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BBEY, R. The City of God and the Church-Makers. ke
New York, 1872.

2 ABBOTT, A. History of Andover, from its Settle- 25

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12mo, cloth.

12mo. Littlefield


3 ABBOTT, A. and E. Genealogical Register of the Descend-,30
ants of George Abbot [and other Abbots.] Boston, 1847.

4 ABBOTT, J. A Description of the Mount Vernon School in
1832. [Not published.] By Jacob Abbot. Boston, [n.d.].

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2 vols., 8vo.

5 ABBOTT. The History of the Civil War in America: com-
prising a full and Impartial Account of the Origin and Progress
of the Rebellion. New York, 863.,


6 ABERCROMBIE, J. Sermon on the Death of Major General an

Hamilton. Philadelphia, 1806.



7 ABERCROMBIE, Jas. Sermon on the Death of Alex Hamilton Halo

and other Sermons, etc. Philadelphia. 2 vols, 8vo, half sheep.

8 ABERNETHY, J. Works of Dr. John Abernethy.

2 vols., 8vo, half sheep.

9 AN ACCOUNT of the Battle of Lake Erie Monument Associa-
tion. Sandusky, 1858.

50 Cark

8vo. Hones

10 ACOSTA, J. Historia Natvrele, e Morale delle Indie; Scritta Dal. R. P. Gioseffo di Acosta | Della Compagnia del Giesu; | Nellaquale si trattano le cose notabili del Cielo, & de




gli Elementi, Metalli, Piante, & Animali di quelle i fuoiriti, & ceremonie: Leggi, & gouerni, & guerre degli Indiani. | Nouamente tradotta della lingua Spagnuola nella Italiani | Da Gio. Paola Galvcci Salodiano | Academico Veneto. | In Venetia, | Presso Bernardo Basa, M,D,XCVI.


The only Italian version, printed with the types of Aldus. Priced : Nuggets, £1.
II. 6.

14.0011 ACOSTA. The Naturall and Morall Historie of the East
and West Indies. Intreating of the remarkeable things of
Heaven, of the Elements, Mettalls, Plants and Beasts which
are pro- per to that Country: Together with the Manners,
| Ceremonies, Lawes, Governments, and Warres of the Indians.
Written in Spanish by Joseph Acosta, and translated into Eng-
lish by E. G. London Printed by Val. Sims for Edward Blount
and William | Aspley, 1604.
Small 4to, calf.

"Replete with

Fine copy.
Rare. The best evidence of the merits of this work is, that it has been
translated into almost every language in Europe. Sabin's Dictionary enumerates
22 editions. Acosta composed part of his work in Peru, and the remainder on
his return to Europe. The translator was Edward Grimstone.
details of the Aborigines, before their peculiar customs had become modified by
contact with the whites. Although he was one of the earliest, yet he was one of
the most curious and accurate observers of the customs and peculiarities of the
Aborigines who have attempted to describe them.”— Field.

25 12 ACTON, Wm. Prostitution, its Moral, Social and Sanitary Aspects. London, 1857.




5013 ACUGNA, C. de. Voyages and Discoveries in South America.
The first up the River of Amazons to Quito in Peru, and back
again to Brazil. By Christopher d'Acvgna. The Second up
the River of Plata, and thence by Land to the Mines of Potosi,
By Mons. Acarete. The Third from Cayenne into Guiana,
in search of the Lake of Parima, reputed the richest place in the
world, by M. Grillet and Bechamel. Done into English. Lon-
don, 1698.
8vo, calf.

Scarce. "Their narratives possess a greater interest from being made by the first
Europeans, who traversed these regions, and penetrated to the territories of the
Indian nations, the Arragoues and Nouragones."— Field.

42514 ADAIR, J. The History of the American Indians; particularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and West Roberts Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia: Con

taining an Account of their Origin, Language, Manners, Re

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ligious and Civil Customs, Form of Government, Punishments,
Conduct in War and Domestic Life, their Habits, Diet, Agri-
culture, Manufactures, Diseases and Method of Cure, and other
Particulars, sufficient to render it a Complete Indian System. ...
London, 1775-
4to, half calf.

