2750 LE SAGE. 1820.

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Gil Blas, Translated by Smollett. New York, 175
3 vols., 8vo, boards.

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2751 LE SAGE. Histoire de Guzman D'Alfarache. Plates. 1777. 50

2 vols., 12mo, calf.

2752 [LESLIE, Charles.] A Short and Easie Method with the

Deists. Wherein the Certainty of the Christian Religion is de-
monstrated, by infallible Proof from Four Rules, which are
incompatible to any Imposture that ever yet has been, or that
can possibly be. In a Letter to a Friend. The Eighth Edition.
London, Printed by J. Applebee and sold by John Checkley, at the
Sign of the Crown and Blue Gate, over against the West-End of
the Town-House in Boston, 1723. [Followed by] The Speech
of Mr. John Checkley upon his Tryal at Boston in New Eng-
land, for publishing "A Short and Easie Method with the
Deists, etc.," to which is added, The Jury's Verdict, His Plea
in Arrest of Judgment, and the Sentence of the Court. Second
Edition. [And] A Specimen of a True Dissenting Catechism
upon Right True-Blue Dissenting Principles, etc. London, J.
Applebee, 1738.

3 pieces in I vol., 8vo, crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by
F. Bedford.

Beautiful copy of this rare work. It is of the highest interest in connection with the
liberty of the press in New England. Checkley was prosecuted at the Inferior
Court in Boston, in 1724, for publishing and selling this book, which, was called,
"a false and scandalous libel, tending to draw into dispute his present Majesty's
title to the crown, scandalizing the ministers of the gospel, established by law in
this Province; falsifying the Holy Scriptures, representing the Church of Rome as
the present Mother Church; and tending to raise divisions, jealousies and animosi-
ties among his Majesty's loving subjects of this Province." He was convicted but
appealed to the Superior Court, where, after a long speech in his own defense, the
jury brought in a verdict against him. The court sentenced him to pay a fine of
£50 to the King, and to give two sureties in the sum of £100 for his good be-
havior for six months. See Thomas's History of Printing, II, 427. Also:
Stevens's Nuggets, No. 335.

5 Luke



2753 LESLIE. The Theological Works of Charles Leslie. London, 200


2 vols., folio, calf. Carh Park

This gentleman is known here as the author of a book which caused the trial of
Checkley in Boston in 1737.

2754 [LESLIE.] Satan Disrob'd from his Disguise of Light. 1698. 3. Juke

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London, 1845.

London, 1845. 2.50

4to, cloth.


2756 LESLIE, J. Dictionary of Synonymous Words of the English Language. Edinburgh, 1806. 8vo, half calf. 15.502757 LESTER, C. Edwards. America's Advancement, the Progress of the U. S. during their first Century. Illustrated by 100 superb engravings on steel. New York, 1876.


4to, turkey, gilt edges, two clasps.

This book well got up, regardless of cost and the price was $100.

2.252758 LESTER, C. E.

The Artists of America; a Series of Biographical Sketches of American Artists; with Portraits and Designs on Steel. New York, 1846.

Lunt Designs on Steel.

2.25.2759 LETTER from Freemen of South Carolina.



Wants a leaf.


8vo, cloth.


252760 LETTER on American History, A. Philadelphia, 1847.
c) 2761 LETTER, A, from the Town of Boston, to C. Lucas, Esq.
44175 2761
Including A Short Narrative of the Massacre Perpetrated
there, In the Evening of the Fifth Day of March, 1770, by
Soldiers of the XXIXth Regiment, Quartered in the Town; with
Some Observations on the State of Things prior to that Catas-
trophe. Dublin: reprinted by Thomas Ewing [n.d.].

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An extremely rare contemporary account of the Boston Massacre.


2762 LETTER, A, to a Friend in a Slave State, by a Citizen of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1862.

On large paper, only 49 copies reprinted.


125 2763 LETTERS from a Farmer [John Dickinson] in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1768.

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2764 LETTERS and Papers Relating Chiefly to the Provincial History of Pennsylvania, with some Notices of the Writers. Philadelphia: privately printed, 1855.

Extremely scarce

12mo, uncut.

Edited by Thomas Balch, and known as The Shippen Papers.

2765 LETTERS on the Church, by an Episcopalian. London, 1826.

[blocks in formation]

8vo, boards.

Jeme 2767 LEVER. Roland Cashel, Harry Lorrequer. 3 vols., 12mo. 2768 LEWIS, A. The History of Lynn including Nahant, by Alonzo Lewis, the Lynn Bard. Second edition. Boston, 1844.


[blocks in formation]

2769 LEWIS. History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, 50 including Lynnfield, Saugus, Swampscot, and Nahant. Boston,


8vo, cloth uncut.


1863. 2770 LEWIS, R. W. An Oration before the Washington 10 Benevolent Society ... of New York, on the twenty-second of W. Lewis, Esq. New York,

February, 1812. By R

Printed by J. Seymour, 1812.


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2771 LEWIS's Sketches of Spain and Spanish Character made during 3.0
his Tour in that Country in 1833-4. 25 fine lithographs.

Folio, half roan.

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2772 LEWIS, Lady Theresa. Lives of the Friends and Contem-3.38 poraries of Lord Chancellor Clarendon, Illustrative of Portraits.

in his gallery. London, 1852.

3 vols., 8vo. Sonest

This period of English history is one of the most important and the book is a mirror of the times.

