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Very rare; fifty copies only privately printed, not published, the greater part of which were destroyed by the author. "There is no title-page to this effusion from the pen of Dr. Dibdin."- Martin.

George John Jackren

1266 DIBDIN. Bibliotheca Spenceriana; or a Descriptive Cata- 72.00 logue of the Books printed in the Fifteenth Century, and of many Valuable First Editions, in the Library of George John Earl Spencer, K.G., etc., etc., etc. London, Printed for the Author, 1814-15. 4 vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut.

"This catalogue contains only the works printed in the fifteenth century and the
Editiones Principes. It is compiled with the greatest care and industry, and those
who have had occasion to consult its pages, can testify to its accuracy and great
utility. It is the finest private collection in Europe; the catalogue will ever be
regarded as of the first importance to the theologian, the historian, and the critic
and as a perfect model for the bibliographer."- Lowndes.

1267 DIBDIN. Ædes Althorpianæ; or an Account of the Mansion, 300
Books, and Pictures, at Althorp; the Residence of George John
Earl Spencer, K.G. To which is added a Supplement to the
Bibliotheca Spenceriana. London, 1822.

2 vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut.

See the author's Reminiscences, 11, 557-94, for the interesting account of the publication of this work, where it appears that the cost of engraving the portraits was upwards of £2,000. It was designed as a supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, and contains accounts of the ancestors of Earl Spencer; of the Mansion at Althorp; of the gallery, with engravings of the most important pictures; and of editions of the Scriptures, Aldine editions, and books printed in the fifteenth century, not con

tained in the former volumes.



1268 DIBDIN. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed in 1800,
the Fifteenth Century, lately forming Part of the Library of the
Duke Di Cassano Serra, and now the Property of George John
Earl Spencer, K.G. With a General Index of Authors and
Editions contained in the Present Volume, and in the Bibliotheca
Spenceriana and Edes Althorpianæ. London, Printed for the
Author, 1823.
Imp. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Forms another supplemental volume to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana, with an index to
the seven volumes, and completes the work.

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1269 DIBDIN. The Bibliographical Decameron; or, Ten Days 6.00 Pleasant Discourse upon Illuminated Manuscripts, and Subjects connected with Early Engravings, Typography, and Bibliography. London, Printed for the Author, 1817, 3 vols., Rl. 8vo, bds., uncut.c Also on large paper, 3 vols., imp. 8vo. "This work may be considered as a continuation of the Bibliomania, the same characters being introduced in the dialogues. From the information which it contains, and the splendor of the decorations and printing, it will ever be considered as a model of excellence and good taste in typography and the arts.


DIBDIN. A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Four in France and Germany. By the Rev. Thomas Frognall

Jackson Dibdin. London, Printed for the Author, 1821.


3 vols., royal 8vo, boards, uncut.

"This work contains much curious information respecting the Mss. and rare works in public and private libraries abroad. It is printed and embellished in the same style of excellence as the Doctor's other works."-Lowndes.

“A work calculated to have as intoxicating an effect on the imagination of literary antiquaries, as the adventures of the heroes of the Round Table on all true knights, or the tales of the early American voyagers on the ardent spirits of their age. It has not passed, however, without some hostile (though unfounded) remarks from the printers, binders, and librarians of France."- Wrangbam.

16.50 1271 [DIBDIN.] A Series of Groups, Illustrating the Physiognomy, Manners, and Character of the People of France and Germany. By George Lewis. Containing sixty plates suitable to Illustrate the Original Edition of the Tour in France and Germany. London, 1823.

Imp. 8vo.

In parts as published. Mr. Lewis accompanied Dr. Dibdin on his "Southern Tour" during which these drawings were made.

25 1272 [DIBDIN.] Lettre Neuvième relative à la Bibliothèque de Rouen, traduite de l'Anglais, avec des Notes par T. Licquet, Conservateur de cette Bibliothèque. Paris, 1821.

