Evelina: Or, The History of a Young Lady's Entrance Into the World

G. Bell, 1898 - 427 pagina's

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Pagina 425 - APPIAN'S Roman History. Translated by Horace White, MA, LL.D. With Maps and Illustrations. 2 vols. 6s. each.
Pagina 17 - Chess Tournament of 1851. A Collection of Games played at this celebrated assemblage. With Introduction and Notes. 5^. STOCKHARDT'S Experimental Chemistry. A Handbook for the Study of the Science by simple experiments.
Pagina 2 - Miscellanies, Esthetic and Literary; to which* is added, THE THEORY OF LIFE. Collected and arranged by T. Ashe, BA y. 6d. COMTE'S Positive Philosophy. . Translated and condensed by Harriet Martineau. With Introduction by Frederic Harrison. 3 vols. 5^. each. COMTE'S Philosophy of the Sciences, being an Exposition of the Principles of the Cours de Philosophic Positive.
Pagina 11 - Ryland. 2 vols. y. &/. each. Memorials of Christian Life In the Early and Middle Ages; including Light in Dark Places. Trans, by JE Ryland.
Pagina 11 - In 2 vols. • - ; or, with the plates coloured, 7*. 6d. per vol. Naval and Military Heroes of Great Britain ; or, Calendar of Victory. Being a Record of British Valour and Conquest by Sea and Land, on every day in the year, from the time of William the Conqueror to the Battle of Inkermann.
Pagina 5 - Essays : On Decision of Character ; on a Man's writing Memoirs of Himself; on the epithet Romantic; on the aversion of Men of Taste to Evangelical Religion.
Pagina 4 - DICTIONARY of Latin and Greek Quotations ; including Proverbs, Maxims, Mottoes, Law Terms and Phrases. With all the Quantities marked, and English Translations.
Pagina 16 - SHARPE (S.) The History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times till the Conquest by the Arabs, AD 640. By Samuel Sharpe. 2 Maps and upwards of 400 Illustrative Woodcuts.
Pagina 15 - Fiesco, Love and Intrigue, Demetrius, Ghost Seer, Sport of Divinity. The Dramas in this volume are translated into Prose.
Pagina 11 - History of the Planting and Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles. Translated by JE Ryland. 2 vols. 3*. 6d. each. Memorials of Christian Life In the Early and Middle Ages ; including Light in Dark Places.

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