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31 ADAMS. An Oration at Quincy, on the Anniversary of the billi Independence of the United States. Boston, 1831. 8vo, uncut.

32 ADAMS, Oration on the Life and Character of Gilbert Motier 25 De Lafayette. Washington, 1835.

Uncut. Cash

33 ADAMS. Poems on Religion and Society. N. Y., 1848. 18mo. 25

34 ADAMS. Tokens of a Nation's Sorrow. 1848.


105 Fonect


35 ADAMS, Nathaniel. Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a 350
Period of 200 years from the First Settlement of the Town,
with Biographical Sketches of a few of the most Respectable
Inhabitants. Portsmouth, 1825.
8vo, boards, uncut.

36 ADAMS. The Sam Adams Regiments in the Town of Boston. Cate

A Series of Cuttings on that Subject. Portrait of S. Adams inserted.

8vo, boards.

37 ADAMSON, J. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis de Camoens. Portrait. London, 1820. 2 vols., crown 8vo, calf. “An elaborate performance. Some of the Sonnets by Camoens are unsurpassed."Lowndes.

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38 ADDISON. The Work of the Right Honourable Joseph Addi- 3,20
son, Esq.
London, MDCCXXI.

4 vols., half calf. Sher

39 ADDISON, Jos. The Free-Holder; or Political Essays.

London, 1758.

8vo, calf.


40 AN ADDRESS and Recommendations to the States, by the 00 United States in Congress Assembled, with sundry Papers re

ferred to in the Address.

N. Y., 1870.

8vo, half mor. uncut.

"Should we now think ourselves little interested in the subjects of these American State Papers, we may, however, be much gratified in perusing them, as pieces of fine, energetic writing, and masterly eloquence. It would be a curious speculation for the philosophical enquirer, to account for the perfection to which the English language has been carried in our late colonies, amidst the clamours and horrors of war." -M. R., XLVIII.

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The same.

New York, 1870.

4to, uncut.

10 42 ADLARD, G. The Sutton-Dudleys of England, and the Dudleys of Massachusetts in New England, from the Roman Conquest. New York, 1863.

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2543 ADLARD, Geo. Amye Robsart and the Earl of Leycester; A Critical Inquiry into the Authenticity of the Various Statements. in Relation to the Death of Amye Robsart, and of the Libels on the Earl of Leycester. London, 1870.


8vo, cloth. 44 ADLER, G. J. Dictionary of the German and English Languages. N. r., Royal 8vo, half morocco.



1.0045 ADOLPHUS, J. History of England, from the Accession of
George the Third. By John Adolphus. London, 1840.
Contains a copious account of the American Revolution.

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2046 ADVICE to the Officers of the British Army. N. Y., Agathynian Club, 1867.


12mo, uncut.

Scarce. This curious satirical piece is attributed to Captain Grose. It relates partly to American topics. It is beautifully printed.

547 ESCHYLUS Literally Translated. chinned 849.

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13748 AGRIPPA. Henrici Corneille Agrippa at Nettesheym de Incertitudine & Vanitate Scientiarum declamatio to xx invectiva, denuo ab autore recognita & Marginalibus Annotationibus Aucta. Anno, M,XXX,VII.

Erroneously dated 1036. It is a classical production, often reprinted.

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17.5050 AIKIN, Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth;

2 vols. Memoirs of the Court of Charles I; 2 vols. Memoirs
of the Court of James I; 2 vols. Portraits. 1819-33.
6 vols., 8vo, half calf.

This lady has delineated with a graceful pen some of the most interesting periods of

English History.

51 AKERMAN, J. Y. Ancient and Modern Coins. Lond., 1848.

Luke 551


52 ALBANY DIRECTORY for 1858. Albany, 1858.


8vo. .

53 ALBANY ZOUAVE CADETS, The, to the Rochester Union

Blues. Albany, 1864.

[ocr errors]

4to, half morocco, by Bradstreet. Nicholson

54 ALBRO, J. A. Sermon on the Death of Washington Allston.,/ Boston, 1863.

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55 ALBUM DER BOUDOIRS. Illustrationem Zu Uhland's Gedichten. Stuttgart.

56 ALCOTT, L. M. Hospital Sketches. Boston, 1863.

57 ALDEN, E. Memorial of the Descendants of the Hon. John 1,00 Alden. By Ebenezer Alden . . Randolph, Mass., 1867.


l Woodwad

58 ALDEN T. A Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscrip- 10,00 tions, with Occasional Notes. By Rev. Timothy Alden, obut A.M....... New York, 1814. 5 vols., 16mo, boards, uncut.

