Usually called by its running title, “ Prior Documents,” and intended to accompany

the Remembrancer.

122.50 83 ALMON

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250-84 Almon.

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83 Almon. The Remembrancer ; or, Impartial Repository of

Public Events, from 1775 to 1784. [London 7. Almon and J.
Debrett], 1775, etc.

16 vols., 8vo, old calf. 84 Almon. The Remembrancer for 1776, and part 2 of 1780. London.

4 vols., 8vo, half sheep. “ The American War gave rise to this work in 1775. Every authentic paper rela

tive to that war, as also with France and Spain, whether published in England or America, by the British Ministry or the American Congress, are all carefully inserted, the letters of the several Commanding Officers, Addresses and Resolutions of the various Committees, Conventions, &c. To these have been prefixed a collection of authentic papers on the various subjects of dispute, from the resolutions which gave rise to the Stamp Act, in 1764, to the Battle of Lexington, in 1775." The above is the Publisher's account of this work, and may give some idea of its importance. Complete sets are now of the greatest rarity.

Jelias Ap:35

Og 87 ALPHABETICAL List of the Hon. East India Company's

Bengal Civil Servants, from 1780 to 1838, compiled by Messrs.
Dodwell and Miles. London, 1839.

Royal 8vo. -88 Alsop, R. A Poem ; Sacred to the Memory of George

Washington. Adapted to the 22d of Feb., 1800. Hartford, 1800.

8vo, uncut.

Fine copy


Fornell Thorne


ALTAR Service Book according to the use of the United
Church of England and Ireland. Edited by Rev. F. G. Lee.
London, 1867.

Folio, folded. ,10 90 ALVORD, J. W.

Alvord, J. W. Historical Address in Stamford, Ct., at the

Celebration of the Second Centennial Anniversary. N.Y., 1842. 150091 AMERICAN Almanac, The, and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1830-1862. Boston ; 1829-'60.

30 vols., 12mo, half calf. This valuable work, which is, in fact, a compendious annual register, terminated in

1862, is well worthy of being preserved as a book of reference. It was succeeded

by the National Almanac.— Sabin's Dictionary, No 1039. .25 92 AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN. A set of several odd numbers.

New York, 1871. 05 94 AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN Society Proceedings. Cambridge, 1860.

8vo, uncut. 8vo.

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95 AMERICAN Farmer's Guide, The. Philadelphia : Rev. Mason L.


96 AMERICAN History. Containing Belknap's Biographies, 1.63

Roberts, Graham, Ramsey, Stiles' Three Judges, Hubbards'

, Leute

Indian Wars, etc., with Index, etc. New York, Leavitt and Allen,


97 AMERICAN JOURNAL of Numismatics. Various numbers.


98 American Military BIOGRAPHY ; containing the Lives, of 1.20
the Officers of the Revolution, Also The Life of Lafayette. Erant

Plates. Printed for Subscribers, 1825.

99 AMERICAN MISCELLANY, Original and Selected. Phila., 1809. 35


AMERICAN Monthly Magazine and Critical Review. New

York, 1817.

2 vols., 8vo.

De Witt Clinton, Dr. Mitchill, J. K. Paulding, and other eminent men, contributed

to this magazine.

101 AMERICAN Museum, The, or Repository of Ancient and
Modern Fugitive Pieces, Prose and Poetical Philadelphia

. anker

8vo, vol. viii, boards, uncut.

AMERICAN Notes and Queries. Nos. I to 4. Philadelphia, 1,25
[W. Brotherhead, 1857.] 8vo, half morocco with covers.

Contains articles on “Book Illustrators,” an account of the sale of “ E. B. Corwin's

Library," reprints of rare Autograph Letters, etc.

103 American Pioneer, The. A Monthly Periodical, Devoted 8.50

to the objects of the Logan Historical Society; or to Collecting Endeert

and Publishing Sketches Relative to the Early Settlement and

Successive Improvement of the Country. ... Plates and Facsimiles

of Antiquities, Old Historical Buildings, Relics, etc.


nati, 1842–3. 2 vols., roy. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.
Difficult to find complete. “The great mass of historic material in these volumes is

composed of Journals of Campaigns against the Indians, Narratives of Captivity,
Incidents of Border Warfare, Biographical Sketches of Frontiersmen, Indian War-

riors, and White Scouts.”— Field.

104 American Pioneer, The, 1842. 2 vols., 8vo, folded in sheets. 3,30

105 AMERICANA. Catalogue of Books relating to America, etc. 30

New York, 1868.

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106 AMES, E. An Oration on the Sublime Virtues of General

George Washington, Pronounced at the Old South MeetingHouse, in Boston, before His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, the Council, and the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts, at their Request, on Saturday, the 8th of February, 1800. By Fisher Ames. New York, 1800. 8vo, cut close.


Ames. The same reprinted. N. Y., 1869. Imp. 8vo, uncut.

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Jo 108 Ames. Speeches of Fisher Ames in Congress, 1789-1796.

Boston, 1871.

8vo, cloth.

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2.29109 Ames. Works of Fisher Ames. Compiled by a Number of

his Friends. To which are prefixed, Notices of his Life and

Character. [By J. T. Kirkland.] Boston, 1809. 8vo, uncut. 63110 Ames. Works of Fisher Ames. With a selection from his

Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his Son, Seth Ames.
Boston, 1854.

