&c. &c.

Among other valuable Articles, this History contains, 1. A New, complete, accurate and circumstantial Political, Magisterial, Military, Marine, Commercia Account of the Origin of London : with a view of Ecclefiaftical, or Literary Capacity. it's progressive Improvements from it's very firft VIII. A Comprehensivc, Entertaining, and Uref Foundation to it's present flourishing State, and ama. View of the Progress of the Learned and Ingeniou zing Extent.

the gradual Improvements of Literature, the Ancie 11. A genuine Description of it's Antiquities, from and present State of the Arts, Sciences, and Bell the moft remote periods of an hentic Intelligence.

Lettres, thc Encouragement given to Painting, Mul III. A full and particular Account of it's Consti- History, Oratory, and the finc Arts in general ; Surve million and Government, Ecclefiaftical, Civil, and of the public Amusements, and most remarkab Military : it's Charters, Laws, Customs, Privileges, Places of Entertainment, with Critical Remarks " Immunities, Commerce, Tradc, Manufa&tures; it's their Beautics, Blemishes, and Tendencies. astonishing Power and Influerict, Forcign and Do- IX. An Account of the Ancient and present Sta Ineftic.

of St. Paul's Cathedral, the Curiosities in the Tow IV. A new Survey and Description of the several of London, Westminster Abbey, the Monumen Wards, Parishes, Precincts, Libertics, Squares, Streets, British Museum, Royal Exchange, account of 1 Avenues, Churches, Chapels, Meetings, Palaces, Bank, Adelphi Buildings, Bridges; the new publ Parliament-houscs, Courts of Law, Inns of Court, Offices lately crected where Somerset-house Itoo Noblemen's Houses, Halls, Hospitals, Colleges, Alms-houses, Schools, Museums, and other remark- X. Great Variety of curious Comparisons betwee able Buildings, Public and Private.

this Metropolis and the principal Cities in the Un V, An authentic History of thic several incorporated Companies of Merchants and Traders; their XI. An Account of the Mineral Waters, Spring Origin, Institucion, Conftitution, peculiar Laws, Vegetables, Foflils, &c. found in London and it Rights, Privileges; with their Coats of Arms accu. Vicinity. rately engraved.

XII. A Description of the most remarkable Town VI. A Satisfactory Account of the several Char. Villajes, Palaces, Noblemen and Gentlemen' Sear ritable Foundations, and benevolent Institutions in and other Buildings, with the Country in genera the Metropolis and it's Environs.

&c. which furround and ornament this Opulent an VII. A great varicty of new entertaining Anrc. Superb Metropolis for the extent of abovs Tweat dotes, relative to the Transactions of such Perlons who Miles. have more particularly distinguished themselves in a This work is not only important to every British Individual, as it respe&s the supreme Seat of Legislation

The Center of Commerce, and the Key of the powerful Empire of which he is a Member, but is likewi interesting to Mankind in general, since it defcribes all that relates to the first City upon the Face of th Globe, which has a political or commercial Interest with every polished or trading Country in the Universe.

The Copper Plates, and Execution throughout of other Works of this Nature having beee more a Difgai :hin an Emhell jhment, being flotilhly copied from old and imperfect Pubiications, which have been long obnoxious i ad fierning Públic; we have to aliy ubriared that Imperfection, by emploving the most renowned Artifis in these King doms; whereby our Copper Plates (being finished with superior Elegance, Correcines, and Unifornily) will jutt correfound with the Disney and Elegance of this improved Work idey are intended to embellish, and will exced i Value chofe fold in the Print-Shops at 3s. cach.


To the PUBLIC, an ADDRESS by Mr.THORXTON, Author of the New & Complete History

and Survey of London and WESTMINSTER, &c. I ,

T might seem invidious to remark on me wretched, thread-bare Stile in which several Books on thi dom, and of Learning.

I lac Hiltories of London, Westminster, and Southwark, already published, are either lo voluminous and costly as to exceed the Abilities of Thousands to purchale, or so jinull and insignificant as to afford but little or ac uletul gowledge to any Reader.

The happy Medium between these extremes has never yet been Aruck :----be it our Talk, therefore, to forniih the Public with a Volume, in which no material Circumitance is omitted, and which, from the ea'y Method of Publication, will be within the Reach of every Man's Ability to purchase.

The great Alterations and Improvements made in thcsc Cities within the laft ten or twelve Years furnish an additional, and a very Arong Reason for the Publication of this work at this time; that persons advanced in Years may recollect with pleasure the gradual Improvements they have scen; and the Youth of this city be taught what they owe to the Wisdom and sound Policy of their parents.

