Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries: From the Time of Columbus to the Present Period ...


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Pagina 137 - ... danger of being choked. This is a mark of grandeur. The greater the man would seem to be, the larger piece he takes in his mouth ; and the more noise he makes in chewing it, . the more polite he is thought to be. They have, indeed, a proverb that says, " Beggars and thieves only eat small pieces, or without making a noise.
Pagina 187 - ... had perished, and agreed alone in the disappointment which had uniformly and without exception followed them all. Fame, riches, and honour had been held out for a series of ages to every individual...
Pagina 138 - All this time the unfortunate victim at the door is bleeding indeed, but bleeding little. As long as they can cut off the flesh from his bones, they do not meddle with the thighs, or the parts where the great arteries are. At last they fall upon the thighs likewise; and soon after the animal, bleeding to death, becomes so tough that the cannibals, who have the rest of it to eat, find very hard work to separate the flesh from the bones with their teeth like dogs.
Pagina 219 - ... die ; I will put you to death with my own hand.
Pagina 187 - This is the hill,' says he, looking archly, 'that, when you was on the other side of it, was between you and the fountains of the Nile ; there is no other. Look at that hillock of green sod in the middle of that watery spot ; it is in that the two fountains of the Nile are to be found : Geesh is on the face of the rock where yon green trees are.
Pagina 138 - He never drinks till he has finished eating; and, before he begins, in gratitude to the fair ones that fed him, he makes up two small...
Pagina 187 - ... it is in that the two fountains of the Nile are to be found: Geesh* is on the face of the rock where yon green trees are. If you go the length of the fountains, pull off your shoes, as you did the other day, for these people are all Pagans...
Pagina 134 - These serve the master to wipe his fingers upon ; and afterwards the servant for bread to his dinner. Two or three servants then come, each with a square piece of beef in their bare hands, laying it upon the cakes of teff, placed like dishes down the table, without cloth or any thing else beneath them.
Pagina 155 - ... but fragments of the parapets remained, and the bridge itself seemed to bear the appearance of frequent repairs, and many attempts to ruin it; otherwise, in its construction, it was exceedingly commodious. The Nile here is confined between two rocks, and runs in a deep trough, with great roaring and impetuous velocity.
Pagina 7 - I then crossed the Gulf of Sidra, formerly known by the name of Syrtis Major, and arrived at Bengazi, the ancient Berenice *, built by Ptolemy Philadelphus. The brother of the Bey of Tripoli commanded here, a young man, as weak in understanding as he was in health.

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