Dada & Surrealism

Octupus Books, 1 jan. 1980 - 176 pagina's
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"Dada and Surrealism dominated the art world between the First and Second World Wars. Intending to shock the spectator into a new awareness of reality, these movements were the expression of a revolt against Western civilization and culture. Robert Shaw looks at the ideas which lay at the hearts of two movements. He explains how the Dadas and Surrealists came to produce works whose bizarre power has made them the most instantly recognizable of all forms of modern art, while discussing the diversity within the two movements and the reasons for the ultimate break between them."--BOOK COVER.

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Review: Dada & Surrealism

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Books like this I really just enjoy the pictures and skim and read a bit of the history. Lots of really great artwork here! Volledige recensie lezen


Dada lives
Surrealism versus Dada
The imagery of Surrealism

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