I sang,

All are equal, each to his brother. When 'neath your arches, free from every
Preserving the balance of power so

true :

I heard of guilt and wonder'd at the tale ! Ah! the like would the proud Auto- Dear haunts ! where oft my simple lays

cratrix 1 do ! Attaxes impending not Britain would Listening meanwhile the echoings of my tremble,

feet, Nor Prussia struggle her fear to Lingering I quit you, with as great a pang, dissemble;

As when erewhile, my weeping childNor the Mah’met-sprung wight

hood, torn The great Mussulman

By early sorrow from my native seat, Would stain his Divan

Mingled its tears with hers--my widow'd With Urine the soft-flowing daughter of

Parent lorn.

1791. Fright.






But reinyourstallion in, too daring Nine!

Should Empires bloat the scientific line?
Or with dishevell'd hair all madly do ye


FOR JESUS COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE For transport that your task is done? For done it is the cause is tried !

WHERE graced with many a classic spoil And Proposition, gentle maid,

Cam rolls his reverend stream along, Who soothly ask'd stern Demonstra

I haste to urge the learned toil tion's aid,

That sternly chides my love-lorn song :
Has proved her right, and A. B.C.

Ah me! too mindful of the days
Of Angles three

Illumed by Passion's orient rays,
Is shown to be of equal side ;

When Peace, and Cheerfulness and And now our weary steed to rest in fine,


Enriched me with the best of wealth. 'Tis raised upon A. B. the straight, the given line.

Ah fair Delights ! that o'er my soul
On Memory's wing, like shadow. fly!

Ah Flowers ! which Joy from Eden stoie

While Innocence stood smiling by !

But cease, fond Heart! this bootless ON QUITTING SCHOOL FOR COLLEGE FAREWELL parental scenes ! a sad fare. Those Hours on rapid Pinions flown well!

Shall yet return, by Absence crowned, To you my grateful heart still fondly | And scatter livelier roses round.

clings, Tho' fluttering round Fancy's The Sun who ne'er remits his fires burnish'd wings

On heedless eyes may pour the day : Her tales of future Joy Hope loves to tell. The Moon, that oft from Heaven retires, Adieu, adieu ! ye much-loved cloisters Endears her renovated ray. pale !

What though she leave the sky unblest Ah! would those happy days return To mourn awhile in murky vest ? again,

When she relumes her lovely light,

We bless the Wanderer of the Night . 1 Empress of Russia.


moan :



Infirm of soul ! who think'st to lift thy PHILEDON O, curas hominum ! O, quantum est in rebus Upon the waxen wings of human fame,inane!

Who for a sound, articulated breath The fervid Sun had more than halved Gazest undaunted in the face of death ! 30 the day,

What art thou but a Meteor's glaring When gloomy on his couch Philedon lay;

lightHis feeble frame consumptive as his Blazing a moment and then sunk in purse,

night? His aching head did wine and women Caprice which raised thee high shall hurl curse ;

thee low, His fortune ruin'd and his wealth decay'd, Or envy blast the laurels on thy brow. Clamorous his duns, his gaming debts To such poor joys could ancient Honour unpaid,

lead The youth indignant seized his tailor's When empty same was toiling Merit's bill,

meed; And on its back thus wrote with moral To Modern Honour other lays belong ; quill :

Prosuse of joy and Lord of right and • Various as colours in the rainbow

wrong, shown,

Honour can game, drink, riot in the Or similar in emptiness alone,

stew, How false, how vain are Man's pursuits Cut a friend's throat ;- - what cannot below!

Honour do? Wealth, Honour, Pleasure—what can ye Ah me— the storm within can Honour bestow ?

still Yet see, how high and low, and young For Julio's death, whom Honour made and old

me kill ? Pursue the all delusive power of Gold. Or will this lordly Honour tell the Fond man ! should all Peru thy empire

way own,

To pay those debts, which Honour makes For thee tho'all Golconda's jewels shone,

me pay?
unil this wealth Or if with pistol and terrific threats

I wie

traveller pay my Honour's



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With such high transport every moment

Where first his infant buds appear ; flies,

Or upwards dart with soaring force, I curse Experience that he makes me And tempt some more ambitious course ?

Obedient now to Hope's command, For at his frown the dear deliriums flew, I bid each humble wish expand, And the changed scene now wears And fair and bright Life's prospects seem, gloomy hue.

While Hope displays her cheering beam, A hideous hag th' Enchantress Pleasure And Fancy's vivid colourings stream, seems,

While Emulation stands me nigh And all her joys appear but feverous The Goddess of the eager eye. dreams.