2 vols., 8vo, uncut. 62111 Ames, Joseph. Typographical Antiquities; being an His

. torical Account of Printing in England, with some Memoirs of the Ancient Printers, and a Register of the Books printed by them from the year 1471 to the year 1600. Portraits and plates of Printer's Marks. London, 1849.

4to, calf. This is the work which was afterwards amplified by Herbert and Dibden. This

latter edition was not completed and the first edition is necessary in a collection

4. bzu


of such books.

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AMORY, T. C. The Military Services and Public Life of
Major General Sullivan, of the American Revolutionary Army.
By Thomas C. Amory. Purt. Boston, 1868. 8vo, sheets, uncut.

2.38113 ANDERDAN, J. L. The River Dove with some quiet Thoughts

on Angling. Lond., William Pickering, 1847. Fcap. 8vo, uncut.


A charming book, now quite scarce.

of England

Winth in the Colonies and Foreign Dependencies

of the British Empire.


3 vols., 8vo. ANDERSON. The Same. Second edition. London, 1856. This admirable work contains copious details of the church in America.


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tto, half calf. Congreso


117 ANDERSON, J. Beschryving van Ysland, Groenland en de 1.05
Straat Davis. Maps. Ams., 1756.

118 ANDRÉ. The Cow Chace : an Heroick Poem, in Three

Cantos. Written at New York, 1780, by the late Major
André, with Explanatory Notes, by the Editor. London, printed
for John Fielding, 1781.

410, pp. 32.
119 ANDRÉ. The Cow Chace. In Three Cantos. Written in 21,50
the Year 1780 ; by Major John André, Adjutant-General to her

the British Army, in North America, a few Weeks previous to
his Capture by the Americans. New York, Printed in the Year

12mo, pp. 22, red morocco extra, uncut.
De Witt Clinton's copy with his autograph. A very rare edition.
120 André. The Cow Chace, a Poem in Three Cantos. By 1.63
Major John André

, Adjutant General to the British Army in Jawwler
New York, in 1780. Alb., N. Y., J. Munsell, 1866. Sq. 8vo.

This edition was suppressed by the editor, Dr. Hough.
121 André. The Cow Chace. Cincinnati, 1869.

8vo. 25
122 ANDRÉ. Minutes of a Court of Inquiry, upon the case' of 3.00

Major John André, with Accompanying Documents....With an Arnest
Additional Appendix containing Copies of the Papers found upon
Major André when arrested. Portrait. Albany, 1865.

Small 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.
One hundred copies only privately reprinted for Mr. John F. McCoy.
123 ANDRÉ. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, Held 50.00

by Order of His Excellency Gen. Washington, Commander in
Chief of the Army of the United States of America, Respect-
ing Major John André, Adjutant General of the British Army.
September 29, 1780. Philadelphia : Printed by Francis Bailey,

Small 8vo, pp. (2), 21, uncut.
An elegant copy of the original edition. Very rare.
124 ANDRÉ. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, Held //.00

by Order of His Excellency Gen. Washington, Commander in
Chief of the Army

of the United States of America, Respecting
Major John André, Adjutant General of the British Army.
September 29, 1780. To which are appended, The several
Letters which passed to and from New York on the Occasion.


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Published by Order of Congress. Providence : Printed and sold
by John Carter [n.d.].

Small 8vo, half calf, uncut.
A very rare edition. Much scarcer than the original.



00125 ANDRÉ. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers Respect-

ing Major John André. N. r.: Privately Printed, 1867. 8vo.
Large paper copy of which twenty only were printed. Forty-nine copies only printed

in exact facsimile of the rare original edition, with the print of “The Unfortunate
Death of Major André."


126 ANDRÉ. Proceedings, etc.

New York, 1867.
One of forty-nine copies only reprinted.

8vo, uncut.


1250127 ANDRÉ. A Tragedy, in Five Acts; as performed by the old

American Company, New York, March 30, 1798. Ío which
are added authentic Documents respecting Major André; Con-
sisting of Letters to Miss Seward, the Cow Chace, Proceedings
of the Court Martial, etc. Portraits of Dunlap and André in-
serted. New York, 1798.

8vo, half morocco, gilt.
Very rare. W. Dunlap was the writer of the tragedy. The copy sold for $18 at

Roche's sale.

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1.50 128 ANDRÉ. Vindication of the Captors of Major André. Edited

with Notes, etc., by Charles J. Bushnell. New York, 1865.
40 129 André. The same, another ed. N. Y., 1867. 8vo, uncut.

, , .
8.63 130 ANDRÉ. Life and Career of Major John André, by Winthrop
O tPowland

8vo, uncut.
Sargeant. Boston, 1861.

Large paper copy of which 75 copies only were printed. Very scarce.
20013!ANDRÉ. An Authentic Narration of the Causes which led to

the Death of Major André, by Joshua Hett Smith. Lond.,

8vo, boards, uncut.
Fine copy of a work which is now scarce.

3.29132 ANDRÉANA. Containing the Trial, Execution and Various

Matters connected with the History of Major John André Ad-
jutant General of the British Army in America, A. D. 1780.
Philadelphia, 1865.

8vo, sheets.
Illustrated by 10 plates mostly inserted, including several portraits of André in fine

impression, a copy of the print representing André hanging.

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