A Cactus Odyssey: Journeys in the Wilds of Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina

Timber Press, 2002 - 306 pagina's
This book presents the stories of three avid field biologists who over the course of 15 years frequently traveled together in search of cacti in Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. The conversational style of this travelogue allows us to share in the authors' excitement as they encounter plants that have rarely, if ever, been written about. Nearly 195 remarkable color photographs accompany the vivid descriptions of unusual cacti growing alongside non-succulent plants, at altitudes of 8000 feet or more-and even in rainforests! A Cactus Odyssey will interest gardeners, travelers, and conservationists from around the world who wish to learn more about these irresistible plants, and it is the hope of the authors that this book will inspire others to undertake their own cactus odyssey.

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A cactus odyssey: journeys in the wilds of Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina

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The authors two plant biologists and a retired doctor share a passion for cacti, which they eloquently describe in this fascinating and handsomely illustrated book. Often traveling together to study ... Volledige review lezen

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James D. Mauseth

Roberto Kiesling was born in 1941 in Buenos Aires, received his Ph.D. in natural sciences in 1976 from the University of La Plata, and was a professor of biogeography at La Plata until 1994. He is currently the director and editor of The Flora of San Juan. He also contributes to The Flora of Jujuy, has edited Hickenia, and publishes in various international journals. Dr. Kiesling spent a year at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, on a fellowship.

Carlos Ostolaza, M.D., was born in 1936 in Lima, Peru. He obtained his medical degree in 1963 and retired in 1990. A lover of cacti all his life, Dr. Ostolaza discovered a new cactus species in Peru, founded the Peruvian Cactus and Succulent Society in 1987, and edited the societys yearbook, Quepo. He is currently studying how cacti were used by ancient Peruvians.

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