Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste, Volumes 59-60

Dyck, 1797

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Pagina 193 - And He the glitter of the Dew Scatters on the Rose's hue. Bashful lo ! she bends her head, And darts a blush of deeper Red ! Too well those lovely lips disclose The triumphs of the opening Rose ; O fair ! O graceful ! bid them prove As passive to the breath of Love.
Pagina 201 - Mantle to veins of azure the fair cheek ; Are not the charms of foreign beauty weak, Beauty, that wantons with .voluptuous air? ,. . ' . ; Can jetty ringlets that adorn the neck, Sleek as they gliften to the funny glare, Rival, O Albion's dames, your amber-brightening hair?
Pagina 379 - Floats on the gale, and thro' wide fpace is borne along. « Cheered ' Cheered by th" attendant Choir he ftill advanced : And now his deftined Planet feemed more near. As o'er it's varying face his eye he glanced, A rich fucceffion of delights appear. Scarce can his fenfe Creation's beauties bear: For then the World was young ; the vigorous Earth, Rejoiced Spring's univerfal garb to wear, To every flower and every fruit gave birth, And all was Joy and Peace, Security and Mirth.
Pagina 170 - Some of his other poems fhew him to have had a ftrong perception of the ludicrous ; and in this, too, traits of humour are difcernible. On the whole, SOMERVILLE occupies a refpeftable place among our native poets; and his CHASE is probably the beft performance upon that topic which any country has produced.
Pagina 16 - Our nuptial bed, this night so dark, So late, five hundred miles to roam? Yet sounds the bell, which struck, to mark That in one hour would midnight come." "See there, see here, the moon shines clear, We and the dead ride fast away; I gage, though long our way, and drear, We reach our nuptial bed to-day.
Pagina 170 - In claffical allufion he is not deficient, but it is of the more common kind ; and little occurs in his writings that indicates a mind infpired by that exalted enthuliafm which denotes the genius of fuperior rank.
Pagina 156 - Il a publié : l'Expédition des Argonautes, ou la conquête de la Toison d'or, poème en quatre chants, par Apollonius de Rhodes, traduit pour la première fois du grec en français; Paris, 1796...
Pagina 15 - Wilhelm, thou ! these eyes for thee Fever'd with tearful vigils burn ; Aye fear, and woe, have dwelt with me, Oh, why so late thy wish'd return?" "At dead of night alone we ride, From Prague's far distant field I come ; 'Twas late ere I could 'gin bestride This coal black barb, to bear me home.
Pagina 148 - La mode, l'ignorance et la futilité, Répétés en échos par ces juges imberbes, Après deux ou trois jours sont passés en proverbes. En vain l'homme de bien (car il en...
Pagina 264 - Mon épaule tremblante Se courba fièrement sous la hache pesante. J'ai nourri de ma main ce coursier généreux Qui devance les vents ou qui vole avec eux , Que pour l'Arabe exprès la nature a fait naître, L'ami , le compagnon , le trésor de son maître , A toute heure , en tout lieu , lui prêtant son appui , Qui couche sous sa tente, et combat avec lui.

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