884 CHOATE, R. Discourse Commemorative of Daniel Webster. ...

Aleyande Boston, 1853F. 1,50885


CHORLEY, H. F. Memorials of Mrs. Hemans. Illustrated. London, 1836. 2 vols., 12mo, half calf.

886 CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE in the Twelfth Century. London,

Diaper William Pickering, 1850.


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Foolscap 8vo.

887 CHRISTMAS Bookseller, 1870, and other pamphlets. A parcel. 888 CHRONICLE of the Cid from the Spanish, by R. Southey. Lowell, 1846.

80 889 CHRONICLES of the Schonberg-Cotta Family.


8vo, cloth.

New York,

12mo, half moroccó.

890 CHRONICLES of Yonkers [A Poem.] Yonkers, N. Y., 1864.

891 CHRONOLOGY of the last 50 years, no title page. 63 892 CHURCH, B. An Oration delivered March Fifth, 1733, at the Request of the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston; to Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March, 1770. Boston.



Uncut copy of this very rare piece.


3.25893 CHURCH, B.
893 CHURCH, B.
Eastern Expeditions.
tion and Notes by


4to, boards.

History of King Philip's War and the
By Benjamin Church, with an Introduc-
Henry Martyn Dexter. Boston, 1865.

2 vols., 4to, cloth, uncut and scarce.

One of 35 copies on large paper, royal 4to.

894 CHURCH OF ENGLAND, The, in the Reign of the Tudors. ike London, 1851.


80 895 CHURCHILL, C. Works of, Poems and Sermons. Lond., 1774. 4 vols., 12mo, calf. 450896 [CHURCHILL, John.] A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Some now first Printed from Original Manuscripts. Others Translated out of Foreign Languages, and now first Publish'd in English. To which are Added some Few that have formerly appear'd in English, but do now for their Excellency and


Scarceness deserve to be reprinted. In Four Volumes. With
a General Preface, giving an Account of the Progress of Navi-
gation, from its first Beginning to the Perfection it is now in. ...
Illustrated with a great Number of Useful Maps and Cuts, all
engraved on Copper. ... London, 1704.
4 vols., folio.

Respecting the value and utility of this series, see Rich and Sabin.


The Life of Lord Viscount Nelson, 80
Duke of Bronté &c. Illustrated by Engravings of its most
Striking and Memorable Incidents. 15 Plates. London, 1808.

4to. boards uncut.

Contains details of Nelson's services in the West Indies during the Revolutionary War.


848 CICERO, M. T. CICERO'S | CATO MAJOR, or his 6600
Discourse on | Old-Age: | with explanatory Notes. | Phila-
delphia Printed & Sold by B Franklin, MDCCXLIV.

4to, pp. viii., 159, levant morocco, back and sides elegantly tooled,
broad inside borders richly tooled and gilt, morocco joints, gilt top, by
Porson and Nicholson.

The finest pro

A splendid copy, clean, fresh, and crisp as it came from the press.
duction of Franklin's press, and really a splendid specimen of the art. The title
page is rubricated. The translator was Judge James Logan; and Franklin, in his
address, "The Printer to the Reader," calls it, this first translation of a classic
in this Western World, which is an error. See Sabin's Dictionary, No. 13040.

899 CICERO. The Same. Sundry odd sheets of the same folded 3.00

and uncut.


900 CICERO. Cato Major; or, Discourse on Old Age. With 250
explanatory notes, by Benjamin Franklin, LL.D. Portrait Inser-
ted. London, 1778.

901 CICERO. Cato Major. Phila., W. Duane. n.d.

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8vo, balf calf. Percy Percy


This was intended to form part of Duane's Edition of Franklin's works, but was very properly omitted.

902 CICERO'S Offices. Translated.

New York, 1855.

I 2mo.

903 CICERO and Brutus Epistles, translated by C. Middleton. 23 1743.

8vo, calf. Burge

904 CINCINNATI Art Gallery, Annual Reports, Chronicles of Yonkers, etc. 1874.

7 vols., 8vo. Ford Fonest

905 CIST, C. Sketches and Statistics of Cincinnati in 1851. Cin- 25

cinnati, 1851.


12mo, cloth.

0906 CLAPP, W. W., Jr. A Record of the Boston Stage....Boston,

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907 CLARENDON, E. History of the Rebellion, and Civil War of

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England. Oxford, 1839.

7 vols., 16mo, half calf.

225 908 CLARK, D. Proofs of the Corruption of Gen. James Wilk-
inson, and of his Connexion with Aaron Burr, with a Full
Refutation of his Slanderous Allegations in relation to the Cha-
racter of the Principal Witness against Him. ... Philadelphia,
8vo, boards, uncut.

909 CLARK, E. D. A Record of the Inscriptions on the Tablets
and Grave Stones in the Burial-Grounds of Christ Church,
Philadelphia. Philadelphia: the Author, 1865. 12mo, hf. morocco.

Very scarce.

200910 CLARK, E.
910 CLARK, E. History of the Second Company of the Seventh
Regiment (National Guard) N. Y. S. Militia. N. Y., 1864.



911 CLARK, J. H. The Iron Hearted Regiment: being an Account of the Battles, Marches and Gallant Deeds performed by the 115th Regiment N. Y. Vols. Albany, 1865.




