before us, as it is in the word of God, in all its forms, in various points of view, and without distortion or misrepresentation; while“ things new and old” are thus brought forth from the treasury of Divine Truth, adapted-as the Holy Spirit of God could alone have adapted them to the different tastes, feelings, and conditions of those who hear.

Such were some of the views of the

Author, in the composition of the following Sermons; may the effect of them be such as in some degree to justify their intrusion on the public attention-the promotion of the glory of God, and the salvation of souls !

It will, doubtless, be observed by the reader, that these Discourses are considerably shorter than those which are generally presented to the public through the press; but they appeared to the Author long enough, as addresses to a regular parochial congregation, and seem not less so for the purpose of being read (as they are principally intended to be) to a domestic circle, on a Sunday evening, by the father or master of a family.

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