Roy. 8vo, boards, uncut.

One hundred copies only of this rare tract were printed. It seldom occurs for sale.

-1273 [DIBDIN.] Lettre Trentième concernant l'Imprimerie et la
Librarie de Paris traduite de l'Anglais, avec des Notes, par G.
A. Crapelet. Paris, 1821.
Imp. 8vo, boards, uncut.

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Only one hundred copies; the notes and preface, which contain so much that is "silly" and "scurrilous," drew from Dr. Dibdin the following reply, A Roland for an Oliver.

001274 DIBDIN. A Roland for an Oliver; or Brief Remarks upon the Preface and Notes of G. A. Crapelet, attached to his Translation of the Thirtieth Letter of the Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour. London, 1821. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Of this excessively rare morceau, the rarest perhaps of all Dr. Dibdin's works, only thirty-six copies were privately printed.

9.00 1275 [DIBDIN.] Lettre d'un Relieur Français un Bibliographe Anglais, par Lesné Belieur à Paris. Paris, 1822. 8vo, bds., uncut.


Also on large paper. One hundred copies only printed; very rare.

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1276 DIBDIN. The Library Companion; or the Young Man's 23,50 Guide, and the Old Man's Comfort, in the Choice of a Library. London, 1824. 2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut.

From an anecdote recorded at page 394 of this edition, concerning "certain buckskins," in the edition of 1823, and which is omitted in the subsequent ones, that acquired the title of the "Breeches Edition."

"It contains much curious and important bibliographical information not elsewhere to be found, and will at all times be consulted, as a work of reference, by the bibliographer, biographer, and historian."- Lowndes.


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1277 DIBDIN. An Introduction to the Knowledge of Rare and 10.50 Valuable Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. Together with an Account of Polyglot Bibles, Polyglot Psalters, Hebrew Bibles, Greek Bibles and Greek Testaments; The Greek Fathers and the Latin Fathers. Fourth Edition; greatly enlarged and Corrected. London, 1827.

2 vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut.

One of fifty copies printed on large paper, to range with the Bibliotheca Spenceriana. "This edition is entirely rewritten, and contains for the first time an account of the best editions of the Hebrew Bibles and of the Greek and Latin Fathers."- Lowndes.

1278 DIBDIN.

Sermon... St. Paul's, May, 1828.

Private Distribution, 1830.

With autographic inscription by the author. "Only 50 copies."

Printed for 500. 8vo. Invin

1279 [DIEDIN.] Horæ Expingianæ, Some Account of the Church 2.75 and Parish of Exping, with Autograph of the Author and plate. m [n.p., 1832.] 8vo, pp. 11, uncut. 1280 [DIBDIN.] Bibliophobia. Remarks on the Present Languid 3,00 and Depressed State of Literature and the Book Trade. In a Letter addressed to the Author of the Bibliomania. By Mercurius Rusticus. With Notes by Cato Parvus. London, 1839. 8vo, boards, uncut.


1281 [DIBDIN.] The Same. London, 1839. Imp. 8vo, bds., uncut. 3,25

Large paper. One hundred copies only printed for "Those whom it may concern." "Fear is the order of the day. To those very natural and long established fears of Bailiffs and Tax Gatherers, must now be added the fear of Reform, of Cholera, and of Books,- page 6."

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1282 DIBDIN. Reminiscences of a Literary Life; by the Reverend 100 Thos. Frognall Dibdin, D.D. London: John Majer, 1836.

2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut.

The index, which was published subsequently, is often wanting.

4.751283 DIRDIN.


52,0d284 DIBdin.

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A Bibliographical Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in the Northern Counties of England and in Scotland. 2 vols., roy, 8vo, boards, uncut.

Jackson London, 1838.

In this work the author concluded his tours. It is an essential companion to France
and Germany; and, as it describes some collections that have ceased to exist, pos-
sesses an historical interest.

