From Mistress To Ministry: The Diary Of A Survivor -- Part One

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 248 pagina's
Before, He was reaching out to me, offering me everything I needed from Him. From Mistress To Ministry, I am now reaching up, to give Him back what He has given me. From a life that once was, having left the past behind - that is now, with hands extended upward, receiving from the Light, a new life in Ministry. The issue is over, the bleeding has stopped, the secret is out - "DESTINY IS BORN " A personal testimony that attests to the healing and delivering power of the Almighty, is a story inspired by the message, "Woman Thou Art Loosed." A very controversial topic, clergy sexual misconduct has long been exploited, but I feel that the purpose of my experience was to prepare me for the divine assignment of addressing the consequences of this debilitating issue. A "baby" born out of intense pain and suffering, this is not just a typical Christian novel, but a ministry project that combines church life, renewal, self-help, and Christian nurture. While I am courageously bold and miraculously healed enough to come forward, my message suggests, that as men and women of integrity, born to affect our generation, we must walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as in Ephesians 5:15. To find out how much power the LIGHT has to make me go from where I was to where I am, turn the page and follow the energy - the LIGHT that radiates from the begotten SON of the heavenly Father.

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