This Work, we eruit, neces no Apology.---- Let it stand or fall by it's own intrins:c Merit;---but let us be allowed to lay, that we have omitted nothing which we thought might contribute to render it us miestaining as it certainly must prove uliful.

In short, io remegy all the Defects of former Writers, (by which the Public have been impofed upon, and affainit which they have so long compla:ned) at the Request of numerous Friends, we now offer The NEW, Coupletx, and UNIVERSAL History, DESCRIPTION, and Survey of LONDON and WESTMINSIER, &c. A Work which will be found to be executed throughout, upon such an impartial aad satisfactory Plan, ás has been long wilhed for; and, by including all the modern Improvements and recent Alterations, will be brought down complete to the present Time.


CONDITIONS for publishing THORNTON's New and Complete History and

Survey of LONDON and WESTMINSTER, &c. 1 THAT that this work shall be printed in large IV. That the whole Work hal be corapleted in only

Folio, or a fuperfine paper, and acw Type, Sixty Numbers, making one large handsome Voaft by Mein Fry and Sons.

lume in large Folio. II. Thai three theets of the Work, and at least V. A Lift of such Subscribers as chuse to have their one curious Copper-Plaie, or two Sheets and a Names appear to the Work, shall be printed and leat two Copper-Plates, be delivered weekly, delivered gratis, in the laft Number. Price mly Six-pence.

VI. In Number I. will be given a promissory Note DIL. IE, on Perusal of the first Number, it be dir- of Hand, as a Security to the purchaser, that it

appraed, the Money shall be immediately rc- Mall not exceed the Sixty Numbers proposed.

ALIST of Part of the elegant COPPER-PLATES, engraved and designed, in

a superior Manner, to embellisa THORNTON'S New, COMPLETE, AND UNIVERSAL History, DESCRIPTION, AND SURVEY OF LONDON AND WESTMINSTER, &c. the Whole forming the moft beautiful Set of Prints ever given in any similar Perfor. mance, and engraved by the most eminent Artists, from the fincît Designs and Drawings, taken on the Spots. A

Agrand shooting match bythe London Archers,in 1583 Capital Figures represent the Cities of London and Richard II. appearing ihe rebels in Smithfield, with Hefaiafter and Berough of Southwark. London holds the fingular death of Wat Tyler. Soekvak by the hand, both leaning on the Arch of The ceremony of the Champion's challenge at the i fridge, to denote their affinity to each other in titua- coronation. tan: Loadea, with whom is ja:rufted the Cap of Li- A curious reprcsentation of an ancient tournament. berty, leans fondly on the shoulder of Westminftet, Dr. Shaw preaching at St. Paul's Cross. who has a Law Book in her hand, pointing out the The ceremony of laying the first stone of Black-friars Eat of judicature, the seat of Parliament, and the re: bridge, by the Lord Mayor and Aldcrmen of the city Atence of Royalty. Behind these three figures are Jure of London. ble and Prudence, the last of whom is pointing to a An affecting reprefentation of the manner of burna feet of fhips coming into port laden with the differenting the martyrs in Smithfield. merchandize of the world ; Neptune peurs out his Part of London as it appeared during the dreadful Healure at their feet, whilft the author is peoping a new great fire in 1666. Hlery, Description, and Survey of those ancient

places. Edward the Black Prince making his triumphalenMercury is seen flying abroad with Proposals of the try into the city of London, with the king of Frauce work. 'The River Thames is represented to denote his prifoner. the ftuation of those three fainous places on its banks. Jack Cade declaring himself Lord of London. The arms of London, Weltminster, and Southwark Wat Tyler's mob burning the monastery at Clerkenare supported by two Cupids, to signify the mutual well. Harmony and affection between them. Southwark be- The manner of burying the dead, at Holywell ing a famous market for Hops, the fignre reprelenting Mount, during the dreadful plague in 1666. the place is shewn bolding a Hop-pole ; and there be- Blood and his accomplices tealing the crown from gacher emblematic references both in the fore and the Tower. back grounds too aumerous to mention here, we munt View of part of Cheapside, with the ancient cross. refer the public to the firk oumber, that they may ad. Persp Ctive vicws of the insides of Weltminster Aba Dve the grandeur of this magnificent Froutispiece. bey,St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Stephen's, Walbrook, &c.

