Addison (Joseph)--continued.

The Spectator.
The Ninth Edition.

8 vols. London, Printed for J. Tonson, 1729.
The Tatler. Revised and Corrected by the Author.

4 vols. London, Printed for E. and R. Nutt, 1728.

Together 12 vols., small 8vo, original calf, gilt backs. £2 2s 12

Songs in the New Opera call'd Rosamond, as they are perform'd at the Theatre Royall. Composed by Mr. Tho. Clayton.

FIRST EDITION, engraved throughout, words and music. Folio, full calf gilt by Riviere (1707).

£5 10s Addison condescended to write a musical piece on the Story of Fair Rosamond : and when he had written his text, announced his wonderful taste in Music by abusing the strange musician who had lately come to London, one ‘Mynheer Handel’ as he called him in contempt, and set Clayton to write the Score.”

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With portrait of Addison by G. Vertue, and vignettes by Vander

4 vols., 4to, original calt, gilt backs.
London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1721.

£2 103 14 ADVICE TO THE POETS. A Poem, occasion'd by the wonderful

Success of her Majesty's Arms, under the Conduct of the Duke of
Marlborough, in Flanders.

FIRST EDITION. 34 pp., folio, new boards. London, 1706. £1 5s 15 ÆSOP'S FABLES, with his Life: in English, French and Latin. Newly translated.

Illustrated with 112 Sculptures. To this Edition are likewise added, Thirty-one New Figures representing his Life, by Francis Barlow.

First Issue of Barlow's Edition, with the English verses below each plate by Mrs. Aphra Behn.

Folio. Very fine copy in old English red morocco, broad gilt border on sides, gilt back. London, printed by H Hills, jun.. for Francis Barlow, 1687.

£17 17s Complete copy, with the engraved title, and Arms of the Earl of Devonshire, the

series of 31 plates of the Life of Aesop (including plate 17, which is usually torn out) and a half page copper-plate engraving to each fable. These latter are of animals, birds, etc., and include a number of hunting scenes.

Æsop's Fables continued.

Fables of Æsop and other Eminent Mythologists; with Morals
and Reflexions by Sir Roger L'Estrange.

Large portrait of I.'Estrange by White after Kneller, and plate.

Fables and Storyes moralized. Being a second part of the Fables
of Æsop and other Eminent Mythologists, etc.

2 vols., folio, fine copy in origiral calf. London, 1694-99. £3 3s

17 AFRICA. L. (S.). A Letter from a Centleman of the Lord Ambassador

Howard's Retinue, to his friend in London: Dated at Fez, Nov. I,
1669. Wherein he gives a full Relation of the most Remarkable
Passages in their Voyage thither, and of the present State of the
Countries under the Power of TAFFALETTA, Emperour of MOROCCO;
With a brief account of the Merchandizing Commodities of AFRICA;
As also the Manners and Customs of the People there.

36 pp., small 4to, new boards.
London, Printed by W. G. for Hoses Pitt, 1670.

£3 10s


The Moores Baffled, being a Discourse concerning Tangier
especially when it was under the Earl of Teviot; by which you may find
what methods and Government is fittest to secure that place against
the Moors, in a letter from a learned person (long resident in that
place) at the desire of a person of quality.

With the scarce folding plate of Tangiers engraved by Hollar.
Sm. 4to, fine copy in full calf gill, g. e. London, 168 1 £10 10s


A Short and Strange Relation of some part of the Life of Tafi-
letta, the great Conqueror and Emperor of Barbary, by one that hath
lately been in His Majesties service in that Country.

With the very rare engraved portrait of Tafiletta.
Small 4to, full calf. London, 1669.

£6 6s


Troughton (Thomas). Barbarian Cruelty; or, an Accurate and

Impartial Narrative of the Unparalleled Sufferings and almost
incredible Hardships of the British Captives, belonging to the
Inspector-Privateer, Capt. Richard Veale, Commander, during their
Slavery under the arbitrary and despotic Government of Muley
Abdallah, Emperor of Fez and Morocco. With the Supplement.

With engraved portrait of Muley Abdallah and five folding plates.
Small Svo, half morocco. London, Printed by R. Walker, 1751. 18s

21 A'KEMPIS (Thomas). The Imitation or following of Christ, and the

contemning of worldly vanities (translated by Edward Hake); where-
unto, as springing out of the same roote, we have adjoyned another
pretie treatise entituled, The Perpetuall Rejoyce of the Godly, even in
this lyfe; with both titles.
Black Letter. 12mo, russia.
12mo, russia. London, 1568.

£10 10s
The first title cut and mounted (but no letterpress missing) and corners of a few

leaves mended. A rare little volume. The Huth copy sold for £32.

22 AKENSIDE (Mark). Poems.

With fine portrait of the Author.
FIRST COLLECTED EDITION. Tuick 4to, calf gilt.
London, Printed by W'. Bowyer and J. Nichols. 1772.

£1 1s

23 ALABASTER (William). Roxana Tragædia.

Engraved frontispiece
FIRST EDITION. 12mo, full morocco, &. e., by Riviere.
London, 1632.

£14 14s
*** The frontispiece of this excessively rare volume is divided into eight compart-

ments, one of which depicts the earliest representation of the Interior of an English

Theatre. The other compartments depict scenes from the play, etc.
This engraving is reproduced in Shakespeare's England," and by Halliwell-Phillips in

his edition of Romeo and Juliet.”

