Polar passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific. 8° London, 1818.

An account of travels into the interior of Southern Africa in 1797 and 1798; including cursory observations on the geology and geography of the southern part of that continent; the natural history of such objects as occurred in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms; 2 vols. 4° London, 1801-1804.

A voyage to Cochinchina in 1792 and 1793; to which is annexed an account of a journey made in 1801 and 1802 to the residence of the chief of the Booshuana nation, the remotest point of the interior of Southern Africa to which Europeans have hitherto penetrated. 4° London, 1806.

Travels in China. 4° London, 1804.
BARTOLOZZI (FRANCESCO). Ricerche istorico-critiche circa alle

scoperte d'A. Vespucci, con l'aggiunta di una relazione del medesimo
finora inedita. 80 Firenze, 1789.

BARTOLOZZI (FRANCESCO). Apologia delle ricerche istorico-critiche

circa alle scoperte di A. Vespucci, in confutazione della lettera seconda

allo stampatore data col nome del Padre Canovai. 8° Firenze, 1789. BASS (-). Account of a voyage by which the existence of a strait

separating Van Dieman's Land from the continent of New Holland was ascertained. See Collins (D.). An account of the English colony in

New South Wales. 4° 1798. (Miscellaneous.) BEHR (JOHAN van der). Neun-jährige Ost-Indianische Reise; mit C.

Eisslingens Italiänischen Wegweiser; 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4o Francofurti,

1689. BEKE (CHARLES T.). On the former extent of the Persian Gulf, and

on the comparatively recent union of the Tigris and Euphrates. 8° London, (no date].

On the localities of Horeb, Mount Sinai and Midian in connexion with the hypothesis of the distinction between Mitzraim and Egypt.

(From the British Magazine.) 8° London, 1835. BELFOUR (F. C.). See Paul Archdeacon of Aleppo. The travels of

Macarius, &c. 4° 1829, &c. BELON (PIERRE). Les observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses

mémorables trouvées en Grèce, Asie, Judée, Egypte, Arabie, et autres pays estrangers. 4° Paris, 1588. BENZONUS (HIERONIMUS). Americæ pars quarta (quinta et sexta);

pars vii ab Ulrico Fabro in Latinum conversa autore M. Gotardo Artus; pars viII...... in unum corpus redacta auctore M. Gotardo Artus; figuris illustrata opera T. de Bry et filiorum; 10 pts. fol.

Francofurti, 1594–1599. BERGHE (Arnold van de)? See Anonymous. Ambassades mémora

bles de la compagnie des Indes orientales, &c. fol. 1680. BERTAUT (-). See Anonymous. Journal du voyage d'Espagne. 4°

1669. BERTRANDON de la BROCQUIERE (-). The travels to Palestine,

and his return from Jerusalem overland to France, during the years 1432 and 1433; extracted and put into modern French from a MS. in the library at Paris, and published by Le Grand d'Aussy ; translated by

T. Johnes. 89 Hafod Press, 1807. BEUDANT (F.-S.). Voyage, &c. (See Beudant F.-S.). Voyage miné

ralogique, &c. 4° 1822. (Geology.) BIET (ANTOINE). Voyage de la France équinoxiale en l'isle de Cayenne

entrepris par les François en l'année MDCLII. 4° Paris, 1664. BILBERG (John). A voyage of the late king of Sweden (Charles XI],

and another of mathematicians sent by him, in which are discovered the refraction of the sun, which sets not in the northern parts at the time of the summer solstice; variations of the needle; latitudes of places,

&c. 8° London, 1698. BLANCHARD (Nicolas or François). Journal and certificates of

[his] fourth voyage [in a balloon]. 4• London, 1784. BLIGH (William). Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken for conveying

the bread-fruit to the West Indies, including an account of the mutiny

on board the Bounty. 4° London, 1792. BLUNT (Sir Henry). Voyage into the Levant, being a journey by Ve.

nice into Dalmatia, Sclavonia, Bosnia, Hungary, Macedonia, Thessaly,

Thrace, Rhodes and Egypt. 12° London, 1669. BONPLAND (AM.). See Kunth (C. S.). Synopsis plantarum. So Am

8 1822, &c. (Botany.)


