President—His Grace the DUKE OF CLEVELAND, K.G., D.C.L.

Head MasterTHOMAS WILLIAM DUNN, Esq., M.A., Late Fellow and Assistant Tutor <

Peter's College, Cambridge.

Classical SideRev. W. E. SHERWOOD, Late Junior Student, Christ's Church, Oxford. Rev. M. E. HOETS, M. A., Late Scholar of Emmanuel College, Cambridg H. F. Fox, Esq., M. A., Late Scholar of University College, Oxford.

A. N. C. TREADGOLD, B.A., Hertford College, Oxford. Rev. T. M. BROMLEY, M.A., Late Postmaster Merton College, Oxford. Modern Side-R. E. MOYLE, Esq., B.A., Scholar of Christ Church, Oxfor

L. HUGHES, Esq., M.A., Late Exhibitioner Corpus Christi College, Cambrii

F. MORLEY, Esq., B.A., Scholar of King's College, Cambridge.
French and German—G. H. Evans, Esq., B.A., Oxford.

Natural Science-
A. W. CLAYDEN, Esq., M.A., Late Scholar of Christ's College, Cambridg
Junior School Rev. J. C. DUNN, B.A., St Peter's College, Cambridge.

Rev. W. BEACH, M.A. J. DAVIES, Esq.
Drawing–C. M. HODGES, Esq., and J. PLANT, Esq.

Director of the Music—Herr SONDERMANN.

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HE College is established to provide for the sons of Gentlemen a Clas

Mathematical, and General Education of the highest order. The Reli:
Teaching is in accordance with the doctrines of the Church of Englan

The general constitution of the College, the routine of studies, the di line in and out of School hours, the Boarding house and other arrangem follow, as far as possible, the model of Clifton College, which is a succe attempt to broaden and modernise the older type of Public Schools.

The School consists of

(I.) The Classical Side, where boys receive the usual training for the versities in Classics and Mathematics, as well as regular instruction in Eng French, German, and Physical Science.

(II.) The Modern Side, where the subjects are Mathematics, Latin, sical Science, Modern Languages and English History, Language, Litera and Composition. Boys are specially prepared for the Royal Military Acad Woolwich ; the Indian Civil Engineering College, Cooper's Hill; the profe: of Civil Engineering, and for Competitive Commissions in the Army.

Physical Science forms part of the regular work in all forms except highest two on the Classical Side, where German or some other subject ma taken instead.

There is a Laboratory for instruction in Practical Chemistry.

In the teaching of Physical Science attention is given to Chemistry, Ex mental Physics, Natural History (Botany, Zoology, and Physical Geography)

Drawing is taught throughout the School, except in the highest forms of Classical Side.

Besides classes for Freehand, Perspective, and Geometrical Drawing, the a Special Class for Mechanical and Engineering work.

Boys are admitted on Nominations of Sharebolders or of the Council. Nominations can be obtained through the Honorary Secretary.


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