Cecilia: Or, Memoirs of an Heiress, Volume 1

G. Bell and sons, 1882 - 918 pagina's

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Pagina 61 - I am obligated to dance a bear, a man may be a gentleman for all that. May this be my poison if my bear ever dances but to the very genteelest of tunes — Water Parted, or the minuet in Ariadne.
Pagina 267 - This is not your first winter?" "Of being in town, it is." "Then you have something new to see; O charming! how I envy you! - Are you pleased with the Pantheon?" "Very much; I have seen no building at all equal to it." "You have not been abroad. Travelling is the ruin of all happiness! There's no looking at a building here after seeing Italy.
Pagina 286 - Johnson, who was very comic and good-humoured. Susan Thrale had just had her hair turned up, and powdered, and has taken to the womanly robe. Dr. Johnson sportively gave her instructions how to increase her consequence, and to "take upon her
Pagina 128 - ... sees one sinking with fatigue. And besides, if one is waiting for one's carriage two hours together, he makes it a rule never to stir a step to see for it. Only think how monstrous!" "These are heavy complaints, indeed...
Pagina 159 - I do not hide from her, it will require all the management I can possibly make use of to limit my visits to only half the week's days. But yet, I am fixed in resolving to put it in practice, except upon some very singular and unforeseen occasions, as I really have at present no pleasure in any party, from the trouble and tiresomeness of being engaged to so many. For my own part, if I wished to prescribe a cure for dissipation, 1 should think none more effectual than to give it a free course. The...
Pagina 268 - Then I envy you extremely, for you have some amusement always in your own power. How desirable that is!" "And have not you the same resources?" "O no! I am tired to death! tired of every thing! I would give the universe for a disposition less difficult to please. Yet, after all, what is there to give pleasure? When one has seen one thing, one has seen every thing. O, 'tis heavy work! Don't you find it so, ma'am?
Pagina 267 - You have not been abroad. Travelling is the ruin of all happiness ! There's no looking at a building here after seeing Italy. Does all happiness, then, depend upon sight of buildings ? said Cecilia ; when, turning towards her companion, she perceived him yawning with such evident inattention to her answer, that not choosing to interrupt his reverie, she turned her head another way. For some minutes he took no notice of this ; and then, as if suddenly recollecting himself, he called out hastily, I...
Pagina 147 - I will not, Sir, answered he, forget an injunction my own inclinations had already out-run. "Mortimer Delvile was tall and finely formed; his features, though not handsome, were full of expression: and a noble openness of manners and address spoke the elegance of his education, and the liberality of his mind.
Pagina 268 - You will presently, sir," said Cecilia, looking at the bill of the concert, "have a full piece; and that I hope will revive you." " A full piece ! oh, insupportable ! it stuns, it fatigues, it overpowers me beyond endurance ! no taste in it, no delicacy, no room for the smallest feeling." " Perhaps, then, you are only fond of singing? " " I should be if I could hear it ; but we are now so miserably off in voices, that I hardly ever attempt to listen to a song, without fancying myself deaf from the...
Pagina 286 - Dr. Johnson sportively gave her instructions how to increase her consequence, and to " take upon her" properly. " Begin," said he, " Miss Susy, with something grand — something to surprise mankind ! Let your first essay in life be a warm censure of Cecilia. You can no way make yourself more conspicuous. Tell the world how ill it was conceived, and how ill executed. Tell them how little there is in it of human nature, and how well your knowledge of the world enables you to judge of the failings...

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