Chrome, oxide of, its preparation as a pigment, 235
Clement-Desormes, (M.) on vapour, 472

Cobwebs, (Artificial) for micrometers, notice of, 81
Coinage, on the manufacture of dies for, 116

Cold, effects of, 242

Collard, (M.) on the deleterious effects of carbonic acid gas, 238
Construction of warm-baths, hints respecting the, 62

Copper, (white) composition of, 483

Cultivation and improvement of edible fruits, remarks on, 265

Daniell, (Mr. F.) on the gas obtained by the decomposition of
resin, 217

Decomposition of certain gaseous compounds of carbon and hy-
drogen during sudden expansion, 204

Defranc, (M.) his remarks on dense fogs, 241

Dense fogs, notice of, 241

Density of vapours and gases, table of, 233

Despretz, (M.) his claim to the discovery of chloride of boron, 243
Diamond microscope, 211

Diamond, uses of, in the arts, 464

Dichroite, new optical property of, 468

Dies for medals and coinage, remarks on the manufacture of, 116
Dipping needle, remarks on the change of inclination of, 124
Disinfectants, chemical remarks on, 371

Disinfecting chlorides, their modes of action, 237

Dumas, (M.) on earthy depositions from water influenced by the
electricity of metals in contact, 230

his table of the density of
on chloride of boron, 234

vapours and gases, 233-

Elastic mould for castings, notice of, 225
Electric discharges, transference of ponderable matter in, 472
Electro-chemical appearances, remarks on, 229

Elementary principles of the structure of language, illustrations of,

Europe, an account of the arcs perpendicular to the meridian,
which are now measuring on the continent of, 177

Exercises, on the effect of, on the form, and their influence in pre-
venting or curing distortions of the spine, 319

Falling stars, results of observations on, 222

Faraday's (M.) general account of the magnetic phenomena de-
veloped by metals in motion, 209-his account of the chemical
action of chlorine and its compounds, 461-on the progress and
present state of the Thames tunnel, 466

Fatty bodies, distillation of, 489

Fay, (Mr.) remarks on his mode of excising teeth, 244
Fire in theatres, security from, 468

Fischer, (F. W.,) on the application of a ligature to fruit trees
&c., 499

Fluate of lime, notice of the phosphorence of, 232

Fox, (Mr. D.) account of his elastic mould for casting, 225
Fresnel, (Mr.) elementary view of the undulatory theory of light,
127, 441

Fruits, on the cultivation and improvement of, 265
Fyfe, (Dr. A.) his manual of chemistry, remarks on, 70

Gaertner, (M.) on the fecundation of vegetables, 497
Gaetano Savi, (Prof.) on an Italian cavern containing bones, 241
Gas from resin, its application to a condensed gas lamp, 217
Gas, transference of heat by change of capacity in, 474
Gases, compression of, 467

Gaultier de Claubry, (M.) on the mode of action of disinfecting
chlorides, 237

Gelatin of bones, observations on the use of, as an article of
food, 56, 386

Gimbernat, (M. Charles de) on the nutritious portion of bones,
56, 386

Giraffe, the, on its preference of milk as a food, 493
Glass, method of cutting, 227

Goring (C. R., M.D.) on artificial cobwebs for micrometers, 81-
on achromatic microscopes, 410

Granville, (Dr.) his remarks on chemical disinfectants, 371
Gray, (Mr.) on the production and preparation of pearls, 493
Grey, (Mr.) corrected translation of his Enchorial manuscripts,


Gymnastic exercises, their effects on the form, &c., 319

Harwood, (Dr. J.) his remarks on the structure and habits of the

seal, 71.

Heat evolved from air by compression, 228

Henbane and Belladonna, preparation of, 493

Henderson, (Mr.) on a corrected method of computing an observed

occultation, 434-on the solar tables, 438
Hieroglyphical fragments, notices of, 402
Hildreth, (Dr.) on the effects of cold, 242
Horticultural Society, proceedings of, 217, 317

Human voice, remarks on, 491

Humphrys, (Mr.) on a fluid for biting-in on plates of soft steel, 226

Inclination, change of, of the dipping-needle, 124

Increase, maturity, and decay of trees, signs of, 494

Indian method of varnishing, 227

Insufflation, or passing of air into the lungs, death by, 491
Iodine cyanide of, 480-oxide of, and iodous acid, remarks on, 477
Iron, separation of from manganese, 235-pure proto-salt of, 236

Italian cavern, containing bones, notice of, 241

Ivory, method of etching on, 226

Ivory, (Mr.) on the heat evolved from air by compression, 228

Jenner, (Dr. Edward) life of, 141

Jenour, (M.) on a peculiar structure of shot cartridges, 224

Kaleidophone, a new philosophical toy, observations on, 344

Labour, remarks on the principle of the division of, as applied to
Literature and Science, 37

Lamp, night, without a wick, notice of, 210

ornamental, notice of, ib.