"Mr. Adair points out various customs of the Indians, having a striking resemblance
to those of the Jews; and the great object of his work appears to be to prove that
the aborigines of America are descended from that race.”— Allen's Bio. Dict.

15 ADAIR, J. Another copy. London, 1775.

Map lost and some leaves torn.

4to. 375 Roberts

16 ADALBERT. Travels in the South of Europe and in Brazil, 100 with a Voyage up the Amazon and its Tributary the Xingu. Lake By Heinrich Wilhelm Adalbert, Prince of Prussia. Translated by Sir Robert H. Schomburgk and John E. Taylor. With Introduction by Baron Von Humboldt. London, 1849.

2 vols., 8vo, cloth.

"If human civilization should ever penetrate into these fastnesses, the structure of this great net of rivers from north to south, may open channels of communication such as are unknown in any other part of the world."— Humboldt's Introduction.

17 ADAM, W. Genealogy of the Adam Family. Alb., 1848. 8vo. 1,25

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19 ADAMS, E. P.


8vo. 25 Woodwan

In Memoriam. Died at Rhinebeck, ... Eliza-50 beth Plat, wife of Charles H. Adams. New York, Bradstreet Cato

Press, 1867.

Printed on drawing paper.

20 ADAMS, G. Genealogy of the Adams Family of Kingston.. Mass.


Boston, 1861.

(2) 4to, pp. 86.




5 vols., 8vo, boards.

ADAMS, G. Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy. Many plates. London, 1794.

22 ADAMS, H. G. Sea-Side Lessons. London, 1856.

20 Alexande

23 ADAMS, J. The Works of John Adams, Second President of 25,00 the United States: With a Life of the Author, Notes and Illus- llen




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trations, by his Grandson Charles Francis Adams.



10 vols., imp. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Large paper. Two hundred copies printed.

Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the
United States of America against the Attack of M. Turgot. .
London, by J. Stockdale, 1794.

3 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

"This work is not, as its title states, a defence of the American Constitution, but a warm defence of the Constitution of Great Britain. It is the best anti-democratie treatise that we have seen; for Dr. Adams appears to dread that that is the extreme to which his countrymen will naturally lean, and he has exerted his best endeavors to obviate the evil."- Monthly Review. This writer has not distinguished between republicanism and democracy. The work did much to familiarize the European mind to the novel state of things then taking place in America. It includes the opinions of eminent writers on various republics of the world. See C. F. Adams's Life of John Adams, 1, 430.

6325 ADAMS. Correspondence between Hon. John Adams and the late Wm. Cunningham, Esq., commenced in 1803, and ending 1812. Boston, 1823.

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See "Jefferson's Memoirs," by Randolph, Vol. iv, p. 398.

8vo, uncut.

1.87 27 [ADAMS, John] and [LEONARD, Daniel]. Novanglus and Voodward of Controversy, between Great Britain and her Colonies. Massachusettensis; or Political Essays on the Principal Points which are added Letters, lately written by President Adams to William Tudor. Boston. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

250 27 Van W

Notwithstanding the positive statement on the title, it is satisfactorily settled that Daniel Leonard was the author of Massachusettensis's Letters. Some of the pages signed Novanglus were reprinted in London.

ADAMS, J. Genealogy of the Descendants of Richard Haven, of Lyon. Boston, 1843.

Half morocco, gilt top, interleaved, by Bradstreet.

50 28 ADAMS, J. F. Typographia. Philadelphia, 1857.
Includes sketch of the Origin, etc., of Printing.

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250029 ADAMS, J. Q. Memoirs of John Quincy Adams, Compris-
ing Portions of His Diary, from 1798 to 1842. Edited by
Charles Francis Adams. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co.,
10 vols., 8vo, cloth.


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30 ADAMS. Eulogy on James Madison. Bast., 1836. 8vo, uncut.

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