Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 46

Leslie Stephen
Macmillan, 1896

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Pagina 345 - He showed that madness often consisted 'in a morbid perversion of the natural feelings, affections, inclinations, temper, habits, moral dispositions, and natural impulses, without any remarkable disorder or defect of the intellect or knowing and reasoning faculties, and particularly without any insane illusion or hallucination
Pagina 270 - The Persons Excepted are such as have formerly served you in a very good Cause ; but, being now apostatised, I did rather make election of them, than of those who had always been for the King; — judging their iniquity double; because they have sinned against so much light, and against so many evidences of Divine Providence going along with and prospering a just Cause, in the management of which they themselves had a share.
Pagina 435 - That George Psalmanazar's piety, penitence, and virtue exceeded almost what we read as wonderful even in the lives of saints.
Pagina 409 - A committee having been appointed to inquire into the original standards of weights and measures in the kingdom of England, to consider the laws relating thereto, and to report their observations thereupon, together with their opinion of the most effectual means for ascertaining and enforcing uniform and certain standards of weights and measures...
Pagina 410 - He was educated at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he remained from 1636 to 1643.
Pagina 336 - I have been spared to be a witness to two other revolutions, both glorious. And now, methinks, I see the ardour for liberty catching and spreading ; a general amendment beginning in human affairs ; the dominion of kings changed for the dominion of laws, and the dominion of priests giving way to the dominion of reason and conscience.
Pagina 125 - THE FIRST SATIRE OF THE SECOND BOOK OF HORACE, Imitated in a Dialogue between ALEXANDER POPE, of Twickenham, in Com. Midd., Esq., on the one part, and his Learned Council on the other.
Pagina 345 - ... we are entitled to draw confidently the conclusion that all human races are of one species and one family.
Pagina 221 - The Art of Criticism as exemplified in Dr. Johnson's " Lives of the most eminent English Poets.
Pagina 234 - Berwickupon-Tweed ; that the words " clerk of the peace " shall comprehend and apply to any deputy or other person executing the duties of such clerk of the peace ; and the words

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