A Practical treatise on the physical exploration of the chest, and the diagnosis of diseases affecting the respiratory organs

Henry C. Lea, 1866 - 595 pagina's

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Pagina 587 - THE MEDICAL FORMULARY; being a Collection of Prescriptions, derived from the writings and practice of many of the most eminent physicians of America and Europe. Together with the usual Dietetic Preparations and Antidotes for Poisons. To which is added an Appendix on the Endermic use of Medicines, and on the use of Kther and Chloroform.
Pagina 581 - ... a guide for the learner, and an admirable work of reference for the active practitioner. The engravings form a special feature in the work, many of them being the size of nature, nearly all original, and having the names of the various parts printed on the body of the cut, in place of figures of reference, with descriptions at the foot.
Pagina 581 - ... the details of the dissecting room ; while combining, as it does, a complete Atlas of Anatomy, with a thorough treatise on systematic, descriptive, and applied Anatomy, the work will be found of essential use to all physicians who receive students in their offices, relieving both preceptor and pupil of much labor in laying the groundwork of a thorough medical education.
Pagina 2 - OBSTETRIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY, in reference to the Process of Parturition. A new And enlarged edition, thoroughly revised by the author. With additions by WV KEATING, MD, Professor of Obstetrics, Ac., in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.
Pagina 4 - AUTHOR. THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY. Fourth American, from the last Edinburgh edition. Revised by the American editor. Illustrated by three hundred and sixty-four engravings on wood. In one large octavo volume of nearly 700 pages, extra cloth. $3 75. It U seldom that two volumes have ever made BO profound an impression iu so short a time as the "Principles" and the "Practice
Pagina 581 - AN ANATOMICAL ATLAS, illustrative of the Structure of the Human Body. In one volume, large imperial octavo, extra cloth, with about six hundred and fifty beautiful figures.
Pagina 4 - PRINCIPLES OF SURGERY. Fourth American, from the third and revised Edinburgh edition. In one large and very beautiful volume of 700 pages, with two hundred and forty illustrations on wood, extra cloth. $3 75. ft! THE SAME AUTHOR. THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY.
Pagina 582 - ... carefully examined by the editor, and the efforts of both have been directed to introducing everything which increased experience in its use has suggested as desirable to render it a complete text-book for those seeking to obtain or to renew an acquaintance with Human Anatomy.
Pagina 579 - A DICTIONARY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE; containing a concise explanation of the various subjects and terms of...
Pagina 595 - THE SAME AUTHOR. ESSAYS ON THE PUERPERAL FEVER, AND OTHER DISEASES PECULIAR TO "WOMEN. Selected from the writings of British Authors previous to the close of the Eighteenth Century. In one neat octavo volume, extra cloth, of about 450 pages.

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