The Wild Irish Girl: A National Tale, Volumes 1-2

S. Andrus & Son, 1855

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Pagina 93 - The waves of people at his word divide, Slow rolls the chariot through the following tide ; Even to the palace the sad pomp they wait; They weep, and place him on the bed of state. A melancholy choir ' attend around, With plaintive sighs, and music's solemn sound ; Alternately they sing, alternate flow The obedient tears, melodious in their woe.
Pagina 93 - By the dark rolling waves of Lego they raised the hero's tomb. Luath,* at a distance lies. The song of bards rose over the dead. Elest f be thy soul, son of Semo ! Thou wert mighty in battle. Thy strength was like the strength of a stream : thy speed like the eagle's wing. Thy path in battle was terrible : the steps of death were behind thy sword. Blest be thy soul, son of Semo, car-borne chief of...
Pagina 194 - My first overtures of amity were treated with scorn ; . my first offers of service rejected with disdain ; and my crime was that in a distant age an ancestor of mine, by the fortune of war, had possessed himself of those domains, which, in a more distant age, a remoter ancestor of yours won by similar means.
Pagina 9 - M TO THE EARL OF M My Lord, Suffer me, in the fulness of my heart, and in the language of one prodigal and penitent as myself, to say, 'I have sinned against Heaven and thee, and am no longer worthy to be called thy son.' Abandon me then, I beseech you, as such; deliver me up to the destiny that involves me, to the complicated tissue of errors and follies I have so industriously woven with my own hands; for though I am equal to sustain the judgment my own vices have drawn down on me, I cannot support...
Pagina 81 - GIRL. impalpably delicate, that as it floated on the gaze, it seemed like the incarnation of some pure ethereal spirit, which a sigh, too roughly breathed, would dissolve into its kindred air ; yet to this sylphid elegance of spheral beauty was united all that symmetrical contour which constitutes the luxury of human loveliness. This scarcely " mortal mixture of earth's mould...
Pagina 105 - ... indeed, from what I have myself observed, I am convinced that were endeavours* for their improvement more strictly promoted, and their respective duties obviously made clear, their true interests fully represented by reason and common sense, and their unhappy situations ameliorated by justice and humanity, they Would be a people as happy, contented and prosperous, in a political sense, as, in a natural and a national one, they are brave, hospitable, liberal, and ingenuous.
Pagina 80 - ... eyes, still emanating the ferocity of an unsubdued spirit, yet tempered by a strong trait of benevolence; which, like a glory irradiated a broad expansive brow; a mouth, on which even yet the spirit of convivial enjoyment seemed to hover, though shaded by two large whiskers on the upper lip,* that still...
Pagina 63 - Elizabeth, here had a castle and a great tract of land on the borders, of which he was deprived, as the story runs, becaise he would neither cut his glibbs, shave his upper lip, nor shorten his shirt:1 and so he was driven with the rest of us beyond the pale.
Pagina 210 - ... and M be inseparably blended, and the distinctions of English and Irish, of Protestant and Catholic, for ever buried. And, while you look forward with hope to this family alliance being prophetically typical of a national unity of interests and affections between those who may be factitiously severed, but who are naturally allied, lend your own individual efforts towards the consummation of an event so devoutly to be wished by every liberal mind, by every benevolent heart.
Pagina 118 - ... droop and expire in the deficiency of that nutritive warmth on which their tender existence depends. So much for the shades of the picture, which however possesses its lights, and those of no dim lustre. The north of Ireland may be justly esteemed the palladium of Irish industry and Irish trade, where the staple...

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