The Broad Church: A Biography of a Movement

Lexington Books, 2003 - 347 pagina's
The Broad Church: A Biography of a Movement is an account of the origins and directions of the Broad Church movement from the beginning of the nineteenth century to about 1880. Author Tod Jones provides readers with a unique approach to the movement, demonstrating the development of the Broad Church movement by sketching the complex web connecting both important individuals and generations of great thinkers. The opinions and correspondence of key figures such as Thomas Arnold, Mathew Arnold, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Alfred Tennyson are examined, as are broader questions about the Broad Church movement's roots in the Erasmian influence on England's church reformers. A work of immense depth, The Broad Church sketches the complex web of friendship and influence that made this movement such a significant cultural power and provides a comparative analysis of its diverse and brilliant principal thinkers.

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Over de auteur (2003)

Tod E. Jones is a lecturer on British literature and writing at the University of Maryland.

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