Essays in Biography

Constable, 1913 - 311 pagina's

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Pagina 307 - ... tis all one to lie in St. Innocent's churchyard, as in the sands of Egypt: ready to be anything, in the ecstasy of being ever, and as content with six foot as the moles of Adrianus.
Pagina 72 - A PRIEST TO THE TEMPLE ; or, the Country Parson ; his Character, and Rule of Holy Life.
Pagina 290 - Christ's patients on whom he wrought his wonders; then had my faith been thrust upon me, nor should I enjoy that greater blessing pronounced to all that believe and saw not.
Pagina 307 - To be nameless in worthy deeds, exceeds an infamous history. The Canaanitish woman lives more happily without a name, than Herodias with one. And who had not rather have been the good thief than Pilate...
Pagina 292 - Now, nature is not at variance with art, nor art with nature ; they being both the servants of his providence. Art is the perfection of nature. Were the world now as it was the sixth day, there were yet a chaos.
Pagina 261 - The Duchess hath been a good comely woman ; but her dress so antick, and her deportment so ordinary, that I do not like her at all, nor did I hear her say anything that was worth hearing, but that she was full of admiration, all admiration.
Pagina 252 - Their customs were in winter time to go sometimes to plays, or to ride in their coaches about the streets to see the concourse and recourse of people ; and in the spring time to visit the Spring Garden, Hyde Park, and the like places ; : and sometimes they would have music, and sup in barges upon the water.
Pagina 282 - He led me to see all the remarkable places of this ancient city, being one of the largest, and certainly, after -London, one of the noblest of England...
Pagina 61 - The hermitage of his study has made him somewhat uncouth in the world, and men make him worse by staring on him. Thus is he [silly and] ridiculous, and it continues with him for some quarter of a year out of the university. But practise him a little in men...
Pagina 115 - Cronicle, where moch good matter is quite marde with Indenture Englishe, and first change strange and inkhorne tearmes into proper and commonlie vsed wordes...

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