Archaeologia Cambrensis, Volume 3;Volume 14;Volume 23

W. Pickering, 1868
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Pagina 340 - It is with great regret that we have to record the death of seven of our members, namely, Henry Brown, of Daisy Hill, Bradford; James Brown, Rossington; J.
Pagina 393 - It was on Cromla's shaggy side that Dorglass had placed the deer, h the early fortune of the chase, before the heroes left the hill. A hundred youths collect the heath ; ten warriors wake the fire ; three hundred chuse the polished stones. The feast is smoking wide ! Cuthullin, chief of Erin's war, resumed his mighty soul.
Pagina 183 - Aberavan, towards the close of the twelfth and the commencement of the thirteenth century.
Pagina 210 - Manuscripts, 1 vol., imp. fol., illustrated in a series of 54 superb plates, most elaborately executed in exact facsimile of the originals, in gold and colours, with a Descriptive Text to each plate, serving as a History of British Palaeography and Pictorial Art, by JO Westwood, MA, FLS, &c., Oxford, cloth ex, £16 (pub.
Pagina 140 - Majesty's government,] on the eighth day of June, in the fifteenth year of the reign of our sovereign lord George the third...
Pagina 138 - leather or cloth" top, exactly similar to the modern camp-stool, showing it when open and when closed. " Brasse." A water wheele six foot in diameter, six spokes, and about four inches thick. A sketch of the water-wheel, with the
Pagina 407 - Eiver about 120 yards of clear water ; current about two miles per hour. Found quantities of natron on the marshy ground bordering the river. Had a turkey for dinner, a " cadeau " from Koorshid Aga, and, as a great wonder, the kisras (a sort of brown pancake in lieu of bread) were free from sand. I must have swallowed a good-sized millstone since I have been in Africa, in the shape of grit rubbed from the moorhaka, or grinding-stone. The moorhaka, when new, is a large flat stone, weighing about forty...
Pagina 177 - ... cromlech destroyed by Fenton, and of which only some small fragments remain. The line of stones is parallel to the narrow road, and if continued would pass within a few paces of the ruined cromlech. Here, as at Rhos-y-beddau, the name points to the character of the monument ; for experience has shewn that local names of this kind in Wales, handed down from time immemorial, may be generally depended on.
Pagina 370 - MSS.] Abbas Ecclesie beate Marie de Margan optulit se versus Johannem de Woledon in placito quod acquietet dictum Abbatem de servicio quod Johannes le Flemmyng de Sancto Georgeo ab eo exigit de libero tenemento quod de prefato Johanne de Woledon tenet in Bonevylleston unde idem Johannes de Woledon qui medius est inter eos eum acquietare debet ut dicit. Et unde queritur quod pro defectu eius distringatur. Et predictus Johannes de Woledon summonitus fuit et fecit defaltum per quod preceptum fuit quod...
Pagina 315 - and overlaid with gold and silver,and partially jewelled," but some traces only of these riches now remain around a bronze figure in the centre of the cover, representing, as it would seem, not St. Teilo, as originally thought, but " our Lord Himself, standing on a crescent, and uplifting His hand in the act of blessing.

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