Historical Dictionary of Somalia

Scarecrow Press, 25 feb. 2003 - 400 pagina's
Despite advances in modern communication and the proliferation of information, there remain areas of the world about which little is known. One such place is Somalia. The informed public is aware of a political meltdown and consequent chaos there, but few comprehend the causes of this tragic crisis. This new edition covers Somalia's origin, history, culture, and language, as well as current economic and political issues. The alphabetical arrangement of this Dictionary, with a complete chronology, list of acronyms, and in-depth bibliography provide useful information about the country in a convenient format. A vital addition to reference collections supporting undergraduate and graduate programs on Africa and the Middle East, international relations, and economics- a useful fact-filled compendium for government and public libraries, NGO's, and other special libraries

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The Dictionary
Members of Government from 1 956 to 1991
Political Factions
Members of the Supreme Revolutionary Council SRC 1969
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Over de auteur (2003)

Dr. Mohamed Haji Mukhtar is Professor of African and Middle Eastern History at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Savannah State University. He is the founding member of the Somali Committee for Peace and Reconciliation and an active member of the Somali Studies International Association. He is also the chairman of the Inter-Riverine Studies Association.

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