60 With foot advanced and anxious heart The vain resolvestill broken and still made, Now for the fancied goal I start : Disease and loathing and remorse invade; Ah ! why will Reason intervene The charm is vanish'd and the bubble's Me and my promised joys between ! broke,

She stops my course, she chains my speed, A slave to pleasure is a slave to smoke!' | While thus her forceful words proceed :Such lays repentant did the Muse 'Ah ! listen, youth, ere yet too late, 20 supply ;

What evils on thy course may wait ! When as the Sun was hastening down To bow the head, to bend the knee, the sky,

A minion of Servility, In glittering state twice fifty guineas At low Pride's frequent frowns to sigh, come,

And watch the glance in Folly's eye ; His Mother's plate antique had raised To toil intense, yet toil in vain, the sum.

And feel with what a hollow pain Forth leap'd Philedon of new life

Pale Disappointment hangs her head possest :

O'er darling Expectation dead ! 'Twas Brookes's all till two,-'twas • The scene is changed and Fortune's Hackett's all the rest !

gale (Cambridge.]

Shall belly out each prosperous sail.

Yet sudden wealth full well I know

Did never happiness bestow.

That wealth to which we were not born ALL are not born to soar--and ah ! how Dooms us to sorrow or to scorn. few

Behold yon flock which long had trod In tracks where Wisdom leads their O'er the short grass of Devon's sod, paths pursue !

To Lincoln's rank rich meads transferr’d, Contagious when to wit or wealth allied, And in their fate thy own be fear'd; Folly and Vice diffuse their venom wide. Through every limb contagions fly, On Folly every fool his talent tries;

Deform'd and choked they burst and die. It asks some toil to imitate the wise ; • When Luxury opens wide her arms, Tho' few like Fox can speak—like Pitt And smiling wooes thee to those charms, can think

Whose fascination thousands own, Yet all like Fox can game-like Pitt can Shall thy brows wear the stoic frown? drink.

And when her goblet she extends

Which maddening myriads press around, HAPPINESS

What power divine thy soul befriends

That thou should'st dash it to the On wide or narrow scale shall Man

ground ?Most happily describe life's plan? No, thou shalt drink, and thou shalt know Say shall he bloom and wither there, Her transient bliss, her lasting woe, с



70 1791.



? 1791.


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grew high :

Her maniac joys, that know no measure, Whom (sages say) in days of yore
And riot rude and painted pleasure;- Meek Competence to Wisdom bore,
Till (sad reverse !) the Enchantress vile So shall thy little vessel glide
To frowns converts her magic smile ; With a fair breeze adown the tide,
Her train impatient to destroy,

And Hope, if e'er thou 'ginst to sorrow Observe her frown with gloomy joy ; Remind thee of some fair to-morrow, On thee with harpy fangs they seize

Till Death shall close thy tranquil eye The hideous offspring of Disease,

While Faith proclaims “thou shalt not Swoln Dropsy ignorant of Rest,

die !”

? 1791. And Fever garb'd in scarlet vest, Consumption driving the quick hearse, And Gout that howls the frequent curse,

THE RAVEN With Apoplex of heavy head

A CHRISTMAS TALE, TOLD BY A That surely aims his dart of lead.

SCHOOL-BOY TO HIS LITTLE BROTHERS • But say Life's joys unmix'd were

AND SISTERS given To thee some favourite of Heaven : UNDERNEATH a huge oak tree Within, without, tho' all were health- There was of swine a huge company, Yet what e'en thus are Fame, Power, That grunted as they crunched the mast : Wealth,

For that was ripe, and fell full fast. But sounds that variously express,

Then they trotted away, for the wind What's thine already-Happiness ! 'Tis thine the converse deep to hold One acorn they left, and no more might With all the famous sons of old ;

you spy. And thine the happy waking dream Next came a Raven, that liked not such While Hope pursues some favourite

folly: theme,

He belonged, they did say, to the witch As oft when Night o'er Heaven is spread, Melancholy ! Round this maternal seat you tread, Blacker was he than blackest jet, Where far from splendour, far from riot, Flew low in the rain, and his feathers In silence wrapt sleeps careless quiet.

not wet. 'Tis thine with fancy oft to talk,

He picked up the acorn and buried it And thine the peaceful evening walk ;

straight And what to thee the sweetest are— By the side of a river both deep and great. The setting sun, the evening star

Where then did the Raven go? The tints, which live along the sky,

Ile went high and low, And Moon that meets thy raptured eye, Over hill, over dale, did the black Raven Where oft the tear shall grateful start,

go. Dear silent pleasures of the Heart !

Many Autumns, many Springs Ah! Being blest, for Heaven shall lend

Travelled he with wandering To share thy simple joys a friend !

wings : Ah ! doubly blest, if Love supply

Many Summers, many Winters— His influence to complete th py,

I can't tell half his adventures. If chance some lovely maid thou find To read thy visage in thy mind.

At length he came back, and with him a One blessing more demands thy


And the acorn was grown to a tall oak Once more to leaven address the prayer :

tree. For humble independence pray

They built them a nest in the topmost The guardian genius of thy way ;



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