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Natural History is of three sorts, 1. The History

of Generations. 2. Of Preter-Generations. 3. Of

Arts, 77

Civil History divided into, 1. Memoirs. 2. Just

History. 3. Antiquities, 80

Just H'mtory divided into Chronicles, Lives, and

Narrutives or Relations, 81

History divided also into Annals and Journals, 85

History Ecclesiastical divided into, the History of

the Church; the History of Prophecy; and the

History of Providence, 87

Appendices to History: Speeches, Letters, Apoph-

thegms, 88

Poetry divided into, 1. Narrative. 2. Dramatical,

3. Parabolical, 91

PhilosophYdivided into three Branches, 1. Divine,

2. Natural. 3. Human, 93

The Trunk of all, a Primitive or Summary Philo-

sophy, ibid.

Divine Philosophy, or Natural Theology, relates to

the Being and Attributes of God; and the Nature

of Angels or Spirits, 96

Natural Philosophy, divided into Speculative and

Practical, 98

Speculative Philosophy, or natural Science, divided

>. into Physics and J\Ietaphysics, ibid.

Physics divided into, 1. The Doctrine of the Prin-

. ciples of Things. 2. The Doctrine of the Formation

of Things, or the World. 3. The Doctrine con-

cerning the Variety of Things, 102

Metaphysics divided into, l. The Doctrine of Forms.

2. The Doctrine of final Causes, ibid.

Mathematics divided into, 1. Pure. 2. Mixed, 108

Pure Mathematics divided into Geometry and Arith-

metic, ibid.

Mixed Mathematics divided into Perspective, Music,

Astronomy, Cosmography, Architecture, Engi-

nery, &c. ibid.

Practical Philosophy, or natural Prudence, divided

:K-.jnto Mechanics and Magic, 109

Human Philosophy %<($ twoiiPar,tst.Mimfi and

civil, Xi. 115

Human Doctrine divided into, 1. The Doctrine of
the human body. 2. The Doctrine of the human
Soul, ibid.

The Doctrine of the Union of Soul and Body
divided into, 1. The Doctrine of Notices. 1. The
Doctrine of Impression, ibid.

The Doctrine of the Human Body divided into,
1. Medicine. 2. Cosmetics. 3. Athletics. 4. Arts
of Elegance, US

The Doctrine of the Human Soul divided inlo'i

1. The Doctrine of the Nature of the Soul. 2. The
Doctrine of the Faculties of the Soul,''' ll/

Appendices to the Doctrine of the Soul. ). Divina-
tion. 2. Fascination, 127, 129*

The Doctrine of the Faculties of the Soul divided
into, 1. Logics. 2. Ethics, '' 180/181'

The intellectual Arts are four, 1. The Art of
Inquiry or Invention. 2. The Art of Examina-
tion. 3. The Art of Custody or Memory. 4. Tfic!
Art of Elocution 'or Tradition, 131, 13Sf

Ethics divided into, 1. The Doctrine of the Image
of Good. 2. The Georgics or Cultivation of the
Mind, 164'

Good divided into simple and compound; Private
Good, and the Good of Society, 'v 166'

The Cultivation of the Mind regards, \. Different'
Dispositions. 2. Affections. 3. Remedies, 177,192

Civil Doctrine divided into three Kinds of Doctrine"
or Prudence. 1. Prudence in Conversation.

2. Prudence in Business. 3. Prudence in Go-'
vernmetit, 'Ibid."


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Of straining or percolation,outward and inward, 245
Of motion upon pressure, 247'

Of separations of bodies liquid, by weight, 249:

Of infusions, in xvater and air, 2SO

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