Which Way to Starboard?: Memoir of a Lifelong Sailor and Wooden Boat Enthusiast

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At one point after the boom vang broke loose, the boom and the sail shifted to a higher position. I didnt like the loss of control this caused. The boat was swinging from 0 to 20 degrees in jerky motions, lifting and heeling. The boom vang had been ripped out of its housing. I had an idea what to do and told Roxanne what I had in mind. At a certain moment, with her help holding up the boom vang in a certain way, I would let go of the rudder and lunge forward to grab the creature from her hand and plunge its little head into the second available hole, a slot just under the boom. This she understood, but all the while I was under great stress, anxious for my daughters life and mine. The wind was quite strong and I didnt want the boat to flip over not there, away from any available help. We were two miles from shore in any direction. I checked the waves and wind and then turned the boat into the wind. On my signal to Roxanne, I lurched forward and grabbed the beastly creature and shakily shoved its head in the hole. I then turned the boat back to windward and pulled in on the sheet that pulled the boom back to its correct position. Everything was fine again. In a plastic bag hanging from the boom near the mast were my cigarettes and a lighter. Thats where Roxanne was also handy. She passed me a cigarette and my lighter and I lit it and took a big drag. Ah The rest of the day went beautifully. In the same bag we had a nice light lunch (gourmet style), a couple of baloney sandwiches, and two cans of pop.

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A machinist, cabinet maker and a draughtsman, along with many other qualities such as an entrepreneurship and sales were my resourses. Reading is a contributing factor and I had the gift to read both in English and French, therefore my access was wide open to reading materials. True stories from England, France, and the United States. I learned first hand on how to sail a sailboat. I learned to repair, renovate and build and remodel wooden boats. Talent was probably part of me and skill came with time. I lived the first 26 years in Ontario near Niagra Falls and the last 40 years in Québec near Montréal. I was always dreaming and fantasizing with every project that I did. It gave me that challenge and drive, to try to excel. Wether it was in leadership, golf, swimming and sailing. Never give up until you sink.

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