20.001285 DIBDIN. Bibliomania; or Book-Madness; A Bibliographi-
cal Romance. Illustrated with Cuts, by Thomas Frognall
kson Dibdin, D.D. New and Improved Edition ... including a Key
to the Assumed Characters in the Drama. London: H. G.
Bohn, 1842.
Medium 8vo, boards, uncut.


This edition was undertaken by Mr. Walmsly. It contains a key to the characters, etc., and a supplement, edited by Dr. Dibdin himself. The copies on large paper, imp. 8vo, have title-pages for two volumes.

"The Bibliomania is written in dialogues or conversations, the characters introduced are well-known book collectors of the author's acquaintance. The great value of the work is in the notes, which abound with anecdotes of books and book collectors, and an account of the rare articles in their collections, and the prices at which they were sold, extracted from the sale catalogues. It will be always consulted as an authority."- Lowndes.

42001286 1286 DICKENS, Chas. Complete Works. London: Chapman & Hall, v.d. 24 vols., large 8vo, uncut.

The last subscription edition, and the most elegantly printed uniform series. Last and best edition printed in large type.


Novels. Vols. 1 and 4. Philadelphia, 1857.

09 1288 DICKENS. Little Dorrit. Leipzig, 1856. 4 vols., half mor.

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31289 DICKENS. Mystery of Edwin Drood, completed by Dickens'


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spirit." 1873.

25.1290 DICKESON, M. W.


American Numismatic Manual of

Irvin Money of the Aborigines. 20 plates. Phila., 1869.


1001291 [DICKINSON, John.] Address to the Committee of Barbados.

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8vo, uncut.

251292 DICKINSON]. Essay on the Constitutional Power of Great Britain over the Colonies. Philadelphia, 1774. 8vo, uncut.


Fine copy.

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1293 [DICKINSON.] Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, to 25

the Inhabitants of the British Colonies. Portrait inserted. Ford

London, 1774.

Half green morocco.

Concerning this spirited performance see Sabin's Dictionary, No. 20044.

1294 DICKINSON. The Political Writings of John Dickinson, 0 Esquire, Late President of the State of Delaware, and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ... Wilmington, 1801.



1295 DICKINSON, J. God's Protecting Providence, Man's Surest 50.00
Help and Defence in Times of Greatest Difficulty, and most
Eminent Danger; evidenced in the Remarkable Deliverance of
Robert Barrow, with divers other persons, from the Devouring
Waves of the Sea; amongst which they Suffered Shipwreck;
And also from the Cruel Devouring Jaws of the Inhumane
Cannibals of Florida. Faithfully Related by one of the Persons
concerned therein; Jonathan Dickinson. ...

The original manuscript in Dickinson's hand writing and in perfect condition. The
title is not in the Ms., and we have chosen a title from Sabin's Dictionary, 20014,
It is difficult to overestimate the interest of this valuable Ms. The work possessed
sufficient interest to make it pass through numerous editions, the last being dated
1811. It contains some items of minor interest which are not in the printed copy,
also a postscript.

1296 DICTIONARY of Quotations. Philadelphia, 1860. 1297


Histoire de la Guerre de Troie, attribuee a Dictys 2.20 de Crete, traduite du Latin. Paris, 1813. 2 vols., 12mo, bds.

1298 DIES IRÆ. [Translated by M. H. Bright.] New York, privately printed, 1866.

12mo. 1.30

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Black letter. 28 copies only printed. A new version of the famous old monkish song.

1299 DIES IRÆ. Another copy on drawing paper. 1866.

1300 DIES IRE.


[Another edition.] Cambridge, privately printed, 1.50
12mo, half levant morocco, by Bradstreet.

1301 DILSON, G. L. The Crescent and French Crusaders. New .50

York, 1859.

12mo, cloth.

1302 DILLON, J. B. A History of Indiana, from its Earliest Exploration by Europeans to 1816; Comprehending a History of the Discovery, ... of the Territory of the United States,

Rowley 2.37 Cate

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