Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet in California, Sonora, and Western Texas, Volume 3

Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans, 1843 - 133 pagina's

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Pagina 151 - Ye are the salt of the earth : but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted ? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
Pagina 223 - ... characters were arranged in columns, like the Chinese mode of writing, and presented the most singular medley that I ever beheld. Greek. Hebrew, and all sorts of letters, more or less distorted, either through unskilfulness, or from actual design, were intermingled with sundry delineations of half moons, stars, and other natural objects, and the whole ended in a rude representation of the Mexican zodiac.
Pagina 163 - ... for the military parade, was induced to stay to see the turnout, which I confess has astonished and filled me with fears for future consequences. The Mormons, it is true, are now peaceable, but the lion is asleep. Take care and don't rouse him. " The city of Nauvoo contains about ten thousand souls, and is rapidly increasing. It is well laid out, and the municipal affairs appear to be well conducted. The adjoining country is a beautiful prairie. Who will say that the Mormon Prophet is not among...
Pagina 117 - They afterwards had quarrels and contentions, and separated into two distinct nations, one of which he denominated Nephites and the other Lamanites. Cruel and bloody wars ensued, in which great multitudes were slain. They buried their dead in large heaps, which caused the mounds so common in this country.
Pagina 215 - ... at their house, without leave or license ; and, together with his wife, repaired to the hill which contained the book. He left his wife in the wagon, by the road, and went alone to the hill, a distance of thirty or forty rods from the road ; he said he then took the book out of the ground and hid it in a tree-top, and returned home. He then went to the town of Macedon to work. After about ten days...
Pagina 81 - The waters are remarkably limpid and pure, and are used by the people who resort there for health, for culinary purposes. They have been analysed, and exhibit no mineral properties beyond common spring water.
Pagina 198 - ... a meridian line passing through the middle of the mouth of the Kansas River where the same empties into the Missouri River; thence from the point aforesaid north along the said meridian line to the intersection of the parallel of latitude which passes through the rapids of the river Des Moines...
Pagina 182 - Towards the close of a fine summer's day, a farmer of loway found a respectable-looking man at his gate, who requested permission to pass the night under his roof. The hospitable farmer readily complied; the stranger was invited into the house, and a warm and substantial supper set before him. After he had eaten, the farmer, who appeared to be a jovial, warmhearted, humorous, and withal...
Pagina 276 - They become then very languid and inactive, and, ni this period, to sit or ride on one would not be more difficult than for a child to mount his wooden" rocking-horse. The negroes, who now kill them, put all danger aside, by separating, at one blow with an axe, the tail from the body. They are afterwards cut up in large pieces, and boiled whole in a good quantity of water, from the surface of which the fat is collected with large ladles. One single man kills oftentimes a dozen or more of large alligators...
Pagina 272 - ... an easy prey to their light-footed pursuers, ten or fifteen of which will often fasten on one animal, and with their long fangs in a few minutes separate the head from the body. If, however, the horses are not prevented from using their legs, they sometimes punish the enemy severely ; as an instance of this, I saw one morning...

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