BONTEKOE van HOORN (WILLEM YsbranTSZ). Journael of te Ghe

denckwaerdighe beschrijvinge van de Oost-Indische Reyse. 4° Am

sterdam, 1656. BORDA (JEAN-CHARLES). See Verdun de la Crenne (-), Borda &

Pingré. Voyage. 4° 1778. BORY de ST. VINCENT (J. B. G. M.). Voyage dans les quatre princi

pales iles des mers d'Afrique fait pendant 1801 et 1802, avec l'histoire de la traversée du Capitaine Baudin jusqu'au Port-Louis de l'Ile Mau

rice; 3 vols. 8° Paris, an xiii (1804.) BOSSU (-). Travels through Louisiana, translated by J. R. Forster, il

lustrated with notes relative chiefly to natural history; with a catalogue of the known plants of English North America ; together with an abstract of useful articles contained in P. Loefling's travels through Spain

and Cumana in South America; 2 vols. 8° London, 1771. BOUGAINVILLE (Lewis de). A voyage round the world, performed

in the years 1766–1769; translated from the French by J. R. Forster.

London, 1772. BOULANGER (C.). See Buch (Leopold de). BOWDICH (T. EDWARD). Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashan

tee; with a statistical account of that kingdom, and geographical no

tices of other parts of Africa. 4° London, 1819. BOZZI-GRANVILLE (A.). See Granville (A.B.). BRIGHT (RICHARD). Travels from Vienna through Lower Hungary

[with an appendix); 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4° Edinburgh, 1818. BROCKEDON (WILLIAM). Italy: a new illustrated road book of the

route from London to Naples. large 8° London, 1835. BROOKE (A. DE CAPELL). Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Fin

mark, to the North Cape. 4° London, 1823. BROUGHTON (William Robert). A voyage of discovery to the

North Pacific Ocean, in which the coast of Asia, the Island of Susu (Land of Jesso), the north, south and east coast of Japan, the Lieuchieux and the coast of Corea, have been examined ; performed in 1795 -1798. 4° London, 1804. BROWN (EDWARD). A brief account of some travels in Hungaria, Ser

via, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli; as also some observations on the gold, silver, copper, quicksilver mines, baths and mineral waters of those parts. 4° London, 1673.

A brief account of some travels in divers parts of Europe ; viz. Hungaria, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli, through a great part of Germany and the Low Countries, through Marca Trevisana and Lombardy, with some observations on the gold, silver, copper, quick-silver mines, and the baths and mineral waters in those parts. fol. London, 1685.

An account of several travels through a great part of Germany; in four journeys; from Norwich to Colen; from Colen to Vienna ; from Vienna to Hamburg ; from Colen to London ; wherein the mines, baths, &c. of those parts are treated of. 4° London, 1677. BRY (THEODORUS). See Debry (T.). BRYDONE (P.). A tour through Sicily and Malta ; 2 vols. 8° London,

1773. BUCH (LEOPOLD de). Déscription physique des Isles Canaries suivie

d'une indication des principaux volcans du globe, traduit de l'Allemand par C. Boulanger, revue et augmentée par l'auteur, with an atlas of

plates. 8° Paris, 1836. BUCHANAN (FRANCIS). A journey from Madras through Mysore,

Canara and Malabar; 3 vols. 4° London, 1807. BULLETIN. See Journals, &c. BURCKHARDT (John Lewis). Travels in Nubia. 4° London, 1819.

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. 4° London, 1822. BURNES (JAMES). A narrative of a visit to the court of Sinde; a sketch

of the history of Cutch, and some remarks on the medical topography

of Bhooj. 8° Edinburgh, 1831. (Two copies.) BURNES (Alex.). Travels into Bokhara, being the account of a

journey from India to Cabool, Tartary and Persia ; also, narrative of a voyage on the Indus from the sea to Lahore, in 1831-1833; 3 vols. 8u

London, 1834. BURNEY (James). Memoir on the voyage of d'Entrecasteaux in search of La Pérouse. 8° London, 1820.

C. ( in Indiam nec non in Occidentem ac septemtrionem, ex vernaculo sermone in Latinum traductum, interpr. Arch. Madrignano. fol. [Me

diolani,] 1508. CADELL (W. A.). A journey in Carniola, Italy and France in the years

1817 and 1818; containing remarks relative to language, geography, history, antiquities, natural history, science, painting, sculpture, architecture, agriculture, the mechanical arts and manufactures; 2 vols. 8°

Edinburgh, 1820. CAILLE (Nicolas de la). See La Caille (N. de). CAILLIE (-). See Jomard (E. F.). Remarques et recherches géogra

phiques, &c. 8° (Miscellaneous.) CALVERT (FREDERICK), Lord Baltimore. See Baltimore (Lord F.C.). CALVETE de ESTRELLA (JUAN CHRISTOVAL). El felicissimo viaile

d'el muy alto y muy poderoso principe Don Phelippe hijo d'el Emperador Don Carlos quinto, desde España à sus tierras de la baxa Alemaña, con la descripcion de todos los estados de Brabante y Flandes. fol.

