both Houses of Parliament, February 1847.

Correspondence respecting the Relations between Greece and

Turkey. Presented to both Houses of Parliament, 1854.

Eastern Papers. Part XIV. Negociation at Vienna. Presented

to both Houses of Parliament, 1855.

Geschichte des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts seit den Wiener Ver-

trägen. Von G. G. Gervinus. Erster Band. Leipzig, 1855.

The Polish Question, from the German Point of View. By a

German Statesman. Translated from the German. London,



. 239
ther with the Spanish Account of Drake's Attack on Puerto

Rico. Edited, froin the original Ms., by W. D. Cooley, Esq.

Narratives of Early Voyages undertaken for the Discovery of a

Passage to Cathaia and India, by the North-west; with Selec-

tions from the Records of the Worshipful Fellowship of the

Merchants of London, trading into the East Indies; and from

Mss. in the Library of the British Museum. Now first pub-

lished, by Thomas Rundall, Esq.

The Historie of Travaile into Virginia Britannia, expressing the

Cosmographie and Comodities of the Country; together with

the Manners and Customs of the People, gathered and observed

as well by those who first went thither as collected by William

Strachey, Gent., the First Secretary of the Colony. Now first

edited, from the original Manuscript in the British Museum, by

R. H. Major, Esq., of the British Museum.

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Divers Voyages touching the Discovery of America and the Isles

adjacent. Collected and published by Richard Hakluyt, Pre-

bendary of Bristol, in the year 1582. Edited, with Notes and

an Introduction, by John Winter Jones, Esq., of the British


A Collection of Documents on Japan ; with a Commentary. By

Thomas Rundall, Esq.

The Discovery and Conquest of Florida, by Don Ferdinando de

Soto. Translated out of Portuguese by Richard Hakluyt; and

edited, with Notes and an Introduction, by W. B. Rye, Esq.,

of the British Museum.

Notes upon Russia: being a translation from the earliest account

of that country, entitled Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii,

of the Baron Sigismund von Herberstein, Ambassador from the

Court of Germany to the Grand Prince Vasiley Ivanovich, in

the years 1517 and 1526. Translated and edited, with Notes

and an Introduction, by R. H. Major, Esq., of the British

Museum. 2 vols.

The Geography of Hudson's Bay. Being the Remarks of Captain

W. Coats, in many Voyages to that Locality, between the years

1727 and 1751. With an Appendix, containing extracts from

the Log of Captain Middleton on his Voyage for the Discovery

of the North-west Passage, in H.M.S. "Furnace,” in 1741-2.

Edited by John Barrow, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A.

Three Voyages by the North-east, towards Cathay and China, un-

dertaken by the Dutch in the years 1594, 1595, and 1596, with

their discovery of Spitzbergen, their Residence of ten months

in Novaya Zemlya, and their safe return in two open boats.

By Gerrit de Veer. Edited by Charles T. Beke, Esq., Ph. D.,


The History of the great and mighty Kingdom of China, and the

situation thereof. Compiled by the Padre Juan Gonzalez de

Mendoza; and now reprinted from the early translation of R.

Parke. Edited by Sir George T. Staunton, Bart. With an

Introduction by R. H. Major, Esq. 2 vols.

The World encompassed by Sir Francis Drake: being his next

Voyage to that to Nombre de Dios. Collated with an unpub-

lished Manuscript of Francis Fletcher, Chaplain to the Expe-

dition. With Appendices illustrative of the Voyage, and In-

troduction, by W. S. W. Vaux, Esq., M.A.

The History of the two Tartar Conquerors of China, including

the two Journeys into Tartary of Father Ferdinand Verbiest ;

from the French of Père Pierre Joseph d'Orleans. To which

is added, Father Pereira's Journey into Tartary; from the

Dutch of Nicolaas. Witsen. Translated and edited by the

Earl of Ellesmere. With an Introduction by R. H. Major,


A Collection of Documents on Spitzbergen and Greenland.

Edited by Adam White, Esq., of the British Museum.


burgh and London, 1854.

Life of Horace Greeley, Editor of the New-York Tribune. By

J. Parton. New York, 1855.

Notes on Public Subjects, made during a Tour in the United

States and in Canada. By H. Seymour Tremenheere. London,


The onstitution of the United States compared with our own.

By H. Seymour Tremenheere. London, 1855.

Private Correspondence of Henry Clay. By C. Cotton, LL.D.

New York, 1856.

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