2773 LEWIS, W. Valedictory Address. ... Boston, 1866.

8vo. .01

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2774 LEWIS, T. State Rights, a Photograph. Alb., 1861. 12mo.

2775 Proceedings of the Coroner in the Case of the Steamer Lex-80 ington, Lost by Fire in 1840. New York, 1840.

Cornelius Vanderbilt was the first person examined.

2776 "LIBERTY," [or Slavery]. [n. p.] 1837.

2777 LIBRI.



8vo. .50 Wordier

Catalogue of the Extraordinary Collection of/8.00 Splendid Manuscripts chiefly upon vellum, in various Languages of Europe and the East, formed by Guglielmo Libri ... Sold ... 37 plates. [1859.]

Catalogue of the choicer portion of the magnificent library.. Sold .. 1859. Cata logue of the mathematical, historical, bibliographical and miscellaneous portion of the.. Library .. 1861. Catalogue of the Reserved portion of the Libri Collection.. of ancient manuscripts and printed books. .. Sold .. 1862. 8 vols., imp. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Catalogue of... precious manuscripts and objects of art and vertu, of M. Guglielmo Libri,.. Sold.. 1864... Prices and purchasers names to the catalogues. Puttick and Simpson, 1868

Imp. 8vo, pp. (2), 48.

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2778 LIEBIG. Animal Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry. Lon- 8

don, 1842.

2779 LIEBIG, Professor.


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25 2780 LIFE and Adventures of Black Hawk, the Great Indian
Chief of the West. Cincinnati, 1858.

Fowler Davis]. New York, 1833.

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2781 LIFE and Writings of Major Jack Downing [By Charles A. 12mo, boards, uncut. Jo 2782 LIFE of Pontiac, the Chief of the Ottawas, together with a Full Account of the Celebrated Siege of Detroit. N. Y., 1800. 2783 LIGHTS AND SHADOWS of Military Life. Edited by Sir C. 2 vols., 12mo, half calf.

Fisher 2783 Napier. London, 1840.


LILLIE, H. Alphabet of Monograms. Lond.

Imp. 8vo.

1502785 LILLY. William Lilly's History of his Life and Times. Arkwrth

London, 1822.

8vo, calf.

202786 LIMNER. Madre Natura vs. Moloch of Fashion. 30 Illustrations. London, 1874.



3002787 LINCOLN and HERSEY. History of Worcester, Mass. Port. Worcestor, Charles Hersey, 1862.

8vo, boards, uncut.

632788 LINCOLNIANA. In Memoriam. Boston, 1865.


4to, uncut.

For sundry other books relative to Lincoln see under Rebellion literature.

Oration on the Death of Abraham Lincoln by
Providence, 1865.

1252789 LINCOLN.
William Binney.

Large paper; only 25 copies printed.

4to, cloth, uncut.

.50 2790 LINCOLN, S. Notes on the Lincoln Families of Massachusetts, with some Account of the Family of Abraham Lincoln. ... Boston: David Clapp, 1865.


802791 LINCOLN, S.

dward Itacts.


Lincoln Families and 6 Other Genealogical

25 2792 (LIND, John.] An Answer to the Declaration of the Ameican Congress. London: T. Cadell, 1776.

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Each article of the Declaration of Independence is carefully examined and every assertion disputed.

LINGARD, Dr. J. History of England from the Invasion by the Romans to the Revolution in 1688. Portrait. 1855. 10 vols., post 8vo, cloth.

[blocks in formation]

2794 LINN, W.
LINN, W. A Funeral Eulogy, Occasioned by the Death of
General Washington. New York, 1800.


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2795 LINSCHOTEN. Histoire de la navigation de Iean Hvgves de /025 Linschot Hollandois, Aux Indes Orientales. Deuxiesme edi

tion augumentee. 32 fine plates. Amsterdam, 1619. Folio, older. Bartlett


This inestimable book, a treasure of all the learning respecting the East and WestIndies and the navigation thither, at the end of the sixteenth century, has been in the highest esteem for nearly a century, and was given to each ship sailing to India, as a log-book.

2797 LINTON, William.

The Scenery of Greece and its Islands, 5.0 illustrated by fifty Views, sketched from Nature, executed on steel and described en Route, with a map of the country. London, 1857. 4to, cloth, uncut.

Fine impressions of the plates, published by the artist.


2898 LIPPINCOTT. Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World. New 250
Revised edition, with nearly 10,000 new Notices according to
the Census. Philadelphia.

Last edition.

Royal 8vo, sheep.

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2799_ LIST of Soldiers (prisoners of War,) belonging to Pennsylvania 1.63 Regiments who died at... Andersonville, Georgia,... 1864-5. Philadelphia, 1865.

4to, pp. 24

2800 LIST of Tories who took part with Great Britain in the Revolutionary war, and were attained of High Treason, commonly called the Black List. New York, privately reprinted.

One of these copies on drawing paper.

2801 LIST of the Members of the Assembly, An Awe-ful Po'm by the Awe-thur the Capt'n. Albany, 1864.

[blocks in formation]




Sobolewski Collection. 25

Mr. Sobolewski was a celebrated Russian collector, who gave almost a life time to the collecting of books, preeminently to DeBry's voyages.

2803 LITCHFIELD County Centennial Celebration, Held at Litch-Hone

field, Conn., 1851. Hartford, 1851.



2804 LITCHFIELD, Conn. Constitution of the Associated Churches, .15 Sketches of the Litchfield Bar, etc. Litchfield, 1829. 3 vols.

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