Structure of language, illustrations of the elementary principles of
the, 163

Subterraneous noises heard at Nakous, 240

Swainson, (W., Esq.) remarks on the importance of preserving facts
connected with the natural history of animals, 83

Teeth, excision of, remarks on, 244

Tenacity of metals, observations on, 462

Thames Tunnel, report on the progress and present state of, 466
"The Gold-headed Cane," review of, 278

Tin, method of bronzing, 483

Translation, corrected, of Mr. Grey's Enchorial manuscripts, 402
Turpentine, oil of, its change by exposure to air, 487
Turrell, (Mr.) on the uses of the diamond in the arts, 464

Undulatory theory of light, elementary view of the, 127
Urinary gravel, on two new kinds of, 246

Vapour, new phenomena produced by, 472
Varnishes, improvements in the manufacture of, 488
Varnishing, Indian method of, 227

Vegetable proximate principles, composition of, 485
Vegetables, experiments on the fecundation of, 497

Voltaic conductor, action of a moving metallic disc, on a portion
of, 228

Warm-baths, hints respecting the construction of, 62
Watch works, magnetism of, corrected, 223

Water, earthy depositions from, influenced by the electricity of
metals in contact, 230

Water, remarks on the supply of, to the western part of the metro-
polis, by the Grand Junction Water-works Company, 249
fresh, found at sea, 502

Weather, natural prognostics of, 501

Weights and measures of New York, report on, 101-remarks on
the report, 382

Wheatstone, (Mr. C.) his remarks on the Kaleidophone, 344
White copper, composition of, 483

light of the sun, effect of, in making steel magnetic, 125
Witting, (Dr.) his method of destroying the empyreumatic odour of
alcohol, 239

Wood, quantity of charcoal from, 479

Wounds, mode of treating when poisoned, 245

Zero, change of in thermometers, 475


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