Language, illustrations of the elementary principles of the struc-
ture of, 163

Legumine, new vegetable principle, 485

Leslie's apparatus for ascertaining the specific gravity of powder,


Liebeg, (Prof.) on the existence and nature of bromine, 233

Life of Dr. Edward Jenner, 141

Ligature, application of, to fruit-trees and vines, 499

Lightning, instance of a returning stroke by, 230-rods and com-
passes, remarks on, 471

Lindley, (John, Esq.) remarks by, upon the orchideous plants of
Chile, 43

Liskovius, (Dr.) his remarks on the human voice, 491

Literature and Science, remarks on the principle of the division of
labour as applied to, 37

Locks, principle of security in the various kinds of, 212
Logwood, black dye and ink prepared from, 488

Mac Culloch's (Dr. J.) remarks on malaria, 294
Madder, on the colouring matter of, remarks on, 239
Mangnetic needle, influence of the Aurora Borealis on, 229

Magnetism produced by metals in motion, general account of, 209

-of watch-works corrected, 223

Majendie, (M.) on two new kinds of urinary gravel, 246

Malaria, remarks on, 294

Manganese, separation of iron from, in analysis, 235-and soda,

sulphates of, 483

"Manual of Chemistry," remarks on, 70

Mayo, (Herbert, Esq.) remarks on his "Outlines of Humany Phy-
siology, 91

"Meleagris Ocellata," (Cuvier) notice of a specimen of, 214
Melons, sugar of, 239

Mercury, depression of in the tube of a barometer, &c., table of,

Metallic Disc in motion, its action on a portion of a voltaic con-
ductor, 228

Metals, electro-conducting power of, 470
Meteorological table, 248-503

Metropolis, remarks on the supply of water to the western parts of
249-remarks on the architecture of, 352

Micrometers, artificial cobwebs for, 81

Micrometrical measurement of Saturn and of Jupiter and its satel-
lites, 220

Microscope, diamond, notice of, 221

Milk, observations on the use of as food, 493
Mould (elastic) for castings, account of, 225

Nakous, subterraneous noises heard at, 240

Nasse (M.) on the preparation of oxide of chrome as a pigment, 235
Natural History, remarks on the study of, 83

Nature, numerical divisions in, 362

Naval architecture and nautical economy, essays and gleanings on,


Navier, (M.) experiments on the resistance of various bodies to
rupture caused by longitudinal tension, 223

New York, remarks on the subject of the weights and measures of,


Nobili, (M.) on electro-chemical appearances, 229
Numerical divisions in nature, 362

Oils, essential substances contained in, 486

Ornithological system of Cuvier and Dumeril, revised arrangement
of, with reference only to the genera and species of the British
islands, 286

Ottley's Dictionary of Chemistry, remarks on, 54

Oval, beautiful forms derived from, 457

Oxalates, action of potassium on, 236

Oxide of chrome, preparation of as a pigment, 285-of iodine and
iodous acid, remarks on, 477—of iron, (native) presence of am-
monia in, 481

Ozmazone, notice of, 490

Parkes, (Samuel, Esq.) sketch of the life of, 1

Payen, (M.) his process for the preparation of medicinal chloride
of soda, 236-on sugar of melons, 239

Pearls, production and preparation of, 493
Peretti, (M.) on ozmazone, 490

Peru, and Mexico, conquest of by the Mongols in the 13th century,
history of, 247

Phillips, (Mr. R.) on the analysis of the triple prussiate of potash, 236
Phosphorescence of fluate of lime, notice of, 232
Physiology, human, outlines of by Mr. Herbert Mayo, 91

Plants, orchideous of Chile, remarks upon, 43-dried, from Massa-
chusetts, notice of, 210-structure of, 496-and vegetables, me-
thod of reviving, 500

Ponderable matter, transference of in electric discharges, 472
Potash, analysis of the triple prussiate of, 236-peroxideof, from
nitre, 483

Potassium, action of, on oxalates, 236

Powders, apparatus for taking the specific gravities of, 226

Quadrupeds, note on the motions and actions of, 243.
Quesnevile, (M.) on the separation of iron from manganese, 235
Quinia, sulphate of, quantity manufactured, and adulteration of,

Rattlesnakes, poison of, 246

Record, (M. le Dr.) his mode of preventing mischief resulting from
the bites of venomous reptiles, 246

Reinagle, (Mr.) on the beautiful forms derived from the oval, 457
Renwick, (James, Esq.) on the weights and measures of New York,


Reptiles, venomous, method of preventing mischief from the bites
of, 246

Resistance of various bodies to rupture caused by longitudinal ten-
sion, 223

Returning stroke by lightning, instance of, 230

Roads, Macadamized, report on, 470

Robiquet and Colin, (MM.) on the colouring matter of madder,


Rousseau, (M. E.) on the poison of rattlesnakes, 246

Royal Institution of Great Britain, proceedings of, 209, 456-
medals, on the recent adjudgment of, by the President and Coun-
cil of the Royal Society, 11-Society, proceedings of, 207, 455

Sabine (Capt.) extract of his letter respecting the subject of the
weights and measures of New York, 382

Salt, on the introduction of as an agricultural agent, 337
Salts, efflorescent of volcanic rocks, 482

Sea, fresh water found at, 502
Sea-gull, measurement and weight of, 244
Seal, on the structure and habits of the, 71

Shot cartridges, peculiar construction of, 224
Silver, crystallized chromate of, 484

Sketch of the Life of the late Samuel Parkes, Esq., 1

Skins, method of preserving, 227

Soft steel, menstruum for biting-in on plates of, 226

Solar tables, remarks on the, 438

Struve, (M.) on micrometrical measurements, 220

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