Esprit [de] la conversation fran,caise: being a copious manual or class book of French conversation, with a full collection of French idiomatical phrases ...

Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, 1857 - 275 pagina's

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Pagina 40 - Let us go anothfir way to work. What do you say to that ? What do you say about it ? What do you think of it ? I think as you do. It is very well thought. It is very well imagined. That is a good thought. That is a very good idea. I am of your opinion. Let us do that. Let us do so. It is the best way.
Pagina 48 - He generally keeps good hours. I hear a knock. Very likely it is he that knocks. Go and see. Just so. It is he. I hope I have not made you wait Not in the least It is but ten o'clock. We never go to bed before half past ten.
Pagina 53 - A sirloin, or two or three ribs of beef, and a leg of mutton. A breast, or a loin of veal, and a quarter of lamb. A rump of beef...
Pagina 30 - I must take ray leave of you. I am going to take my leave of you. Till I have the honour of seeing you again.
Pagina 56 - We have not cups enough. We want two cups more. Bring another spoon, and a saucer. You have not brought in the sugartongs. Do you take sugar ? Do you take cream? I will thank you for л little more milk.
Pagina 46 - The visit. There is a knock. Somebody knocks. Go and see who it is. Go and open the door. It is Mrs. B.
Pagina 42 - For shame ! Are you not ashamed ? Are you not ashamed of yourself? You ought to be ashamed. I am ashamed of you. What a shame ! It is a shame. — It is shameful. It is a shameful thing. It is very bad. — It is too bad.
Pagina 38 - Ne parlez-vous pas français ? Bien peu, monsieur. Je l'entends un peu, mais je ne le parle pas. Parlez plus haut. Ne parlez pas si haut. • Ne faites point tant de bruit. Taisez-vous. Ne m'avez-vous pas dit que. ... ? Qui vous a dit cela? — Qui est-ce qui vous a dit cela ? On me l'a dit. Quelqu'un me l'a dit. Je l'ai entendu dire. Que voulez- vous dire ? Que voulez-vous dire par là ? Qu'est-ce que cela veut dire ? A quoi cela est-il bon?
Pagina 53 - Did yon ask the price of mackerel? How do they sell mackerel? They sell it according to the size. There are three for a shilling. Is there any shell-fish? There are shrimps, prawns, crabs, and a few lobsters. Get two shillings worth of mackerel.
Pagina 41 - I don't know what you mean. Is it certain that — ? Is it true that — ? Yes, it is true — it is certain. It is but too true. It is a fact. It is a certain fact. Are you sure of what you say?

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