Characteristic representations of several principal Ma. View of the outide of St. Paul's, with the school. pirates, Citizens, and other inhabitants of this Mc- A great variety nf beautiful and elegant views of trepalis, in the habits they appeared in at leveral re. gowns, viilages, villas, and fcats in the environs of meie periods of time; particularly the habit of a Lord London, with the most delightful landscapes, pictuMayor of London in the year 1640; a representation resque situations, and beautiful prospects, particularly et de dress of a Lady Mayoress in the same yeas; a Wandsworth, Greeuwich, Camberwell, Walthame Merchant of London in the dress of the year 1640; al Abbey, Clapham, Southgare, Hammersmith, RoeMerchant's wife dressed according to the mode of the hampron, Chelsea, Battersea, Richmond, Dulwich, sme year. A fine portrait of Henry Fitz-Alwin, Knt. Twickenham, Hornsey, Chiswick, Kew, Chertsey, 44 Lord Mayor of London; and another of the cele ineworth, Mortlake," Pancrals, Actor, Hamptons brated Sir William Walworth, Lord Mayor of London, Court, Windsor, Wanitead House, the feat of the d. ke Sir Joha Evelyn's Roble plan for rebuilding the Earl of Tilney, Depiford, Hackney, Gravelend, city of London, after the dreadfui confiagration in 1666. Highgate, Fulham, &c. &c. Say Chriftopher Wren's plan for ditto. A correct and View of London in it's present state, from Ilington. degan general pian of Loudon, including all the new The Tower from the river Thames, and the Cullom lalang to the present time; and a acw and accurate House. map of the country twenty miles round this metropolis, A picturesque view of the ancient city of Wellmincurately engraved, with improvements.

Ater, from the village of Charing, ngw 'Charing-cross. å gicat aumber of Copper-Plates, beautifully ere. A capital collection of plans, clevations, &c. of the seted, and exhibiting, in a friking manner, leveral principal churches, chapels, palaces, talls, hospitals, learkable occurrencca, incercftingtransactions, affect-colleges, museums, bridges, and other public buildog lituations, striking scenes, &c. among which are, ings, that have formerly, or do fill adorn this metroA representation of the Bishops prelenting their peopolis, particularly, frist is king fares 11.

The Adelphi buildings; the New Excisc Ofice in The bishops and citizens of London (wcasin; fcalty Broad-Utrect; the new front of Drury-Lanc Playhouse 5 Walizm the Goaqucror.

the re* Selects.lous, and Sarscous-ball, in ihre


in 1643.

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Bailey ; the Pantheon in Oxford road; the Trcasury, Westminster Abbey, St. Botolph, Bishopsgate; Chril and the Hortic Guards; new County Hall, Clerkenwell church, Spitalfieldss St. Lconard, . Shoreditch ; Green ; new public Oflices at Somci let-Housc, &c. George, Bloomsbury; St. Andrew, Holborn ; S

London Bridge, as it appeared before the houses were Sepulchre, Snow-hill; Bank of England; St. Ba pulled down, and as it appears at present, with a view tholomew's church, Threadneedle-Itreet; St. Bennet of the Water-works.

Fenchurch-street; Si. Magnus, London-bridge ; : A north view of old St. Paul's church, as it appeared Mildred, Poultry; St. Michael, Cornhill; St. P afterthe spire was destroyed by lightning.

ter, ditto ; St. Trinity, Minories; St. Andrew U South view of ditto ;-fouth view of ditto, while, dershaft, Leadenhall-Itreet ; St. Margaret, Litt the spire was standing.

Tower-itreet; St. Mary, Abchurch-lanc ; St. Clemer Representation of Baynard's Castle.

East-chcap: Allhallows, Staining, Crutched friar: Plan of London, as fórtified by order of Parliament St. John, Southwark; St. Mary Magdalen, Bermon

sey; St. Mary, Rotberhithe; St. Edmund the King View of the temporary bridge of London, while on Allhallows, Lombard-Itreet; St. Mary Woolnoth; } fire.-Views of Vauxhall and Ranelagh gardens. Mary, Illington; St. James, Clerkenwell; St. Luk

St. James's Palace; the Royal Stables ; Somerset-Old-Street ; St. Olave, Southwark; St. George, diru Houfe; the Queen's Palace ; the British Museum; Christ-church, Surry ; St. Mary, Whitechapel, at Bedford-House ; Banqucring-House, &c.

Paul, Shadwell; Śt. Ann, Limchoule; St. Georg ... Views of the City Gates, as they appeared before Ratcliffc-highway; St. Dunstan, Stepney ; St. Joh they were pulled down, viz, Moorgate,. Aldgate, Wapping; St. Mary, Aldermanbury : St. Lawrenc Bishopsgate, Cripplegate, Ludgate, Newgate, Alderi- Jewry; St. Michael, Wood-street; St. Giles's, Crippl gatc, and Bridgegate. Allo Temple Bar, and the old gate ; St. Stephen, Coleman-itreet; St. Margare 'gate at White Hail.

