Leipziger repertorium der deutschen und ausländischen literatur: Ier-cviier jahrgang, Volume 23


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Pagina 411 - The VOYAGE and SHIPWRECK of ST. PAUL ; with Dissertations on the Life and Writings of St. Luke and the Ships and Navigation of the Ancients.
Pagina 53 - Turner's Sacred History of the World, attempted to be Philosophically considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son.
Pagina 272 - COMMENTARIES on the LAWS OF ENGLAND, in which are interwoven, under a new and original arrangement of the general subject, all such parts of the work of BLACKSTONE as are applicable to the present times; together with full but compendious expositions of the modern improvements of the law up to May, 1848; the original and adopted materials being throughout the work typographically distinguished from each other.
Pagina 216 - Butler's Three Sermons on Human Nature, and Dissertation on Virtue. Edited by W. WHEWELL, DD With a Preface and a Syllabus of the Work. Third Edition. Fcp. 8vo.
Pagina 153 - THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST In its Historical Connexion and Historical Development. By AUGUSTUS NEANDER, Author of "History of the Church", &c.
Pagina 278 - The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon : consisting of an Alphabetical arrangement of every Word and Inflection contained in the Old Testament Scriptures, precisely as they occur in the Sacred Text, with a Grammatical Analysis of each Word and Lexicographical Illustration of the Meanings.
Pagina 357 - Vérité mise au jour sur les principaux événements de cette armée; la statistique du pays, les usages et les mœurs des habitants. Avec le plan de la côte d'Aboukir à Alexandrie et à la tour. des Arabes.
Pagina 272 - A Digest of the Examination Questions in Common Law, Conveyancing, Equity, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Law, from the Commencement of the Examination in Trinity Term 1836 to the Present Time.
Pagina 394 - Selig ist, der da liest und die da hören die Worte der Weissagung und behalten, was darin geschrieben ist; denn die Zeit ist nahe.
Pagina 62 - C'est de là qu'ils étaient portés sur les tables. « Représentons-nous maintenant une vaste salle tendue de tapisseries ou d'autres étoffes brillantes. Les tables sont recouvertes de nappes à franges jonchées d'herbes; une d'entre elles, dite grande table, est destinée aux personnes les plus notables. Les convives sont conduits à leurs places par deux maîtres d'hôtel qui leur apportent ù laver.

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