Anversa, 1552. CAMPBELL (ARCHIBALD). A voyage round the world from 1806 to

1812, in which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleutian islands and the Sand

wich islands were visited. 8° Edinburgh, 1816. CAMUS (A. G.). Mémoire sur la collection des grands et petits voyages,

et sur la collection des voyages de M. Thevenot. 4° Paris, an XI,

(1802.) CANOVAI (STANISLAO). Elogio d'A.Vespucci, con una dissertazione

giustificativa di questo celebre navigatore; terza edizione, con illustrazioni ed aggiunte, e con una seconda dissertazione sulle vicende delle

longitudini geografiche. 4° [Firenze] 1790. ÇARATE (AUGUSTIN de). Historia del descubrimiento y conquista del

Peru. 8° Anvers, 1555. CARPEAU de SAUSSAY (-). See Anonymous. Voyage de Mada

gascar. 12° 1722. CĂRR (John). A northern summer, or travels round the Baltic through

Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia and part of Germany, in 1804. 4° London, 1805.


CARTHIER (JACQUES). See Ramusio (G. B.). Delle navigationi, &c.;

vol. III. fol. 1565. CASSINI de THURY (CÉSAR-François). Rélation de deux voyages faits en Allemagne par ordre du Roi; par rapport à la figure de la terre pour déterminer la grandeur des degrés de longitude ; par rapport à la géographie pour poser les fondemens d'une carte d'Allemagne; par rapport à l'astronomie pour connoître la position des villes où les astronomes Allemands ont fait leurs observations, et établir une correspondance

entre les observatoires d'Allemagne et celui de Paris. 4° Paris, 1773. CASSINI (JEAN-DOMINIQUE). See Chappe d'Auteroche (J.). Voyage, &c. 4° 1772. A voyage to California.

go 1778. Voyage fait par ordre du roi en 1768, pour éprouver les montres marines inventées par Leroy; avec le mémoire sur la meilleure manière

de mesurer le tems en mer. 4° Paris, 1770. CASTANHEDA (HERNAN Lopez de). Historia del descubrimiento y

conquista de la India por los Portugueses. 8° Anvers, 1554. CASTRO (John de). Life. See Andrade (J. Freyre de). The life of,

&c. fol. 1664.
CHABERT (Jos. Voyage fait en 1750 et 1751 dans l'Amérique

Septentrionale. 4° Paris, 1753.
CHAPPE d'AUTEROCHE (Jean). Voyage en Californie pour l'obser-

vation du passage de Vénus sur le disque du soleil le 3 Juin, 1769; ré-
digé et publié par De Cassini fils. 4° Paris, 1772.

A voyage to Caliphornia to observe the transit of Venus, with an historical description of the author's route through Mexico, and the natural history of that province;

also a voyage to Newfoundland and Salee, to make experiments on Le Roy's time-keepers, by M. de Cassini. 8°

London, 1778.
CHARMICHAEL (-). A journey from Aleppo to Busserat. See Grose

(J. H.). A voyage to the East Indies, &c. 8° 1772.
CLAPPERTON). Extrait du second voyage de C.

See Jomard (E. F.). Réflexions sur l'état des connaissances, &c. 8° 1829. (Mis

cellaneous.) CLARET de FLEURIEU (CHARLES Pierre). See Fleurieu (C. P.

d'Eveux de). COCKBURN (Sir George). A voyage to Cadiz and Gibraltar up the

Mediterranean to Sicily and Malta in 1810 and 1811, including a description of Sicily and the Lipari Islands, and an excursion in Portugal; 2 vols.

London, 1815. COLLECTIONS. Begin ende Voortgangh van de Vereenighde Nederlandtsche geoctro

yeerde Oost-Indische Compagnie, servatende de voornaemste reysen, by de Inwoonderen der selver provintien derwaerts gedaen ; 20 pts. in

2 vols. obl. 4° 1646. COLLECTION (a) of voyages and travels ; 4 vols. fol. London, 1704. COLLECTION (a) of voyages; containing, 1. Captain William Dampier's voyage round the world.

11. The voyages of Lionel Wafer. III. A voyage round the world, by W. Funnell, mate to Capt. Dampier. iv. Capt. Cowley's voyage round the globe. v. Capt. Sharp's journey over the Isthmus of Darien, and expedition into the South Seas. vi. Capt. Wood's voyage through the Streights of Magellan. vii. Mr. Roberts's adventures and sufferings amongst the corsairs of the Levant; 6 pts. in 4 vols. 8° London, 1729.

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