Very rare in such condition, and the only extensive series of American Epitaphs.


59 ALDEN, T. A Sermon in Portsmouth on the Death of George (Hist

Washington. Portsmouth, 1800.

8vo, rare.

60 A[LDRICH,] T. B. The Bells; a Collection of Chimes. New York, 1855.

[blocks in formation]


Paris, 1857. 8vo.

Timo. Gord 599m Whaley

62 ALFORD, H. Plea for the Queen's English. London, 1865.

63 ALISON, Sir Archibald. History of Europe from the Com-200 mencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restora- Forf

tion of the Bourbons in 1815. Blackwood, 1847.

2 vols., post 8vo, half calf, gilt extra, marbled edges.


64 ALLAN, J. A Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, Engrav- 50
ings, and Miscellaneous Articles, belonging to the Estate of the
Late John Allan. [Prepared by Joseph Sabin.] Fine portrait.
New York, 1864.
Royal 8vo, uncut.

Large paper. 100 copies only printed. "Sometime before the owner's death he
would have sold his remarkable collection for fifteen thousand dollars, while it real-
ized by the auction process about thirty-nine thousand. Taking the whole collec-
tion, it was the most extensive and valuable ever sold in America."- W. Gowans.

Ho65 ALLAN. The same.


Small paper.

8566 ALLAN. Memorial of John Allan. N. Y., 1864. Imp. 8vo.

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4067 ALLEN, A. W. Genealogy of the Allen and Witter Families,
among the Early Settlers of this Continent, and their Descend-
ants, by Asa W. Allen. Salem, 1872.

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071 ALLEN.
Ethan Allen's Narrative of the Capture of Ticon-
deroga, and of His Captivity and Treatment by the British.
Fifth and best edition. Burlington, 1849.

ALLEN. Life of Philidor, Musician and Chess Player. Phila-

delphia, 1863.

8vo, half mor., gilt top, by Bradstreet.

Large paper copy. Bradstreet autograph and portrait inserted.


3,5074 ALLEN, I. The Natural and Political History of the State of

Vermont, one of the United States of America, to which is
added an Appendix, containing Answers to Sundry Queries
addressed to the Author. London, 1798.

Clean and fine copy of this scarce book.

8vo, boards.

[blocks in formation]

ALLEN. Particulars of the Capture of the Ship Olive Branch,
laden with a Cargo of Arms, &c. . . for supplying the Militia
of Vermont. Vol. I, London, 1798. Vol. II, Phila.: Printed
for the Author, 1805.


Concerning this extremely rare work, see Sabin's Dictionary, No. 820 and 821. We have never sold the 2 vols. together.

76 ALLEN, M. O.. The History of Wenham, Civil and Eccle-
siastical, from its Settlement in 1639, to 1860.
Allen. Boston: Bazin & Chandler, 1860.


By Myron O. 12mo, pp. 220.

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8vo. Rober

Maryland Toleration; or Sketches of the Early

History of Maryland. Baltimore, 1855.

78 ALLEN. An American Biographical and Historical Dictionary. Portrait of Washington.

Cambridge, 1809.


.35 Fones

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79 ALLEN, W. The American Biographical Dictionary; con-c

taining an Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the most Eminent Persons, deceased in North America, from its First Settlement. Third Edition. Bost., 1857. 8vo, sheep.

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80 ALLIBONE, S. A. A Critical Dictionary of English Litera- 3.50 ture, and British and American Authors, Living and Deceased, from the Earliest Accounts to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. Containing Thirty Thousand Biographies and Literary Notices, with Forty Indexes of Subjects. By S. Austin Allibone. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1871.

3 vols., imp. 8vo, cloth.

"It is not only the most extensive Bibliographical Dictionary extant, but the most comprehensive Classified Record of Works,' by English and American Authors, ever compiled. What gives a great and novel charm to the work is the introduction of Criticisms on the various authors, which are selected from the best authorities. The article on Shakspeare alone occupies 49 pages, in which 1,040 printed volumes and tracts are named."- B. Quaritch.

81 ALMON, John. Anecdotes of the Life of the Right Hon. 65 William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, with his Speeches. London, 1797. Seventh Edition. Lond., 1810. 3 vols., 8vo, bds., uncut.

82 ALMON. A Collection of Interesting, Authentic Papers, re- 3:00 lative to the Dispute between Great Britain and America; showing the Causes and Progress of that Misunderstanding, from 1764 to 1775. London, 1787. 8vo, half calf.


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