12mo, half levant morocco, by Bradstreet. CLARK, J. Records of the Descendants of Hugh Clark, of Watertown, Mass., 1640-1866. 15 ports. Boston, The Author,



4.90913 CLARK, J. H. V. Onondaga : or, Reminiscences of Earlier and
Later Times; being a Series of Historical Sketches relative to
Onondaga; with Notes on the Several Towns in the County,
and Oswego. Syracuse, 1849.
2 vols., 8vo, sheep.

This valuable work was principally derived from chiefs or pioneers then living, and
holds the highest rank among treatises on Aboriginal affairs for original and valuable


200914 CLARK, M. Biographical Sketches of the Fathers of New Noodward England. Concord, 1836.

8vo, cloth. 200915 CLARKE, G. Voyage of George Clarke, Esq., to America. With Introduction and Notes by E. B. O'Callaghan Albany, Woodward 1867. 4to, half levant morocco, by Bradstreet.

100 copies only printed, now very scarce.

916 CLARKE, J. An Impartial and Authentic Narrative of the 3,50 Battle Fought on the 17th of June, 1775, between His Britannic

Majesty's Troops and the American Provincial Army, on Bu

ker's Hill, near Charles Town, in New-England. With A True and Faithful Account of the Officers who were killed and wounded i that memorable Battle. To which are added, Some particular Remarks and Anecdotes which have not yet transpired. The whole being collected and written on the Spot. The Second Edition, with Extracts from Three Letters lately received from America; and all the Promotions in the Army and Marines since the said Battle, by John Clarke, First Lieutenant of Marines. London, Printed for the Author: and Sold by J. Millar, Whitehall; 7. Bew in Paternoster Row; and Sewel, in Cornhill, MDCCLXXV. 8vo.

This interesting contemporary report of that famous battle is a reprint of a volume of much rarity. See Sabin's Dictionary, No. 13422.

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917 CLARKE, M. The Memoirs of the Celebrated and Beautiful 2.75
Mrs. Anne Carson, Daughter of an Officer in the United
States Navy and Wife of Another, whose life terminated in the
Philadelphia Prison. Philadelphia, 1838. 2 vols., 12mo.

Mrs. Carson was a distinguished member of what she calls "the unsanctified sister-
hood that infest our streets."


918 CLARKE, R. The Prophetic Number of Daniel and John 1Vel

calculated in order to show the time when the Day of Judgment for this First age of the Gospel, is to be expected; and the setting up the Millenial Kingdom of Jehovah and his Christ. Philadelphia, Wm. Bradford, M,DCc,lix.


The day of judgment was limited to five years from the date of Mr. Clarke's Essay.-.
See Sabin's Dictionary, No. 13442.

919 CLARKE, R. Bibliotheca Americana. Cincinnati, 1875. 8vo. 1,00.

920 CLARKE, S. C. Records of the Descendants of William Curtis, Roxbury, 1632. Boston, 1869.



921 [CLARKE, William.] Repertorium Bibliographicum; or, 2000
Some Account of the Most Celebrated British Libraries. Lon-
don, 1819.

Roy. 8vo, brown levant mor., gilt top, uncut, by W. Mathews.

The late Mr. Beckford assisted in the compilation of this work, particularly in the description of his own library at Fonthill. Loosely inserted in this volume are a few plates of libraries, portraits of book collectors, including Bindley, Duke of Roxburghe, plates from Dibdin, &c.

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Memoirs of the Private and Public Life of William Penn, by Thomas Clarkson, M.A. ... London, 1813. 923 CLARKSON. A Portraiture of Quakerism, as taken from a View of the Moral Education, Discipline, Peculiar Customs, Religious Principles, Political and Civil Economy, and Character of the Society. New York, 1806.

3 vols, 8vo. 924 CLASSIC TALES: Comprising the most esteemed Works of Imagination. Frontispiece. London, 1857.

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50 925 CLAY. The Life and Speeches of Henry Clay.


25-926 CLAY. Speech at Lexington Mass Meeting.

Printed in gold.


New York, 2 vols., 8vo.

N. Y., 1847.

180 927 CLAY, J. C. Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware. By the Rev. Jehu Curtis Clay. ... To which is added the Character of the United Swedish Churches. Philadelphia.

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928 CLAYTON, J. A. Letter from Mr. John Clayton, Rector of Crofton, at Wakefield in Yorkshire, to the Royal Society, May 12, 1688, giving an Account of Several Observables in Virginia, and in his Voyage thither, more particularly concerning the Air. Washington, 1844.

1929 CLEVELAND, J. B. Discourse at the Funeral of Charles Taylor Smith, April 29, 1864. Winsted, 1864.

930 CLERGY LIST. Directory and Parish Guide. London, 1872

Bronson and


2 vols.

931 CLERK, J. Essay on Naval Tactics. Lond., 1790. 4to, calf. 250932 [CLINTON, De Witt.] An Account of Abimelech Coody and WisconsmTraveller, to his Friend in South Carolina, January,

other Celebrated Writers of New York; in a Letter from a

New York, Reprinted, 1864.


Roy. 8vo, uncut. First printed in 1815. Abimelech Coody was a pseudonym adopted by the late Gulian C. Verplanck. This rare satirical pamphlet refers to the "Trinity Church" affair in which Verplanck, Maxwell and others were concerned. five copies only were privately printed.

Of this edition thirty

933 CLINTON, H. Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B., relative to his Conduct during part of his Com

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