Solitary Sage: The Profound Life, Wisdom and Legacy of Korea’s “Go-un” Choi Chi-won

Lulu Press, Inc, 20 sep. 2015
A biography and evaluation of the legacy of Go-un Choi Chi-won, one of Korea’s most interesting and iconic historical figures. He is considered a hero of traditional Korean Daoist, Buddhist and Confucian culture. Following a remarkably successful career as a brilliant Confucian government official in Tang China and then back in his native Gyeongju, he was one of few Koreans who achieved the highest level of Daoist sage-hood, achieving Shinseon status rather than dying as usual. There are many sites all around South Korea that claim association with him, that he was present there and accomplished some spiritual feat, or presenting veneration of his lofty reputation; some of them sites associated with him are now utilized as cultural tourist sites. It has been difficult for scholars to separate the folklore myths and legends about his life from the solid facts, and make a coherent story out of them -- this volume does-so in English for the first time.

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Introduction to the Solitary Sage
Earliest Korean Daoism
Historical Korean Daoism before
His Auspicious Conception and Birth
His MiddleAged Accomplishments in Tang China
His Attainment of Wisdom in Decades of Daoist Traveling
His Attainment of Spiritual Immortality at the End of His Life
His Legacy in the Joseon Dynasty
Pungryu Koreas WindFlowing CulturalTheme
Bibliography and References
Supplemental Color Photos

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