A voyage to Abyssinia. With a continuation of the history of Abyssinia and 15 dissertations, by mr. Le Grand. tr. by S. Johnson. To which are added tracts by the same author


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Pagina 11 - He appears, by his modest and unaffected narration, to have described things as he saw them, to have copied nature from the life, and to have consulted his senses, not his imagination. He meets with no basilisks that destroy with their eyes; his crocodiles devour their prey without tears ; and his cataracts fall from the rock without deafening the neighbouring inhabitants.
Pagina 65 - ... government, with laws and customs extremely various. Some of the people neither sowed their lands, nor improved them by any kind of culture, living upon milk and flesh, and, like the Arabs, encamping without any settled habitation. In some places they practised no rites of worship, though they believed that, in the regions above, there dwells a Being that governs the world.
Pagina 490 - About ten at night the gentlemen met in the chamber in which the girl, supposed to be disturbed by a spirit, had, with proper caution, been put to bed by several ladies.
Pagina 490 - Clerkenwell, where the body is deposited, and give a token of her presence there, by a knock upon her coffin. It was therefore determined to make this trial of the existence or veracity of the supposed spirit.
Pagina 202 - It was on the barren summit of Ambaguexa that the Princes of the BloodRoyal passed their melancholy life, being guarded by officers who treated them often with great rigour and severity.
Pagina 148 - I cannot deny that some degree of resentment might appear in my discourse; for, though revenge be prohibited to Christians, I should not have been displeased to have had the Bassa of Suaquem and his brother in my hands, that I might have reproached them with the ill-treatment we had met with from them. This was the...
Pagina 23 - Philosophical and Mechanical | Essays. | The First, Containing | an | Analysis | Of a General Map of the | Middle British Colonies | in | America ; | And of the Country of the Confederate Indians : | A Description of the Face of the Country ; | The Boundaries of the Confederates ; | and the! Maritime and Inland Navigations of the several Rivers | and Lakes contained therein.
Pagina 339 - This argument, however, was based on the supposition ' that in the ante-Nicene period no one believed that the ' bread and wine were changed into the body and blood of
Pagina 491 - While they were inquiring and deliberating, they were summoned into the girl's chamber by some ladies who were near her bed, and who had heard knocks and scratches. When the gentlemen entered, the girl declared that she felt the spirit like a mouse upon her back, and was required to hold her hands out of bed.

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