Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de Camoens, Volume 2

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1820

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Pagina 75 - Se já nas brutas feras, cuja mente Natura fez cruel de nascimento; E nas aves agrestes, que sómente Nas rapinas aerias tem o intento; Com pequenas crianças vio a gente Terem tão piedoso sentimento, Como co...
Pagina 246 - To heaven she lifted, but her hands were bound; Then on her infants turn'd the piteous glance, The look of bleeding woe; the babes advance. Smiling in innocence of infant age, Unawed, unconscious of their grandsire's rage...
Pagina 72 - Tu só, tu, puro Amor, com força crua, Que os corações humanos tanto obriga, Deste causa à molesta morte sua, Como se fora pérfida inimiga. Se dizem, fero Amor, que a sede tua Nem com lágrimas tristes se mitiga, É porque queres, áspero e tirano, Tuas aras banhar em sangue humano.
Pagina 75 - E se, vencendo a Maura resistencia, A morte sabes dar com fogo e ferro , Sabe tambem dar vida com clemencia A quem para...
Pagina 247 - The lions roaring, and the tigers yell, There with mine infant race, consign'd to dwell, There let me try that piety to find, In vain by Me implored from human kind : There in some dreary cavern's rocky womb, Amid the horrors of sepulchral gloom, For him whose love I mourn, my love shall glow, The sigh shall murmur, and the tear shall flow: All my fond wish, and all my hope, to rear These infant pledges of a love so dear, Amidst my griefs a soothing, glad employ, Amidst my fears a woful, hopeless...
Pagina 246 - If prowling tygers, or the wolf's wild brood, Inspired by nature with the lust of blood, Have yet been moved the weeping babe to spare, Nor left, but tended with a nurse's care, As Rome's great founders to the world were given ; Shalt thou, who wear'st the sacred stamp of heaven, The human form divine, shalt thou deny That aid, that pity, which e'en beasts supply!
Pagina 244 - Each echo sighed thy princely lover's name. Nor less could absence from thy prince remove The dear remembrance of his distant love : Thy looks, thy smiles, before him ever glow, And o'er his melting heart endearing flow : By night his slumbers bring thee to his arms, By day his thoughts still wander o'er thy charms, By night, by day, each thought thy loves employ, Each thought the memory or the hope of joy.
Pagina 244 - Refused, dread rage the father's breast inflames. He with an old man's wintry eye surveys The youth's fond love, and coldly with it weighs The people's murmurs of his son's delay To bless the nation with his nuptial day. Alas ! the nuptial day was past unknown, Which, but when crowned, the prince would dare to own.
Pagina 249 - Now shrunk and languished with her blood imbrued. As when a rose erewhile of bloom so gay, Thrown from the careless virgin's breast away, Lies faded on the plain, the living red, The snowy white and all its fragrance fled, So from her cheeks the roses...
Pagina 76 - Põe-me, onde se use toda a feridade, Entre leões e tigres ; e verei, Se nelles achar posso a piedade, Que entre peitos humanos não achei : Alli co'o amor intrínseco, e vontade Naquelle, por quem mouro, criarei Estas reliquias suas, que aqui viste ; Que refrigerio sejam da mãi triste.

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