Celtic Scotland: A History of Ancient Alban, Volume 1

Edmonston & Douglas, 1876

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Pagina 167 - They subsist by their cattle, leading for the most part a wandering life. Of the metals they have tin and lead, which with skins they barter with the merchants for earthenware, salt, and brazen vessels.
Pagina 178 - Every one who is black-haired, who is a tattler, guileful, tale-telling, noisy, contemptible, every wretched, mean, strolling, unsteady, harsh, and inhospitable person, every slave, every mean thief, every churl, every one who loves not to listen to music and entertainment, the disturbers of every council and every assembly, and the promoters of discord among people, these are of the descendants of the Firbolg, of the Gailiuns, of Liogairne, and of the Fir Domhnann in Erin.
Pagina 220 - Scotland the invers and alers are distributed in a curious and instructive manner. If we draw a line across the map from a point a little south of Inverary to one a little north of Aberdeen, we shall find that, with very few exceptions, the invers lie to the north-west of the line, and the abers to the south-east of it.
Pagina 278 - ... in relation to the observance of Easter, and submitted, together with his people, to celebrate the catholic time of our Lord's resurrection.
Pagina 166 - One of them is desert, but the others are inhabited by men in black cloaks, clad in tunics reaching to the feet, girt about the breast and walking with staves, thus resembling the Furies we see in tragic representations.
Pagina 85 - I am proud to say that I have observed no serious error in the conduct of these late operations. Certainly, my gallant friend.
Pagina 2 - British Channel ; on the east by the German Ocean ; and on the west by St. George's Channel and the Irish Sea. It lies nearly between the parallels of 50į...
Pagina 278 - Easter out of the due time ; as also concerning the form and manner of the tonsure for distinguishing the clergy ; not to mention that he himself possessed much information in these particulars. He also prayed to have architects sent him to build a church in his nation after the Roman manner, promising to dedicate the same in honour of the blessed Peter, the prince of the apostles, and that he and all his people would always follow the custom of the holy Roman apostolic church, as far as they could...
Pagina 472 - removed them all from the land of their birth, and scattered them throughout the other districts of Scotland, both beyond the hills and on this side thereof, so that not even a native of that land abode there, and he installed therein his own peaceful people.
Pagina 65 - The fleet, now acting for the first time in concert with the land forces, proceeded in sight of the army, forming a magnificent spectacle, and adding terror to the war. It frequently happened that in the same camp were seen the infantry and cavalry intermixed with the marines, all indulging their joy, full of their adventures, and magnifying the history of their exploits ; the soldier describing, in the usual style of military ostentation, the forests which he had passed, the mountains which he climbed,...

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