Coming Out

AuthorHouse, 18 mrt. 2008 - 96 pagina's
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The book is based on the author's life. Jan was emotionally, physically, and sexually abused beginning at age 8. As a teenager, she was sold as a sex slave for $1000.00, but the grace of God stepped in and the sale was stopped by an outsider. As a result of the abuse, she struggled through life, while attempting to act as though she had it all together. She later married a wonderful man and had a sweet baby girl, however, she continued to struggle. In her mid twenties it all finally caught up with her, which led to a suicide attempt. Once again God was merciful and spared her life. After she and her husband divorced, she got involved in some very unhealthy relationships, as she continued to see life through her brokenness. At age 40 she finally grew tired of fighting and turned once again to the God she had met when she was just a little girl. She asked him to prove himself real to her and he did just that. From that time on Jan found herself on a road to healing and complete restoration. This book tells how we end up being the people that we are, because of life's pain, and how God can heal, change and restore us so that we can become the people He intended us to be. Jan is now a powerful speaker and witness that God can unravel the mess in our lives. This is a little book with a lot of power. It is a very heart warming book of hope. A totally amazing re-count of how God can take a person who seems hopeless and restore them to absolute completeness.

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Over de auteur (2008)

Jan spent the better part of her life in abusive situations and relationships. Her father, a very bitter man, abandoned her at the age of 8, and her mother was so wounded, by life herself, that the only things she had to pass on to her daughter were the pain, abuse, and rage born out of her own torment. Still Jan loved her mother and continually tried to win her love and approval. Even on her death bed, her mother had nothing to give. The deep longing in her heart and the quest for love, led Jan down some very dark paths.

Jan’s story does not end there, however. She came face to face with the outrageous love of Jesus who set her feet on a pathway she never expected or even thought was possible. A pathway to total healing and restoration, just as Gods word declares in Joel 2:25, “ I will restore all the years that the locust have eaten”.

He took her from hopeless to hopeful, from powerless to powerful and in the transition He has equipped her to lead many down this same pathway to life more abundantly.

Jan shares her darkest times, her shame and failures in hopes that we may see that there is nothing His grace will not cover and nothing His love can not heal.

Oh yes, there is also a surprise ending but I guess we’ll just let that be a surprise!

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