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24 ALBERTUS. Liber Modorum Significandi, .

One and a half leaves of this excessively rare book, printed at St.
Albans by The Anonymous Schoolmaster, 1480.

Preserved in a portfolio, buckram sides, leather back, lettered both
on sides and back.

£18 18$
TO 1486.

25 ALBIN (Eleazer). A Natural History of English Insects. Illustrated

with a hundred Copper Plates, Curiously Engraven from the Life: and
Exactly Coloured by the Author.

Thick 4to, original calf, gilt.
London, Printed for the Author. 1720.

£4 10s A remarkable series of finely engraved coloured plates of Moths and Butterflies with

their caterpillars. It is curious to note, that in addition to dedicating his work to the Princess of Wales, the author has also dedicated every one of his 100 plates to some member of the Nobility.


A Natural History of English Song-Birds, including such foreign
birds as are usually brought over and esteemed for their singing : their
proper Management, Diseases, and Cures. To which are added,
figures of the cock, Hen, and egg of each species, exactly copied from
Nature, and curiously engraven on copper.

Frontispiece, and numerous copper-plate engravings of birds.
Post Svo, original calf. London, 1779.

12s 6d

27 ALE. The Ex-Ale-tation of Ale.

(16 pp. in verse.) Small 8vo, bound by Riviere, in full morocco
gilt, g. e.
London, Printed by J. R., 1671.

£7 10s

THE EARLIEST REFORMED PORTION OF THE ENGLISH LITURGY. 28 [ALES, SEU HALES (Alexander, Scotus).] Ordo Distributionis Sacramenti Altaris sub utraque Specie.

12 leaves, 12mo, full morocco, & e.

Haec Londini Evulgata sunt octavo die Martii anni 1548. £25 THE COMMUNION OFFICE OF EDWARD VI. AND THE EARLIEST REFORMED PORTION OF THE ENGLISHI LITURGY; made known to the churches abroad by ALES who aiterwards translated the Prayer Book into Latin. This Latin version of the English Reformed Communion Service appeared a year before the

First English Prayer Book. Alexander Ales, Lutheran divine, was born at Edinburgh, 1500. At Wittenberg in 1533 he made the acquaintance of Luther and Melanchthon, and he came to England

in August 1535 the bearer of a letter and a book for King Henry from Melanchthon. “In the reign of Edward VI. Alesius seems once more to have visited England, where

Archbishop Cranmer employed him to translate into Latin the first liturgy of king Edward VI. for the use of Martin Bucer and Peter Martyr, whose views on the * Communion Book’ were desired by Cranmer, but who lacked the requisite knowledge of the English tongue. It is with reference to this piece of work and the changes afterwards introduced into the communion service that, at a disputation held at Oxford 18 April, 1551. between Latimer and a numerous body of opponents, the prolocutor Dr. Weston declared that a 'runagate Scot did take away the adoration or worshipping of Christ in the sacrament: by whose procurement that heresy was put into the last communion book; so much prevailed that one man's authority at that time.' " D.X.B.

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29 ALEXANDER (Sir William, Earl of Stirling). The Tragidie of Darius.

FIRST ENGLISH EDITION. Small 4to. Half green morocco, g. e.
London. Printed by G Elde for Edward Blount. 1604. £19 10s

30 ALEYN (Charles). The Battailes of Crescey and Poictiers, under the

Fortunes and Valour of King Edward the Third of that name and his sonne, Edward, Prince of Wales, named the black.

The Second Edition enlarged.

Small 8vo. Bound by Riviere in full crushed red levant morocco extra, g. e. London, 1633.

£4 4s

31 ALLESTREE (Richard). Forty Sermons, whereof Twenty-one are now

first publish'd, the greatest part preach'd before the King and on
solemn occasions. To these is prefixt an Account of the Author's Life.

With portrait by Loggan; title and text ruled with red lines.
Folio, full contemporary morocca gilt, gilt edges.
London, 1684.

£1 15s

32 ALMANACKS. Bretnor (1615). A Newe Almanacke and Prognostica

tion for the yeare of our Lord God, 1615. Being the thirde after Leap yeare.

Calculated and composed according to Act for the latitude and Meridian of the honourable City of London, and may well serue all the South parts of Great-Britaine. By Thomas Bretnor, Professor of the Mathematicks and Student in Physicke in Cowlane, London.

Small 8vo. Black Letter. Red and black, title within woodcut border in red and black, full calf. (London, 1615.)

£8 8s A very rare and most interesting Almanack. For each month is given a four-line June has :

“Now hunt the Hare, the fearefull Buck pursue

Bid idlenesse and Venus sports adieu :
The careful Husband that intends to thriue,

Will like the Bee bring hony to the hiue.”
Opposite the Calendar for each Month a blank space has been left for Notes. In some

cases these are filled up by a contemporary owner.


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A Collection of 13 Astrological Almanacks for the year 1677.

Bound in 1 vol., thick 12mo, old calf. London, 1677. £1 10s ** The above Almanacks, all in fine condition, were issued under the names of Country, Vox Uraine, Swan, White, Kalendarium Nauticum, Perkins, Woodhouse, and others.

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