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Pagina 70 - FAMILY EXPOSITOR; Or, a Paraphrase and Version of the New Testament : with Critical Notes, and a Practical Improvement of each Section.
Pagina 175 - Supper iilniic entitled to be called Christian sacraments. Nature, import and meaning of the Sacrament! 376. Regeneration not effected in baptism, proofs 378. Is the sacrament of the Lord's Supper a proper sacrifice ? 380. Objections to the theory of the literal change of the bread and wine 381. Objections against con-substantiation 382. Nearly all protestants agree that the sacraments are signs or symbols 384. Christ's presence is of a spiritual nature 386. Efficacy of the sacraments 387. T e sacraments...
Pagina 197 - Bor6 against the Oriental churches 38. Celibacy of the clergy 40. M. Bore's views on the national origin of the Nestorians 41. Facts confirming those views 42. The Nestorians still retain the name of Chaldean 43. Still living in the proper country of the Chaldeans 44. Their language also claims to be Chaldean 45. Their physiognomy Chaldean 47. M. Bore's melancholy lucubrations 50. Strong prejudices against gospel truth 54. Romish schemes for seizing on tin: Oriental churches 56.
Pagina 51 - Syrians — elements of Hellenism introduced into Judea under Alexander the Great, 205 — Alexander settles Macedonians in Samaria, 206 — 70,000 Jews bring the Greek language into Judea, 207 — Jews returning from Syria introduce Greek, 208 — Jason attempts to seduce the Jews to adopt Grecian manners, 210 — Hellenism...
Pagina 197 - Will, by Rev. Pharcellus Church 839. Travels in Turkey and Persia, Bore's, reviewed by Rev. HA Homes. M. Bore's education and purpose 28. His studies at Constantinople 29. His journey — Designs of the Romanists on the Armenians 30. Plan for converting them to the Romish faith 31. State of the Nestorian church 33. False charges against American missionaries 34. Who are trying to gain the Nestorians by means of money 37. Grounds of complaint by M.
Pagina 37 - THE CICERONIAN; or, the Prussian Method of Teaching the Elements of the Latin Language. Adapted to the use of American Schools. By Professor B.
Pagina 126 - MINISTER'S FAMILY; Or Hints to those who would make Home happy.
Pagina 209 - ... All that can be said about it is, that when one current becomes strong enough to master the other, the effect which ensues we are accustomed to call a volition. This volition, however, is merely the name by which we signalize the triumphant sensation. The doctrine of necessity, therefore, seems to be a virtual reduction of the moral, to a level with the physical government. Sensations in themselves considered are as involuntary as the wind, and as destitute of a moral character. Nor is it possible,...
Pagina 24 - THE BOOK THAT WILL SUIT YOU; Or a Word for Every One.. By Rev. James Smith, Author of " Believer's Daily Remembrancer," &c. " An elegant little hand book of some 300 pages 16mo., and by an En...
Pagina 55 - ... to apply the words cause and effect to the determinations and actions of...

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