Lothbury; St. Giles's in the Fields; St. Georg
Greenwich Hospital, Chelsea Hospital, Westminster Hanover-Iquare; St. James, Westminster; St. Georg
Hall, the Admiralty Office, Lincoln's lun, Gray's Inn, Queen-square; St. Siepheu, Walbrook; Allhallox
Royal Exchange, Grelham College, Ironmongers and the Greai, Thames street; St. Michael, Queenhithi

Trinty Alms-houses, Guildhall, Grocers and Gold St. Mary at Hill, Billingsgate ; St. Botolph, Botolp
Tmiths'Halls, Guildhall Chapel, and Blackwell Hall; lane ; the Chapel in the lower, &c. &c.
the Mulion House, South Sca and India Houses. Exclusive of the above and other Copper Plate

Hospitals -Si. George's, Middlesex, Chrill will be given upwards of 130 curious and elegant e church, St. Bartholomew's, Guy's, St. Thomas's, the gravings, being the Arins of every Company, &c. Foundling, Small Pox, St. Luke's, Bethlehem, &c. the City of London, elegantly engraved on copp!

House of Commons, Ollicc of Ordnance, entrance Allo luparate plans accuraiely exceuted of all t to the House of Lords.

respective wards throughout the City of London, ai Cathedrals, Churches, Chapels, &c. St. Paul's, other improvements too numeronis io in ntion.

* The Authors of this work beg Leave to oblerve, that the Public will at once perceive, on Perusal ofe] Firit Number, that the Work could nou poilibly be completed in less than Sixty Numbers, considering the nece fury Copiousness of the Whole; and i have extended it further would have been entirely unnecessary, ar only making a job for the Printer and others concerned in the external Exccution of it. By means of u - cxiraordulary large and clegant Size of the Pages in which the Work will be printed, the judicious and car 11 Manner of Printing, and the Help of Types, contrived on a new Construction, so as to include a gre acai of Maner in a smaller Compaís than usual, we lhall be enabled to present the World with a more complet full, and satisfactory New HISTORY, DESCRIPTION, and SURVEY of LONDON and WESTMINSTEI relic with the most elegant Set of Coper-Plates, in Sixty Numbers, (or the Overplus delivered gratis) thi can be found in oiher Works of the Kind, which have been artfully, as well as absurdly, extended to Sever or Mire Numbers, mercly to serve private Intereit. It has been the Practice of some to begin with a good A -pearance, and by degrers to fall off from the original Proposals; but the Proprietor of the present Undertakir pledges his Word and Credit that the Work thall be continued uniform throughout, and ibat the last Numb ihall be delivered to the Subfcribers, as good in every Respect as the first. We therefore earnestly intse ciery Person who wishes to be poffefted of a real complete and uniform Work of the Kind, to compare th with

any other similar Publication, and to give the Preference to Merit. Indeed the just Preference which - now generally given by the Public to all Mr. Hogc'sPeriodical Publications, is a very flattering Testimony

Tavour of their genuine Merit and superior Excellence. He has gone out of the common beaten Track, ar
married on Bulinels with a Degree of Credit and Reputation, hitherto unattempted by his Predecessors ar
Competitors in the same Line, which has fo thoroughly established his Name with the Public at large, th
, they can unreservedly depend upon the honourable and punctual Execution of any Work, of which he is a
.pointed Publisher.
.N. B. Those Persons who may call or send to the Publisher's themselves, as well as the Newsmen, &
ate requefted to avoid going to a wrong Shop through Mistake, as the most paltry, mean, and unfair Artific
are used w anillead the Unwary, by a certain Person who has mcanly, ignorantly, and piratically copied ti
Proposals, Adveriisements, and Copper-Plates of the Publither of This Work, and applied them to'oid ai
amperjesi Iorks, in order to give them a new Appearance.

To prevent Mistakes, Imposition, or the Intrusion of any Imperfect or Incorrect Works of the lit
Kind, instead of this truly Excellent, Modern, and Valuable Performance, pray be careful to give Orders se
THORNTON's New and Complete History and Survey o

Printed for ALEX. HIOGG, at the King's-Arms, No. 16, PATERNOSTER-Row, LONDO

and Sold by all Bookfellers and News-Carriers.
* The Publisher, carnefily intreats the Reader to compare this with any other l'ork of the Kind hitherto pa

. or now mouthing, and to give Merrt the Preference- when he fatiers himself, the unbrejudiced and diinteie Tutire wilt beftes on this Necu, siicrediting, and my fül Underinking the. Encouragement. it fogunky deferussa

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In the above Elegant Design anong other

Zemblematic allusions, is vrpresente
TherGenius of the New LONDON

pointing to the Work and raommendin,
Youth, Manhood and venerrible old Age i varietv of Important Subjects highlynucessaryfor their

Knowledge Instriction Fisitertaivunent.

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