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133 ANDREWS. History of the War with America, France, Spain, 240 and Holland: commencing in 1775 and ending in 1783. With arter Portraits, Maps and Charts. 31 plates. London, 1775-6.

4 vols., 8vo, calf.

See M. R., LXXV, 466. "Compiled chiefly from the newspapers and the proceedings
of the House of Commons."- Rich. "A judicious compilation."
Highly commended by Dr. Boucher. Includes portraits of Gens. Washington,
Greene, Clinton, Burgoyne, Cornwallis, Lafayette, De Grasse, Count D'Estaing,
and Capt. Asgill.

134 ANDREWS, Joseph. Journey from Buenos Ayres, through
the Provinces of Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to Potosi,
thence by the Deserts of Caranja to Arica, and subsequently to
Santiago de Chili and Coquimbo. Lond., 1827. 2 vols., post 8vo.
"Captain Andrews was sent out during the mining mania, by one of the numerous
London Associations, and gives a very clear, sensible, and modest account of his
journey and subsequent proceedings in execution of his trust.' - Ed. Rev.

135 ANNALS of the Army of the Cumberland. Phil., 1863.

136 ANDERSON, Charles. Ancient Models or Hints on Church

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Building. Lond., 1844. 12m0, half morocco, by Bradstreet. Congres

137 AMOS, Andrew. The Great Oyer of Poisoning; the Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury in the Tower. Portrait. London, 1846. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

8vo. A

138 ANDREWS, J. An Eulogy on General George Washington, in Newburyport. Newburyport [1800]. 139 ANNIN. Centennial Celebration of the Annin Family at the 6.25 Old Stone House of Somerset County, N. J., August 15, 1864. Fone Plate. Philadelphia, printed for Private Distribution. 8vo.

140 ANNUAL of Scientific Discovery (1873).

12mo, cloth. Chambula Dodsley, Burge

141 ANNUAL REGISTER. Or a View of the History, Politicks, 13.50 and Literature of the Years 1758 to 1811. London: Dodsley, 1759-1811.

54 vols., 8vo, calf.

These volumes cover the entire period of the American Revolution; for the history of which they are acknowledged to be the best and most profuse authority.

142 ANTAR.

A Bedoueen Romance. Translated from the Arabic by Peruch Hamilton. Lond., 1819. 4 vols., post 8vo, half calf.

A highly interesting performance now very scarce.



125143 ANTHON, C. E.
Charles Anthon in

144 ANTHON, G. C.

Cair 5+44

Narrative of the Settlement of George America. ... New York, 1872. 8vo, uncut.

144 ANTHON, G. C. Narrative and Documents University of New York. 1851.

Partib 20145



ANTONINI, M. Dictionnaire Italien, Latin et François. 1843.

4to, half mor.

.25146 APEL, H. Prose Specimens for Translation into German.

Cain London, 1862.


Dedicated to Jefferson Davis, President of C. S. A.

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Fcap. 8vo, cloth.

AN APPEAL to the Justice and Interests of the People of Great
Britain, in the Present Disputes with America. By an Old
Member of Parliament. Also a Second Appeal. London, 1774.
2 vols. in I, half mor., by Bradstreet.

Fine copy.

350148 APPLETON'S Cyclopædia of Drawing, designed as a text book. Edited by W. É. Worthen, new and enlarged edition. New York, 1869.

100 140 APPLETON's [i e. Collins'] Modern Atlas.


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8vo, half mor. N. Y., n.d. 4to.

APULEIUS. The Metamorphosis or, Golden Ass, and Philo-
sophical Works of Apuleius. Translated from the Original
Latin by Thomas Taylor. London, 1822. 8vo, half calf, uncut.
Thick paper copy, very scarce. Contains the rare suppressed passages.

151 ARABIAN NIGHTS Entertainments Translated by E. W. Lane.
600 cuts by Harvey.
Royal 8vo, morocco extra.


"The Arabian Nights have lost none of their charms for me. All the learned and wiseacres of England cried out against this wonderful work, upon its first appearance; Gray among the rest. Yet I doubt whether any man, except Shakespeare, has afforded so much delight, if we open our hearts to receive it. The author of the Arabian Nights was the greatest benefactor the East ever had, not excepting Mahomet. How many hours of pure happiness has he bestowed on six and twenty millions of hearers. All the springs of the desert have less refreshed the Arabs than those delightful tales, and they cast their gems and genii over our benighted and foggy region."— Leigh Hunt.

1875152 ARCHEOLOGIA AMERICANA. Transactions and Collections of the American Antiquarian Society. 1820, etc. 5 vols., 8vo. Grübnersto


153 ARCHITECT and Building Gazette. London, 1850.



Vol. 2, folio, half roan.


154 ARCHITECTURAL Notice of the Churches of the Archdeaconry

of Northampton.

London, 1849.

Imperial 8vo. Can 155 AREY Girard College and its Founder. Phila., 1851. 12mo. 0.157

156 ARIOSTO. The Orlando Furioso. Translated into English 400 With Notes by W. Stewart Rose. London, 1825-31. Vermont


8 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Best edition of this faithful and spirited translation.



wright. Oxford, 1837.


