Catalogue of the Library of a Collector and Amateur: To be Sold at Auction by Messrs. Bangs & Co., March 19th, 1877 & Following Days/ Compiled by Joseph Sabin

Bangs & Company, 1877 - 498 pagina's

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Pagina 340 - But above all, I then first became acquainted with Bishop ' Percy's Reliques of Ancient Poetry.' The first time, too, I could scrape a few shillings together, I bought unto myself" a copy of these beloved volumes j nor do I believe I ever read a book half so frequently, or with half the enthusiasm.
Pagina 66 - Also, in the same volume, Observations on Certain Documents contained in Nos. V, and VI, of " The History of the United States for the Year 1796," in which the charge of Speculation against Alexander Hamilton, late Secretary of the Treasury, is fully Refuted. Written by Himself. Philadelphia,
Pagina 116 - the Books Printed by them. Begun by the late Joseph Ames. Considerably augmented by William Herbert, of Cheshunt, Herts ; And now greatly enlarged, with Copious Notes, and illustrated with appropriate Engravings ; Comprehending the History of English Literature, and a View of the Progress of the Art of Engraving, in Great Britain. London, 1810—19. 4
Pagina 354 - In the Form of Annals ; Being a Summary and Exact Account of the most material Transactions and Occurrences relating to this Country, in the Order of Time wherein they happened, from the Discovery by Captain Gosnold, in 1602, to the arrival of Governor Belcher, in 1730. With an Introduction, etc., etc. Vol.
Pagina 430 - THACKERAYANA : Notes and Anecdotes. Illustrated by a profusion of Sketches by William Makepeace Thackeray, depicting Humorous Incidents in his School-life, and Favourite Characters in the books of his e.very-day reading.
Pagina 141 - ENGLISH ROGUE, The, described in the Life of Meriton Latroon, and other Extravagants, comprehending the most Eminent Cheats of both Sexes, by Richard Head and Francis Kirkman. A Facsimile Reprint of the rare Original Edition (1665-1672), with Frontispiece, Facsimiles of the 12 Copper plates and portraits of the Authors.
Pagina 150 - Alchemist, and Tom Jones, the three most perfect plots ever planned \ and how charming, how wholesome Fielding always is! To take him up after Richardson, is like emerging from a sick room heated by stoves into an open lawn on a breezy day in May.
Pagina 383 - SARCASTIC NOTICES of -the Long Parliament ; A List of the " Members that Held places, both Civil and Military, Contrary to the Self-Denying ordinance of April 3rd, 1645 ; with the Sums of Money and Lands which they Divided among themselves.
Pagina 342 - a wonderful account of the Upper Cohoes Falls, " where water is consolidated without frost, by pressure, by swiftness, between the pinching, sturdy rocks, to such a degree of induration that no iron crow can be forced into it." Also a curious account of the ancient custom of courtship by '* bundling.
Pagina 418 - STILES, E. A History of three of the Judges of King Charles I. Major-General Whalley, Major-General Goffe, and Colonel / Dixwell: Who, at the Restoration, 1660, Fled to America; and were Secreted and Concealed, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, for near thirty years. With an Account of Mr. Theophilus Whale, of Narragansett, Supposed to have been also one of the Judges. Hartford',

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