Journal of the Senate of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia, 1914

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Pagina 9 - On the final passage, in either house of the Legislature, of any act which imposes, continues or revives a tax, or creates a debt or charge, or makes, continues or revives any appropriation of public or trust money or property, or releases, discharges or commutes any claim or demand of the State, the question shall...
Pagina 190 - The presiding officer of each House shall, in the presence of the House over which he presides, sign all bills and joint resolutions passed by the General Assembly, after their titles have been publicly read immediately before signing ; and the fact of signing shall be entered on the journal.
Pagina 32 - ... reserve bank" shall be held to mean Federal reserve bank. FEDERAL RESERVE DISTRICTS SEC. 2. As soon as practicable, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Agriculture and the Comptroller of the Currency, acting as "The Reserve Bank Organization Committee," shall designate not less than eight nor more than twelve cities to be known as Federal reserve cities, and shall divide the continental United States, excluding Alaska, into districts, each district to contain only one of such Federal...
Pagina 102 - An Act to provide for the establishment of Federal reserve banks, to furnish an elastic currency, to afford means of rediscounting commercial paper, to establish a more effective supervision of banking in the United States, and for other purposes.
Pagina 319 - No person who, during the late war between the States, served in the army or navy of the United States, or the Confederate States, or any state of the United States, or of the Confederate States, shall at any time be required to pay a poll tax as a prerequisite to the right to register or vote. The collection of the state poll tax assessed against any one shall not be enforced by legal process until the same has become three years past due.
Pagina 537 - An Act to enjoin and abate houses of lewdness, assignation, and prostitution ; to declare the same to be nuisances ; to enjoin the person or persons who conduct or maintain the same and the owner or agent of any building used for such purpose ; and to assess a tax against the person maintaining such nuisance and against the building and owner thereof, approved February 7.
Pagina 190 - A bill may originate in either house, to be approved or rejected by the other, or may be amended by either, with the concurrence of the other. No bill shall become a law unless, prior to its passage, it has been: (a) Referred to a committee of each house, considered by such committee in session, and reported; (b) Printed by the house, in which it originated prior to its passage therein; (c...
Pagina 191 - ... (b) and (c) of this section, may be dispensed with in a bill to codify the laws of the State, and in any case of emergency by a vote of four-fifths of the members voting in each house taken by the yeas and nays, the names of the members voting for and against, entered on the journal...
Pagina 350 - ... regular election, file with the clerk of the circuit court of his county, or of the corporation court of his city, a list of all persons in his county or city, who have paid not later than six months prior to...
Pagina 349 - Any person registered under either of the last two sections, shall have the right to vote for members of the General Assembly and all officers elective by the people...

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