Translated by C. A. Wheel-
2 vols. in 1, 8vo, half morocco.

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The best poetical version.

158 ARMOR, William C. Lives of the Governors of Pennsylvania, 2.00 with the Incidental History of the State from 1609 to 1872onest Philadelphia, 1872.

159 ARMSTRONG, E. Penn.

Address Anniversary of Landing of William

160 ARNOLD, Benedict. for the Trial of Major Notes and Index.


8vo, uncut.nist

Proceedings of a General Court Martial 725
General Arnold, with an Introduction, llen
Portrait. New York, Privately Printed,
Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

100 copies only printed. Inserted is an autograph note by General Arnold, very rare.
An autograph letter of John Lawrence.

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163 ARNOLD, S. G. Greene, Staples, Parsons, and Spirit of Rhode Island. Providence, 1869.

164 ARNOLD. History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence 0, Plantations. New York, 1859-60. 8vo, half calf, red edges. Amold

165 ARNOLD, M. A.

London, 1876.


Higher Schools and Universities in Germany. 25

166 ARROWSMITH, A. Ancient and Modern Geography. London, 25.


12mo. Vinton

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338167 ART JOURNAL for the Year 1867. Many fine plates. 4to, cl. 150168 ART OF COURTING, The. For the Amusement of the American Youth. Newburyport, 1795.

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169 ARTHUR, W. Christian Names. 670 ASHER, G. M. Parker

Very rare and equally curious.


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A Bibliographical and Historical Essay on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets relating to New Netherland and to the Dutch West India Company. Amsterdam, 1854–67. Indispensable to the collector of books relating to New York. The titles are given in Dutch with an English translation. The notes are numerous, and in some instances, extend to great length.

ASHER, G. M. Henry Hudson the Navigator. The original nothee Documents in which his Career is Recorded, Collected, partly

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Translated and Annotated, with an Introduction. London,
Hakluyt Society, 1860.
8vo, cloth, uncut.

The relations of his three voyages to the coast of America by the eminent and unfor-
tunate discoverer, afford us the first authentic information regarding the Indians of
New York, and of the Esquimaux of Labrador.

thias Aspden.

Letters and other Documents in the Case of Ma-
Philadelphia, 1837.

138173 ASSELEMean. 1.38173

A rare piece, privately printed.

L'Enfer de Bibliophile. Paris, 1869.


18mo, half morocco.

Alejander A very amusing piece on the glorious art of bookbuying.



ASTOR LIBRARY. Catalogue of the Astor Library with Sup-
plement. N. Y., 1856-60.

Vols. 1 to 4 in half levant morocco, Vol. 5 in sheets.
Complete sets are very scarce.

188175 ATHENIAN SPORT, or Two Thousand Paradoxes merrily argued
to Amuse and Divert the Age. Lond., 1707. 8vo, half calf new.

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The number and variety of the questions and the ingenuity and appropriateness of the replies will always insure for this remarkable book very much attention.

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177 ATHERTON, W. Narrative of the Suffering and Defeat of the 1/2 North-western Army, under General Winchester. Frankfort, Alejanda

Ky., 1842.


The Journal and Correspondence of William 225 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. an

Lord Auchland. London, 1861.

179 AUGHEY, J. Hill. The Iron Furnace; or, Slavery and Secession. Philadelphia, 1863.

180 AUGUSTINES, S. Manuell. London, 1577 [reprint.]

I 2mo


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181 AUTHENTIC ACCOUNT of the Proceedings of the Congress held 2 at New York, in MDCCLXV, On the Subject of the American Stamp Act. Philadelphia, 1813.


182 AUTHENTICK NARRATIVE of the Whole Affair between Eliza-
beth Canning and Mary Squires, with prints of Canning and
Squires. London, 1754.
12mo, half calf, newly bound.

[blocks in formation]

183 AUTOGRAPH LEAVES of Our Country's Authors. Balt., 1864. 2.50

A series of facsimiles published for the Sanitary Fair at Baltimore.



184 AUTOMMARCHI. The Last Days of Napoleon. Memoirs of 2.00 the Last Two Years of Napoleon's Exile, forming a Sequel to the Journals of O'Meara and Count Las Casas. London, 1826. 2 vols. in one, half morocco extra.


ACKUS, J. A History of New England, With particular 2 25
Reference to the Denomination of Christians called Bap-
tists. Bost. and Prov., 1779–1796. 2 vols., I and II, 8vo.

A matchless copy of this very rare work, the third volume of which is generally defi-
cient. Green's copy sold for $75. Vol. II is in bad condition. Bancroft remarks
that this history, as to its facts, is "more to be depended on than any of the early
histories of New England." See Rich., 1, 253. Also Bartlett's Biblio. of R. I.,

P. 22.


186 BACON, F. The Works of Francis Bacon ... Lord High Chan- /5.75 cellor of England. Collected and edited by James Spedding, Sucal

M.A.... Robert Leslie Ellis, M.A.... and Douglas Devons

Heath.... London, 1863.

7 vols., 8vo, cloth.

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